Sunrise cancelled / Amanecer cancelado

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I WAS OUT OF BED at 5:30. Sciatica! I spared you the adjectives. I stretched and did a bit of exercise (it was too soon) and finally headed out for a walk a couple of hours later. I thought I’d enjoy the sunrise, which was due to occur at 7:51.

I never really saw a sunrise, just a lightening of the clouds. The wind continues to blow. Most of the flags flown around town are in tatters. The surf is still rough. Fortunately, I missed another unusually high tide because parts of the beach would have been impassable.

I wore a beige fleece jacket to be more visible in the dark. And I then threw all fashion sense out the window. A black and grey scarf; maroon and grey knit cap; black, orange, and white face mask. They coordinate better in the photo than they did in the mirror. But I thought the colors of the hat and mask coordinated well with the bags under my eyes.

I’ve had breakfast. The cats have had their treats. It’s 10:10. I’m going to attempt to go back to sleep.


ME LEVANTE DE LA CAMA a las 5:30. ¡Ciática! Te ahorré los adjetivos. Me estiré e hice un poco de ejercicio (era demasiado temprano) y finalmente salí a caminar un par de horas después. Pensé que disfrutaría del amanecer, que debía ocurrir a las 7:51.

Realmente nunca vi un amanecer, solo un rayo de nubes. El viento sigue soplando. La mayoría de las banderas que ondean por la ciudad están hechas jirones. El oleaje todavía es duro. Afortunadamente, me perdí otra marea inusualmente alta porque partes de la playa habrían sido intransitables.

Me puse una chaqueta de lana beige para ser más visible en la oscuridad. Y luego tiré todo el sentido de la moda por la ventana. Una bufanda negra y gris; gorro de punto marrón y gris; mascarilla negra, naranja, y blanca. Se coordinan mejor en la foto que en el espejo. Pero pensé que los colores del gorro y la mascarilla combinaban bien con las bolsas debajo de mis ojos.

He desayunado. Los gatos han tenido sus aperetivos. Son las 10:10. Voy a intentar volver a dormir.

Hotel guests having an early breakfast.
Huéspedes del hotel tienen un desayuno temprano.
• The City added these planter boxes to the railings around the new plaza (ramps and stairs to underground parking). I’ll share photos of the rest another day.
• La Ciudad agregó estas jardineras a las barandas alrededor de la nueva plaza (rampas y escaleras al estacionamiento subterráneo). Compartiré fotos del resto otro día.

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28 thoughts on “Sunrise cancelled / Amanecer cancelado”

    1. David:
      This will pass. I love cuddling with the kitties. Moose could cuddle all day, but the little shit requires me to get down on the floor with him. I’ve figured out how to do it without any pain. But I think 40 times a day is a bit much to ask.

  1. That unpleasant weather is likely heightening your sciatica issues. Wishing you calmer seas and calmer nerve endings. Not to mention more sun. Take care.

    1. Mary:
      You’re absolutely correct. The last time I hurt this much (nearly a year ago) the weather was exactly the same. It’s a shame because I love this kind of weather (but only because we have 320+ days of sunshine).

  2. Maybe you should get one of those orange vests with fluorescent yellow stripes on it for your early morning walks in the dark. You know, since fashion doesn’t matter when it comes to safety.

    1. Debra:
      It’s got to be fitted and stylin’ for ME to wear it! I’ve seen some really cool day-glo fitness outfits and I’ve been tempted, but I have more clothes than I can wear, so I’ll rough it.

  3. I caught a chill just looking at that gray day.
    It’s perfect for staying in bed with cats.
    Heck, maybe I should do the same?

    1. Bob:
      It’s been really raw. Not cold actually, but very humid and windy, and it goes right through you. Rain is on its way. I wish you could be here and stay in bed with OUR cats! They’d be happy, you’d be happy, and I’d get a break.

  4. Could never understand how sciatica just comes out of nowhere. And as I’ve always said a cloudy day at the beach is better than a sunny day at work.

    1. Frank:
      I agree about the sciatica. This round appears to be weather related but sometimes I have no clue. If it weren’t for what it’s doing to my body, I would LOVE this weather.

  5. The wind and sea are wild here, too, but we did have a nice sunrise. Sorry about the sciatica; what a pain in the butt! Hope you can find something to help or at least to distract yourself from the pain.

    1. Wilma:
      I’m sure the pain will pass. Thanks. I at least slept a lot more last night and that helps. Tomorrow is anothah day!

  6. I hope you were able to go back to sleep! You got some good pictures even without a sunrise. I think the flowers in the new planters are senetti — they’re supposed to be good cold-weather plants.

    1. Steve:
      I did sleep a bit more yesterday and then had a not-so-bad night last night. I looked up senetti and you’re clearly correct. Thanks! I assume the City plans to regularly replace the flowers with the seasons. Here’s hoping. I’m still not a fan of the new barren plaza, but the flowers help and I think brighter colors will help even more during the year.

    1. Janie:
      I don’t want to be old and decrepit… especially when I could be old and decrepit for another 30 years! I’ve had joint problems of different kinds since my teens. Partial dislocations of knees and hips just because I turned wrong, bursitis, tendonitis. I either outgrew every them or found a solution. So I’m just going to chalk this up to the joint problem for this decade (my 60s, not 2020–2030)!

    1. Urspo:
      Unfortunately, my sciatica doesn’t like horizontal for long. And when it’s at its worst, getting in or out of bed is awful.

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