Be My Little Baby / Se Mi Pequeño Bebé

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AFTER EXHAUSTING DAYS for Kathleen, my pal Luke’s little brother has arrived. Two days in the hospital, mostly in labor, and then finally a Caesarean. We haven’t yet met the newest member of the family; Kathleen needs her rest. But Luke met his little brother today and appears to approve. Everything went well, just slowly.

Kathleen was talking yesterday about how dilated she was and how dilated she needed to be, but she got inches and centimeters confused — she WAS a bit preoccupied. As she repeatedly reminded us, she was pregnant (remember yesterday’s blog post). She said 10 inches, when she was talking about 10 centimeters. If you can’t figure it out on your own (I can’t), 10 cm (what she was waiting for) is less than 4 inches. So, 10 inches (25 cm) would have been an impossibly long wait. Besides, if it had actually been inches, the baby would have walked out on his own two days ago.

Isn’t it usually MEN who say 9
when it’s really only 3.5?


agotadores para Kathleen, el hermanito de mi compadre Luke ha llegado. Dos días en el hospital, principalmente en trabajo de parto, y finalmente una cesárea. Todavía no hemos conocido al nuevo miembro de la familia; Kathleen necesita descansar. Pero Luke conoció a su hermanito hoy y parece aprobarlo. Todo salió bien, solo lentamente.

Kathleen estaba hablando ayer de cuán dilatada estaba y qué tan dilatada necesitaba estar, pero estaba confundida por pulgadas y centímetros; estaba un poco preocupada. Como ella nos recordó repetidamente, estaba embarazada (recuerde la entrada de ayer). Ella dijo 10 pulgadas, cuando hablaba de 10 centímetros. Si no puedes resolverlo por su cuenta (no puedo), 10 cm (lo que estaba esperando) es menos de 4 pulgadas. Entonces, 10 pulgadas (25 cm) habrían sido una espera increíblemente larga. Además, si realmente hubiera sido pulgadas, el bebé se habría ido solo hace dos días.

¿No son usualmente HOMBRES los que dicen 9
cuando en realidad es solo 3.5?


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29 thoughts on “Be My Little Baby / Se Mi Pequeño Bebé”

  1. Awwww, welcome to the world, little one! Congrats to the happy parents and big brother Luke!

    1. Jennifer,
      Have to ask first if I can share the name. But, yes, they chose a very literary name.

  2. YAAAAAY!!! Congrats to that fabulous family’s adding more fabulosity! What a sweet little thing.

  3. poor kathleen; the ice cream brought on the contractions, no doubt.
    bienvenido a bebe! he looks just like luke!
    congrats to pedro y kathleen y luke!

    1. Anne Marie,
      Kathleen WISHED the ice cream had brought on the contractions. That photo was more than a week ago, poor thing! He IS a beautiful baby, of course!

  4. I’m sorry Kathleen had such a rough time–but Luke’s El Hermanito looks as bright-eyed and alert as his big bro! Congratulations to the family, and also to El Hermanito’s two honorary Padrinos!

    1. David,
      Yes, 10inches would be a bit much. Ahem. Kathleen and baby are great today. Thanks!

    1. Susan,
      Yeah, Pedro and Kathleen are a good combination in so many ways! Hugs to you, sweetheart!

  5. Well done, Kathleen! And I am really sorry your baby liked his old home so much!
    Mitch, do pass on my congratulions to Luke as well. You can tell him that the koalas and kangaroos would like another new playmate, too, but they’d all have to come over here to Oz for that – unless you have such items in your zoo?

    1. Rozzie,
      Uf, the commenting problems can be so frustrating. Thanks for sticking with it. I have the same problem on some sites and not others and have never been able to find out why. The. Suddenly it works. The baby was moving constantly. You’d think he was trying to get out. But. NOOO!

  6. Above comment made by Rozzie. Can’t get my previous info to “take” and it’s driving me nuts.

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