In midnights, in cups of coffee / En medianoche, en tazas de café

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SAN GERALDO WENT TO THE bakery Friday evening to get us something for dessert. He couldn’t decide what to buy. So he bought us each two and we enjoyed them both. Lesser persons would have saved one for Saturday night.

When I got out of bed this morning — with help from San Geraldo — Dudo was apparently asleep on a dining room chair. Either my loud, pain-filled groan or the fact that I might give him a treat, made him sit up and take notice. That’s the photo at top.

I slept more last night than the night before although I was up a few times and, each time, it was a bit more painful to get out of bed. Bending at the waist is excruciating without San Geraldo’s strong arms pulling me up.

It’s another grey and windy day on the beach. Rain is on the way. As I headed out for a walk, I bumped into a neighbor who said, “Don’t go out. It’s horrible!” He’s born and raised here and doesn’t know what horrible truly is. Anyway, I was dressed for the weather and enjoyed the beach and Paseo.

John Grey (of Going Gently) recently shared a video by “Welsh of the West End” and I’m now hooked. So, here’s one of SG’s (and my) favorite songs to accompany today’s photos.


SAN GERALDO FUE A LA panadería el viernes por la noche para traernos algo de postre. No podía decidir qué comprar. Así que nos compró dos y disfrutamos de ambos. Personas menores habrían guardado uno para el sábado por la noche.

Cuando me levanté de la cama esta mañana, con la ayuda de San Geraldo, Dudo aparentemente estaba dormido en una silla del comedor. O mi gemido fuerte y lleno de dolor o el hecho de que podría darle un aperetivo, lo hizo sentarse y tomar nota. Esa es la foto de arriba.

Dormí más anoche que la noche anterior, aunque me levanté varias veces y, cada vez, fue un poco más doloroso levantarme de la cama. Doblar la cintura es insoportable sin que los fuertes brazos de San Geraldo me levanten.

Es otro día gris y ventoso en la playa. La lluvia está en camino. Mientras salía a caminar, me encontré con un vecino que me dijo: “No salgas. ¡Es horrible!” Nació y se crió aquí y no sabe qué es realmente horrible. De todos modos, me vestí para el clima y disfruté de la playa y del Paseo.

John Gray (de Going Gently) compartió recientemente un video de “Welsh of the West End” y ahora estoy enganchado. Entonces, aquí está una de las canciones favoritas de SG (y la mía) para acompañar las fotos de hoy.

• A bit more coordinated today than yesterday.
• Un poco más coordinado hoy que ayer.
• The strawberry tart was perfection and the hard chocolate mountain surrounded whipped cream or a light custard. I have no idea what it’s called but I’d have it again.
• La tarta de fresa era la perfección y la montaña de chocolate duro rodeada de crema batida o natillas ligeras. No tengo ni idea de cómo se llama, pero lo volvería a tener.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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32 thoughts on “In midnights, in cups of coffee / En medianoche, en tazas de café”

  1. You are probably considered a little odd for going outside when locals don’t.
    You look prepared for whatever is out there!
    Now to those desserts……YUM!

    1. Jim:
      I’m rarely alone on my walks on the beach or Paseo. The locals who dare, dress for the winter weather — like me! This neighbor has a local business and two small children and he can’t be bothered going out simply for exercise.

  2. Dudo looks like a very stern boss who has just called you into his office for a performance review, LOL!

  3. OMG those desserts!!! I am a dessert addict, but there’s nothing like that within 30 miles, and even then, probably not that decadent. How DO you do it!?

    And welcome to the Pain of the Month Club. I call my friend in Connecticut on occasion…and when he senses the urgency in my voice and asks what is going on I reply, “Ed, I just had to call you today….it’s so wonderful…NOTHING HURTS!” And we have a good laugh. Hopefully you can report that “nothing hurts” soon.

    1. Frank:
      Both these choices were so good. I wouldn’t mind another right now. We have too many options within a few minutes of home. I walk a lot and USUALLY work out. Havent’ been doing much of either lately. Oh, I would love to say “nothing hurts”!

  4. Sad to hear about the pain, looks like a good walk, 46 and rain for my walk in the swamp this morning.

    1. David:
      It’s been in the high 50s early getting up to the low-to-mid-60s in the afternoon. But it’s felt so raw. Given your 46 and rain, I wonder what our weather would feel like to you.

    1. Judy C:
      I THINK the chocolate thing is a take on a popular dessert in Bilbao, called a carolina. Merengue with a cookie bottom.

    1. Wilma:
      The desserts came before the pain. Should I stop eating desserts? Naaaaaw!

  5. Dudo is giving me Joan Crawford addressing the board of PepsiCo.
    Don’t f**k with him!

    What a great rendition of Seasons of Love!

  6. Let’s see–how do you measure love? How about SG buying not one, but two desserts–just because…and pulling you to a stand when the pain is just too much. Or you buying him flowers and cleaning up the kitchen. Small gestures. Huge meaning. A life shared.

    Wishing you some pain free days, friend.

    1. Mary:
      Yeah, this is definitely love. A whole lot of kindness in this house. Never thought I’d have a life like this. And thanks for the wishing. It seems to be improving.

  7. I am so sorry about your sciatica, my hubby’s is acting up right now too and so I have an idea of the agony. Dessert does help (me at least :))

    1. Cheapchick:
      Has your husband had sciatica for a long time? It started summer of 2017 for me during an uncomfortable flight to NYC. Sometimes it’s awfull (like now) and sometimes almost nothing (but still there). I keep thinking I can get someone to cure it!

  8. It LOOKS kind of cold and miserable, even if it’s not by international standards. I like your “Craft” hat. It’s much nicer looking than the old worn beanie I usually wear.

    1. Steve:
      I can be a slave to fashion. I want to look cool. SG would still be wearing his beannie from 1969 if it hadn’t finally fallen apart in the 90s.

  9. Sorry to hear about your pain.I do know what your talking about. Be well fast.
    Love is you and SG living your best life.
    Love is also Dudo calling you to order !

  10. Sorry you’re still dealing with the pain. I did my back in a few weeks ago taking a heavy old lawnmower to the dump. It’s just now feeling more like normal and less like electrical shocks the length of my leg. Ibuprofin helped me to sleep.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Oh, the electrical shocks. Just sneezed and had those. Glad you’re improving. I can’t take ibuprofin and paracetamol doesn’t seem to help much.

  11. The only solution to the pain is to amputate your back. I’ll be there in a few minutes with a nail file. The surgery might take a while, so start drinking now.


    1. Janie:
      I’m waiting! But I think just the hip will do; that’s where it radiates from. They call it a back problem, but I never have any pain there. From one foot up the leg and around the bend and down to the other foot. I’m back-pain–free! I’m starting with the sherry!

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