Rubberband Man / Hombre de Banda Elástica

La versión español está después de la versión inglés.

SAN GERALDO AND I came across Rubberband Woman on the beach Wednesday night and decided that at last we had found the exercise routine we’d been searching for. I snapped some quick pictures and then got into a better position, which is when she decided to take a break. Some nerve! But I saw enough to know what to do. I work out at home with elastic bands, so I’m already well primed. As for San Geraldo, well he’s a natural. This should be fun. If we ever get this routine off the ground, I promise to send you pictures — from the hospital.


SAN GERALDO Y yo nos encontramos con Mujer de Banda Elástica en la playa el miércoles por la noche y decidimos que por fin habíamos encontrado la rutina de ejercicios que estábamos buscando. Hicé algunas fotos rápidas y luego me puse en una mejor posición, que fue cuando ella decidió tomarse un descanso. ¡Que nervio! Pero vi lo suficiente para saber qué hacer. Hago ejercicios en casa con bandas elásticas, así que ya estoy bien preparado. En cuanto a San Geraldo, bueno, es un natural. Esto debería ser divertido. Si alguna vez despegamos con esta rutina, prometo enviarte fotos — del hospital.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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19 thoughts on “Rubberband Man / Hombre de Banda Elástica”

    1. anne marie:
      She made it look so easy… and fun. It’s not … and it wouldn’t be for us!

  1. Banda Elastica, another great drag name:) If I tried this, the band would probably break and pop me in the face. Lord knows the small ones do. Well, I’m off camping for a few days. Y’all take care.

    1. Deedles:
      Maybe Brenda Elastica? OW! Could you imagine if the band broke? Another reason to avoid this. Hope you had fun camping!

  2. um….I am so uncoordinated…definite trip to the hospital for me if I tried that. Skipping rope is even too dangerous for the likes of me.

    1. Debra:
      Maybe next time I’m in the States we can tie a band between two telephone polls.

  3. Of course you can do this and show San Geraldo the routine and then take the show on the road !

  4. Not only do I enjoy your blogs and reading your daily-doings, but it helps with my spanish lessons.
    You are better than Duolingo.

    1. Urspo:
      I’m so glad and, unlike Duolingo, I speak [broken] SPAIN Spanish.

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