A piece of / Un pedazo de

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I WAS RECENTLY CHATTING WITH my friend Susan in Oregon. She’s become like a sister to me. We were discussing family dysfunction. It’s not an unusual topic for us (no subject is off limits), so we know a lot about what each other’s families were like when we were growing up.

Susan said, in agreement with something, “Well, yeah, my family was a piece of cake.” There was a brief pause (I kept my mouth shut because I wanted to avoid at least one video chat with Susan without getting the finger). She said, “Oh, I guess I meant they were a piece of work.” I told her she was starting to sound like San Geraldo.

Later on, I told San Geraldo what Susan said. There was the pause again, only longer. I explained, “She meant to say ‘a piece of work’.” He replied, “Oh, I was thinking she meant ‘a piece of shit’.”

A repair team is here right now to replace dried out plastic parts on our glass curtain. They don’t last long in our constantly sunny, sea-air location. Since I knew they were coming this afternoon, I forced myself out of the house after breakfast for a walk on the beach and Paseo. I had spent the last two days mostly in bed and didn’t want to do the same today, although sometimes it’s good to just give in and even give up — momentarily.

It’s like summer here. Temperatures in the low 70s (21C) that feel more like 80 (27C). Don’t hate me.


RECIENTEMENTE ESTUVIERON CON MI amiga Susan en Oregon. Ella se ha convertido para mí como una hermana. Hablábamos de la disfunción familiar. No es un tema inusual para nosotros (ningún tema está fuera de los límites), por lo que sabemos mucho sobre cómo eran las familias de cada uno cuando éramos niños.

Susan dijo de acuerdo con algo: “Bueno, sí, mi familia fue un pedazo de tarta [que significa ‘fácil’]”. Hubo una breve pausa (yo mantuve la boca cerrada porque quería evitar al menos un video chat con Susan sin tocar el dedo). Ella dijo: “Oh, supongo que quise decir que eran un pedazo de trabajo [que significa  ‘difícil’”]. Le dije que empezaba a sonar como San Geraldo.

Más tarde le conté a San Geraldo lo que había dicho Susan. Hubo la pausa de nuevo, solo que más. Le expliqué: “Ella quiso decir ‘un pedazo de trabajo’”. Él respondió: “Oh, estaba pensando que se refería a ‘un pedazo de mierda’”.

Un equipo de reparación está aquí ahora mismo para reemplazar muchas de las piezas de plástico de nuestra cortina de vidrio. No duran mucho en nuestra ubicación constantemente soleada y con aire marino. Como supe que vendrían esta tarde, me obligué a salir de la casa después del desayuno para dar un paseo por la playa. Había pasado la mayor parte de los dos últimos días en la cama y no quería hacer lo mismo hoy, aunque a veces es bueno ceder e incluso rendirse — momentáneamente.

Es como el verano aquí. Temperaturas superiores a 21°C/70°F que se sienten como 27°C/80°F. No me odien.

• At the start of today’s walk. Pumping out flood water from the concrete box that holds the dumpster.
• Al comienzo de la caminata de hoy. Bombear el agua de la inundación desde la caja de hormigón que contiene el contenedor de basura.
Moose last night.
Moose anoche.
• Moose last night after he saw the camera. (But just try and tell him WE don’t want to be disturbed!)
• Moose anoche después de que vio la cámara. (¡Pero intente decirle que no queremos que NOS molesten!)


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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36 thoughts on “A piece of / Un pedazo de”

  1. Your temperatures sound amazing. I love the flowery balcony! That’s quite an impressive tower of stones that guy built. (Or maybe he’s just standing next to it.)

    1. Steve:
      As far as I know, that was the stone mason. I love the flowery balconies. An impossibiility where we live, unprotected from the winds. That little building is tucked in and has buildings on either side.

  2. 27C!!!!! I’m crying hot, envious tears. By the end of the week, it will be -30C here. Fucking polar vortex.

    1. Debra:
      MINUS 30?!? That’s where I draw the line… Well, I draw the line WAY before that. Stay safe, stay warm inside!

  3. Get those glass curtains fixed before the cyclonic winds start! Glad you got out and saw some things to share with us like those gorgeous flowers on the balcony. And when you don’t feel like going out, there’s always the boys (all three of them) and swans and such to share. Not to mention SG anecdotes.

    1. Wilma:
      Glass curtain has been serviced. Today may be an inside share day. English lesson this morning, so I won’t be out until late in the day. We’d love to have flowers draping our terrace but we’re too exposed; they’d be torn out be their roots by the cyclonic winds.

  4. -2C today on our hike……..it was sunny and invigorating.
    Low 70’s this time of year would really mess with my head!! lol
    We are getting the big storm that NYC is getting today……..only tomorrow. Except ours is turning to rain after dumping 15 cm of snow first. Going to be a mess.
    Moose is too funny…….

    1. Jim:
      Oh, I really prefer to not have to do any MINUS temps. Good luck with that storm. I’ll hear some griping from Chuck tonight. But at least he doesn’t have to work until Wednesday.

  5. I, too, spent the end of yesterday and most of today in bed with one of my every-so-often-when-you-least-expect-it residual shingles headaches.
    I am just now feeling sub-human instead of sub-sub-sub etc.

      1. It usually runs it’s course in about a day, but it’s a very long, dark, painful day.
        Better now, thanks!

    1. Parsnip:
      Well, I don’t know if it’s possible they’re MORE spoiled, but they’re certainly not deprived.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I’d pack up some to send to you but I have a feeling some scanner would be set off and one or both of us would be arrested.

  6. Well, you can keep your 27c….much too hot for me but it was lovely to see and hear the sea. Living about 25 miles north of London as I do, ( and yes I have met Steve !) it is about a 2 hour drive to any coast, so I haven’t seen the sea for several years. Our last holiday in July 2019 was a cruise on the River Severn..an inland cruise.

    I love the way Moose has covered his face. I had 5 cats over a period of about 45 years and they were all such characters.

    1. Frances:
      It was actually only 21c just felt (to me) like 80. I’m not a fan of cruises except for those more personal island cruises. That does sound wonderful. I am never as happy as I am living by the water. I think because I grew up surrounded by it. You’re right about the cats being characters. I’ve had 5 cats in my life, too, so far over a period of 25 years.

  7. Moose and I share the same feelings about being photographed.

    I was thinking about KB all day yesterday. If he didn’t like the last bit of snow NYC received, I can only imagine his fury at this storm. Only got a couple of inches down my way…with a layer of freezing drizzle. But not like I’m going anywhere.

    1. Mary:
      The good thing is Chuck works Wednesday, so he didn’t have to commute in the storm. THEN I’d really hear about it. But the weather is one of those things he enjoys complaining about. There are elements of winter I really do love. There’s nothing like the soft, muffled sounds of the world after a heavy snow fall. And it’s so beautiful… until it melts and turns brown and messy… and then freezes up and makes just walking a few steps treacherous. I’m glad you’re safe. (And thanks for thinking about Chuck!)

      1. KB’s Valentines (a dog on the front) card is going in the mail today. See if 12 days is long enough for the PO to get it there. I’m not particularly hopeful. They managed to lose a couple of my mail-order prescriptions mailed more than two weeks ago from NJ. Sigh 🙁

      2. Mary:
        He received a bird the other day and said it’s “… really nice. The bird is INSIDE the card!”

  8. Still snowing here, the novelty has worn off for me. Family, sweet dysfunctional families, without them half of the psychiatrists and lawyers would be out of business.

    1. David:
      Yeah, that’s the way I am with snow. I love it but the novelty wears off very quickly. I wonder how many families there are that are NOT dysfunctional. I know people who think they’re families aren’t, but from the outside looking in… oh, dear god!

    1. wickedhamster:
      I love when my mind wanders. And, by the way, the repair men left everything well-lubed.

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