Do as you’re told / Haz lo que te digan

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WE HAD OUR APPOINTMENTS WITH the National Police this morning to renew our already expired national identity cards. Our names were called promptly. To cut to the chase, we were successful. I won’t bore you with all the details.

The officer only used about 25 percent of the paperwork we were told was required (and we prepared a lot of paperwork). In the middle of it all, we had to walk 10 minutes to a bank to pay the fees where, due to Covid, we could only pay at the ATM, waiting in line outside another 10 minutes. We then returned to the police station to complete the process (no waiting required).

When we were done, we walked back to the garage (across from the bank) and drove home completely exhausted simply from not knowing if following the instructions to the letter would be enough. This time it was more than enough. As visits with the National Police go, this was one of the better ones. So, now we wait for our new cards to be ready in three weeks or so, at which time we have to go back to the police station to pick them up.

My trip to New York in a few weeks is looking less likely every day. I’ve begun to prepare The Kid Brother for that possibility. If I end up going, I have to make another appointment with the National Police to obtain a letter that will allow me back into Spain with an expired identity card, although we both have letters today stating our cards have been renewed. I have no idea why that’s not good enough. I just do as I’m told.

Jellyfish warning flags were flying several days along our beaches. Thanks to sea currents, some areas were safe while others were not. While walking Saturday I noticed lifeguards picking up (with their bare hands) large piles of jellyfish from the boardwalks on the beach. I was unable to get a photo of one of the huge piles before they were all scooped up, but they did let me take a picture of one of the buckets as they carried it. When they were done they vigorously rinsed their arms and legs off in the sea, three lifeguards continued walking along the shore, and another three took off in a jet ski. Two of the lifeguards had been stung on their arms and looked uncomfortable, but they didn’t seem too concerned. I’ve been told the sting from this common type of jellyfish is no worse than a bee sting. A bee could kill me.


TENÍAMOS NUESTRAS CITA CON LA Policía Nacional esta mañana para renovar nuestras tarjetas de NIE. Nuestros nombres fueron llamados de inmediato. Para ir al grano, tuvimos éxito. No te aburriré con todos los detalles.

El oficial solo usó alrededor del 25 por ciento del papeleo que nos dijeron que era necesario (y preparamos mucho papeleo). En medio de todo, tuvimos que caminar 10 minutos hasta un banco para pagar las tarifas donde, debido a Covid, solo podíamos pagar en el cajero automático, esperando en la fila afuera otros 10 minutos. Luego regresamos a la estación de policía para completar el proceso (no era necesario esperar).

Cuando terminamos, caminamos de regreso al garaje (frente al banco) y manejamos a casa completamente agotados simplemente por no saber si seguir las instrucciones al pie de la letra sería suficiente. Esta vez fue más que suficiente. Según van las visitas con la Policía Nacional, esta fue una de las mejores. Entonces, ahora esperamos que nuestras nuevas tarjetas estén listas en aproximadamente tres semanas, momento en el que tenemos que volver a la estación de policía para recogerlas.

Mi viaje a Nueva York en unas pocas semanas parece cada día menos probable. He comenzado a preparar a El Hermanito para esa posibilidad. Si termino yendo, tengo que concertar otra cita con la Policía Nacional para obtener una carta que me permita volver a España con el cédula de identidad caducada, aunque hoy ambos tenemos cartas en las que se indica que nuestras cédulas han sido renovadas. No tengo idea de por qué eso no es lo suficientemente bueno. Solo hago lo que me dicen.

Banderas de advertencia de medusas ondeaban varios días a lo largo de nuestras playas. Gracias a las corrientes marinas, algunas zonas eran seguras y otras no. Mientras caminaba el sábado, noté que los salvavidas recogían (con sus propias manos) grandes montones de medusas de los paseos marítimos en la playa. No pude tomar una foto de una de las enormes pilas antes de que las recogieran todas, pero me dejaron tomar una foto de una de las cubetas mientras la llevaban. Cuando terminaron se enjuagaron vigorosamente brazos y piernas en el mar, tres socorristas siguieron caminando por la orilla y otros tres despegaron en una moto de agua. A dos de los salvavidas les habían picado los brazos y parecían incómodos, pero no parecían demasiado preocupados. Me han dicho que la picadura de este tipo común de medusa no es peor que la picadura de una abeja. Una abeja podría matarme.

Taken somewhere in Fuengirola by Elena, who wrote: “Yesterday I saw this and thought of you.”

Hecho en algún lugar de Fuengirola por Elena, quien escribió: “Ayer vi esto y pensé en ti.”

• Safe to swim. Watch out for jellyfish.
• Seguro para nadar. Cuidado con las medusas.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

32 thoughts on “Do as you’re told / Haz lo que te digan”

  1. Eww, yuck, jellyfish!
    I’m glad your visit went so well, and sorry to hear that the trip might have to be re-scheduled.

    1. Judy:
      Stewing about the trip. I think I should tell Chuck tonight. A couple of other good friends arrived in town yesterday, which will make for a very good day. I’ll be seeing them shortly.

  2. Be careful with those jellyfish stings. A friend’s daughter got stung in Myrtle Beach one summer and had a bad reaction. Benadryl did take care of it, but still….

  3. Why are those jelly fish in a pot? Don’t tell me they eat them over there?!?!?!?!?!? I was beginning to wonder about your trip upcoming. Things are heating up over here once again with infection and death rates again. PA reported over 300 daily deaths a day again and I’m sure masks will be mandatory before long…..I never really put mine away, and always keep one handy.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      It was a rubber pail that was immediately dumped in the trash bin.

      Spain is on an upsurge, too. Most of the unvaccinated here aren’t covidiots but simply in the younger age group. They’re getting vaccinated now. Masks here are still mandatory indoors, and outdoors if you can’t guarantee the safe distance. Many people aren’t following the outdoor rule. It’s frustrating and we find ourselves once again less comfortable being around anyone.

      Frustrateda about my trip because Chuck was especially excited. That’s going to take some work.

  4. Sorry to hear that your trip may be postponed. If only there was some way, some little piece if cloth or, oh, I dunno, a free vaccine, we could all get to see us through this without having to go backwards.
    If only ….

    1. Bob:
      Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was fabric available? And, oh my god, a vaccine. That would be incredible!

  5. Congrats on the ID renewal. Hope you can manage your trip. We have jelly fish occasionally here and the sting is more like a hot mosquito bite than a bee sting. Still best to avoid. A shame they aren’t a dining delicacy.
    How is SG’s eye? Does he have the next one scheduled?

    1. Wilma:
      Even a hot mosquito bite might be risky with my allergy, so I’ll keep my distance. You’re so right about the dining delicacy. We’d be feasting on them. As it is, they look like undercooked lutefisk. NOT a good thought. SG’s eye is perfect. Thanks! The next one will be at the end of the month.

  6. My initial thought was Dad Plaids! If in distress, the life guards would have to come to your rescue! You have better looking lifeguards than some places I know.

    1. David:
      Here, the lifeguards don’t strut their stuff shirtless in Speedos like they did on the other beaches where I’ve lived. They’re much easier to spot in their neon color, but it must not be as comfortable to work in the sun all day.

    1. Steve:
      The letter is required and wouldn’t be a problem to get (just a little headache having to go to the National Police again). But Covid has gotten bad here and in the States (and not for the same reasons), so there might be problems for me to travel. My trip had grown with a sidetrip across the country to see friends on the West Coast. My biggest concern, given how things keep changing, is that I’d get stuck in the States longer than intended.

  7. Mitchell, I’m whispering because I don’t want to embarrass you. Your title says “your,” and I know you mean “you’re.” You’re welcome. Now I can speak in my usual voice. What do the lifeguards do with the jellyfish? I’ve been wondering if you’d be able to proceed with your trip. The U.S. has plenty of vaccine and plenty of idiots who refuse to get it and still refuse to wear masks. I watched a bit of the news yesterday, which featured a woman saying she doesn’t want to wear a mask because it takes away her individuality. I wished I could tell her that no one is interested in her as an individual, that there is nothing special about her that is eradicated by a mask or anything else. So the COVID cases climb because of the idiots who are so worried about their rights. What about my right not to be infected by them?


    1. Janie:
      Oh dear god! Do you believe that?!? Thanks for whispering. Don’t tell anyone else. I glanced at my iPad and thought WHAT?!? That’s not autocorrect either. Just a typo. But one of my pet peeves. Again, thanks for keeping it our little secret.

      The jellyfish were dumped in the trash bin. People often scoop them up and do the same. But I’ve never seen such a haul. There were about 5 large piles on that boardwalk having been brought in by the lifeguards.

      We don’t have as many idiots refusing to get vaccinated. Masks are still required indoors. SOME people are not as careful at social distancing outdoors. The resurgence here is mostly among the late teens and 20-somethings (many whom just don’t appreciate they could be at risk themselves). But they’re now getting vaccinated, so it should begin to improve again here. My nervousness revolves around the travel restrictions and requirements that keep changing AND the covidiots in the States, since part of my trip included flights cross-country to visit friends. Still, just too many people in NYC for my liking right now. I still haven’t cancelled (postponed) but it feels like that’s what I’m doing.

    1. Melinda:
      I was really surprised. These are apparently not very dangerous ones. I suppose they know how they react (although I think that could change the more you get stung) There are other types they wouldn’t dare risk a sting from.

  8. Too bad if you have to cancel trip to NY. The Kid Brother will be disappointed.
    Jellyfish are a summer staple around here……we just learn what not to do around them.

    1. Jim:
      I remember jellyfish in Coney Island. I never saw them in droves, so swam and just watched out. Here, I wouldn’t chance it. I’m dreading my conversation with Chuck tonight.

  9. I can understand why you might not want to travel with expired residency card…not these days. Already enough travel hurdles to jump with all the required Covid testing. Border/customs guards everywhere are already pretty twitchy. Won’t be a good conversation with KB 🙁 …assume it will just be a postponement? If so, how much of one?

    1. Mary:
      Getting the letter from the National Police isn’t difficult just another little headache (given it’s the National Police)! The testing and restrictions that keep changing are what make me especially nervous. I can’t afford nor do I want to get stuck in the States. And, yes, definitely just a postponement, and only until as soon as it’s clearly safe without all these changes in levels and restrictions.

  10. I agree with Ms. Deedles — my first thought at seeing your topic photo too was “why did he take a picture of a melting ice cube”? Even the pail full of jellyfish look like ice to me, LOL! I always thought jellyfish were red or blue-green…. we don’t get those things here in our freshwater lakes! Sorry to read that your N.Y. trip will likely be postponed — shite always happens for a reason, even though it may not be fully understood at the time…

  11. Oh Mitchell! I hope you can come to New York and see Chuck. He’s going to be so disappointed if you can’t, but of course you can’t help it. I’ll be sending all my good thoughts that it works out.

    1. Jennifer:
      I’m very frustrated about the travel situation. Chuck will get over it, but it won’t be easy. He doesn’t have much going on as a result of the pandemic, so was even moreso looking forward to my visit. If I don’t go now (and I’m prettys sure I won’t), I’ll go as soon as I can. Thanks.

  12. The guy with the non-matching shorts and shirt missed the boat with plain socks – where are the wild patterns and colors in his socks (and shoes)????

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