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OUR NEPHEW AND NIECE-IN-LAW, Matt and Lindy, are back in town, and we could’t be happier. Thursday, we four are headed to the Cuevas del Tesoro (treasure caves), click here. Tuesday was a day of rest for them after a busy week and days on the road. Haven’t figured out yet what we’re doing today, so we’re meeting at Mesón Salvador for coffee.

Dinner Monday was at one of our favorite Italian restaurants, specializing in organic everything — including wines. Last night was dinner at a nearby tapas restaurant we’ve always loved (we were there together 5 years ago when they visited). The restaurant used to have the most uncomfortable tables and chairs (those old-fashioned, flimsy, wooden folding chairs), so it didn’t become a regular haunt for us, but they’ve replaced the furniture. Great tapas! (Photos to come.)

For Luke’s birthday, San Geraldo baked a white cake (lemon and vanilla) with lemon buttercream frosting and lemon curd between the layers. San Geraldo used one jar of lemon curd. But, of course, he bought three. I told him he needs to make scones. Kathleen said Luke lately likes “vanilla cake.” We knew both boys love lemons because we’ve seen them suck on them. Kathleen also said a good theme would be Super Mario Bros., so we went shopping. We found four Super Mario race cars. San Geraldo had the inspiration to create a racetrack (of raisins and chocolate) around the base of the cake. He said the boys could scoop handfuls and they did. Of course, I cleaned the kitchen after SG finished the cake. There was a lot of leftover frosting — enough for a second cake. I could have eaten the entire bowl but I managed to limit myself to three (large) swipes with the spatula. Heaven. I had a small slice of cake. San Geraldo “accidentally” cut himself a huge wedge. He said he didn’t know what he was thinking.

Nutrition and Fitness Report
Stretching: Three times Monday and Tuesday. Once so far today.
Walking: 6.5 km / 4 miles Monday.
Gym: Good chest and arms workout Monday, but the gym was too busy.
Notes: One piece of Lulu’s Susu (click here) Monday. Glass of red wine Monday and Tuesday (because… Matt & Lindy). Kathleen baked cookies and sent us home with two. I had one.


NUESTROS SOBRINOS MATT Y LINDY, están de regreso en la ciudad y no podríamos estar más felices. El jueves, los cuatro nos dirigimos a las Cuevas del Tesoro, haz clic aquí. El martes fue un día de descanso para ellos después de una semana ajetreada y días en la carretera. Aún no he descubierto lo que vamos a hacer hoy, así que nos reunimos en Mesón Salvador para tomar un café.

La cena del lunes fue en uno de nuestros restaurantes italianos favoritos, que se especializa en todo orgánico, incluidos los vinos. Anoche cenamos en un restaurante de tapas cercano que siempre nos ha gustado (estuvimos allí juntos hace 5 años cuando nos visitaron). El restaurante solía tener las mesas y sillas más incómodas (esas sillas plegables de madera anticuadas y endebles), por lo que no se convirtió en un lugar habitual para nosotros, pero reemplazaron los muebles. Tapas estupendas! (Fotos por venir).

Para el cumpleaños de Luke, San Geraldo horneó un pastel blanco (limón y vainilla) con glaseado de crema de mantequilla de limón y cuajada de limón entre las capas. San Geraldo usó un tarro de cuajada de limón. Pero, por supuesto, compró tres. Le dije que necesitaba hacer bollos. Kathleen dijo que a Luke últimamente le gusta el “pastel de vainilla.” Sabíamos que a los dos chicos les encantan los limones porque los hemos visto chuparlos. Kathleen también dijo que un buen tema sería Super Mario Bros., así que fuimos de compras. Encontramos cuatro autos de carrera Super Mario. San Geraldo tuvo la inspiración de crear un hipódromo (de pasas y chocolate) alrededor de la base del bizcocho. Dijo que los chicos podían coger puñados y lo hicieron. Por supuesto, limpié la cocina después de que SG terminó el pastel. Había mucho glaseado sobrante, suficiente para un segundo pastel. Podría haberme comido todo el tazón, pero me las arreglé para limitarme a tres golpes (grandes) con la espátula. Cielo. Tuve una rebanada pequeña. San Gerardo se cortó “accidentalmente” una gran cuña. Dijo que no sabía lo que estaba pensando.

Informe de Nutrición y Estado Físico
Estiramiento: Tres veces el lunes y el martes. Una vez hasta ahora hoy.
Caminando: 6,5 km el lunes.
Gimnasio: Buen entrenamiento de pecho y brazos el lunes, pero el gimnasio estaba demasiado ocupado.
Notas: Un trozo de Susu de Lulu (haz clic aquí) el lunes. Copa de vino tinto el lunes Y el martes (porque … Matt y Lindy). Kathleen cocinó galletas y nos envió a casa con dos. Tuve uno. ¡Excelente!

• I just look at the photo and my mouth starts to water.
• Solo miro la foto y se me empieza a hacer agua la boca.
• Luke double-dipped his corn on the cob. (So, we had ours without butter.)
• Luke mojó dos veces su mazorca de maíz. (Entonces, tomamos el nuestro sin mantequilla).
• After the cake, Luke and Beckett had raisins, chocolate, and lemon slices.
• Después de la tarta, Luke y Beckett comieron pasas, chocolate, y rodajas de limón.

• What’s making me smile this week.

• Qué me hace sonreír esta semana.

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32 thoughts on “Super Mario & Niblings / Super Mario & Sobrinos”

  1. So glad you have some dearly loved visitors.

    SG outdid himself on the birthday cake. Sweet! In more ways than one.

  2. And that cake put a HUGE smile on my face. And i didn’t have breakfast yet. Maybe a piece of cake?

    1. Jim:
      The cake WAS wonderful. But I wouldn’t want to go through my childhood a second time. I’ll just remain immature and enjoy it this way.

  3. What an inspired birthday cake! But for god’s sake, buy that family some individual corn rolling butter dishes so everyone can have their own! I’ve never seen anyone use a big slab of communal butter for that purpose!

    1. Debra:
      Luke DID get a lecture on first the rolling and then the double-dipping. But it was too late. There were butter knives for the purpose.

  4. Lemon cake! I love lemon cake! My go to flavor when I’m craving something other than chocolate, is lemon. The double dipping of the corn (sounds like a sacred rite) didn’t bother me at all. I’m taken back to when my boys shared their munchies and drinks with me out of love and caring. When you’ve shared milk, water, juice and sodas with the extra added flavoring of floaters, nothing food related bothers you. Of course, that’s probably just me.
    Man, those boys are genetically blessed 🙂 So adorable.

    1. Deedles:
      The lemon cake was incredible. I wish we had more (although I’m glad we don’t). Ew, no to double dipping! I come from a family that didn’t share. My mother also knew how particular KB was and she would insist on taking a sip of whatever he was drink (something none of us ever did to begin with and he was even more offended). He would then turn the glass around and drink from the other side. I’m glad that was all it took for him. I would have gotten a new glass. Floaters? New glass!

  5. It’s interesting that the boys love lemons. Seems like they’d be so strong for little kids — though I remember eating them myself as a kid so maybe not. That cake looks amazing! Have fun at the caves!

    1. Steve:
      It’s not uncommon for little kids to like sucking on lemons. Most of the kids I’ve known outgrew it.

  6. Back in my younger days, I could have eaten the entire bowl of frosting and not worried about anything. Alas, that is no longer possible. But a slice with that lemon curd filing would be impossible to refuse. SG is a culinary genius.

    Nice to have visitors and an excuse (and impetus!) to do things out of your ordinary. What fun!

    1. Wilma:
      Ditto for me and the frosting. But oh that cake and lemon curd. Really good lemon curd, too! Having a blast with the family.

    1. Jennifer:
      I don’t think he’s made anything but chocolate birthday cakes with different fillings since we’ve been here. This was a fun change… and really good.

    1. Kirk:
      Sorry. I think I confused things. He didn’t cut HIMSELF. He cut himself a gigantic slice of cake. It wasn’t too bad!

  7. Fantastic cake! Oh, my heavens! Makes my mouth water, too, just looking at the icing, and that FABULOUS slice!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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