There’s No Poop / No Hay Caca

MY PAL LUKE (3-1/2 years old) is learning about the digestive system. When his scientific artwork was all put together and his mother, Kathleen, had explained step-by-step what happens to food after it goes into your mouth, he said, “But, there’s no poop.” So he drew some, cut it out, and stuck it on with a piece of tape. (I don’t know what HE’S been eating!)


MI COMPADRE LUKE (que tiene 3-1/2 años) está aprendiendo sobre el sistema digestivo. Cuando todo su trabajo científico se juntó y su madre, Kathleen, le explicó paso a paso lo que sucede con la comida después de que entra en la boca, él dijo: “Pero, no hay caca”. Así que dibujó un poco, lo cortó, y se atascó con un trozo de cinta. (¡No sé lo que ÉL ha estado comiendo!)

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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  1. My brain immediately went to a song, Everybody Hurts, and morphed it into Everybody Poops, is there a three year old trapped in my brain?

    1. David,
      Yes, as a matter of fact I AM trapped in your brain. There’s actually a book called Everyone Poops.

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