George of the Jungle / George de la Jungla

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MATT AND LINDY HAVE ARRIVEDsafely back home, but the memories of our meals together (and of Matt and Lindy, of course) linger on. Today’s food photos are from our buen viaje (bon voyage) dinner at Vinea, a new Mediterranean restaurant opened by the owners of Santorini, the Greek restaurant. Oh, wow! Just look at Lindy’s photos and you’ll understand. It was so good that we’re headed back tonight with Lulu and two other friends. Click the photos to enhance the dining experience.

On a completely different subject: Once when The Kid Brother was visiting us in San Diego, San Geraldo offered to take him to the movies because I had to work. The Kid Brother chose “George of the Jungle” with Brendan Fraser, because he had always enjoyed the cartoon series. Well, what he enjoyed was the song and then seeing George of the Jungle crash into a tree. So, The Kid Brother roared with laughter through most of the movie while SG watched The Kid Brother roar with laughter. On a positive note, SG did come home singing the song… although the only line he got right was “George, George, George of the Jungle…”

You’ll understand my tangent (I hope) when you see today’s final photo and video. Hint: Turn up the volume


MATT Y LINDY HAN LLEGADOsanos y salvos a casa, pero los recuerdos de nuestras comidas juntos (y de Matt y Lindy, por supuesto) perduran. Las fotos de comida de hoy son de nuestra cena en Vinea, un nuevo restaurante mediterráneo abierto por lose dueños de Santorini, el restaurante griego. ¡Guau! Solo mira las fotos de Lindy y lo entenderás. Fue tan bueno que volvemos esta noche con Lulu y otros dos amigas. Haz clic en las fotos para mejorar la experiencia gastronómica.

Sobre un tema completamente diferente: Una vez, cuando El Hermanito nos estaba visitando en San Diego, San Geraldo se ofreció a llevarlo al cine porque yo tenía que trabajar. Kid Brother eligió “George of the Jungle” con Brendan Fraser, porque siempre le había gustado la serie de dibujos animados. Bueno, lo que disfrutó fue la canción y luego ver a George of the Jungle chocar contra un árbol. Entonces, El Hermanito se rió a carcajadas durante la mayor parte de la película mientras SG veía cómo El Hermanito se reía a carcajadas. En una nota positiva, SG volvió a casa cantando la canción … aunque la única línea que entendió fue “George, George, George of the Jungle …” y no más.

Entenderás mi tangente (espero) cuando veas la foto y el video finales de hoy. Pista: Sube el volumen.

• He missed a crack.

• Te perdiste una grieta.



• Watch out for that tree! I walked in the road.
• ¡Ten cuidado con ese árbol! Caminé por la calle.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on “George of the Jungle / George de la Jungla”

  1. So many yummy things, and a side of George of the Jungle, I can remember going to see that when it first came out. Wise to stay out from under those trees, dirty birds

    1. David:
      The pavement under those trees is regularly washed… and it regularly needs it. I never walk under them. Yeah, George was yummy.

  2. It’s 6:30am here and I’m afraid I’m not awake enough to see what I missed in that last video…and I watched it 3 times!

    1. Frank:
      It wasn’t the watching, it was the listening. Turn up the volume and you’ll understand why I won’t walk beneath those trees.

  3. OMG! The food looks wonderful! Now I am hungry and I just ate!! lol
    It’s a wonder that the grass under the tree isn’t like a jungle with all that fertilizer!!

    1. Jim:
      I wonder why the “bird fertilizer” doesn’t work that way. We always had dead lawn under our birdfeeders… until the dropped bird seed sprouted.

    1. Debra:
      Yeah, if you don’t hate beets with a passion. I kept my distance. SG had the dish again last night, all for himself. I again kept my distance.

  4. Well, I guess there are worse things than having to watch a young Brendan Fraser frolicking barely-clothed through the jungle. The food looks delicious, too.

  5. These photos belong in a fancy food magazine! Wow! I even made the first one my new background picture. You really eat like a king!

    How is the Kid Brother? I’ve been meaning to send him some mail but life has been so hectic lately that I haven’t gotten to it in a while. I’ll be sending him a Christmas card soon. I hope he’s doing well.

    1. Jennifer:
      Lindy is a gifted photographer. Chuck will love the Christmas card. He’s doing well. Going bowling by himself on Saturdays since his bowling league still didn’t start back up this year. He seems to be enjoying the new job. I’ll see him in April!

  6. I had to turn up the sound to max to hear the birds in your video over the deafening sound of torrential rain here.

    You asked if I was going to start blogging again. The answer is “Yes!” I just posted a new blog with photos from the sunrise I described to you. Lots of changes to Blogger in the the 2 years since my last post!

    1. Wilma:
      I was so excited to see your blog post yesterday. Great photos! Hope the rain doesn’t cause any damage around you. I would love a really good, all-day rain.

  7. Everything else has been said, so I’m just going to comment on the butt crack. Nice! The most attractive, semi-clothed crack I’ve ever seen. Not blindingly white and flabby. Not overly hairy. Kind of kiss worthy. I’m not well.

    1. Deedles:
      It’s a good thing you weren’t here with your temptation to kiss that butt! I felt pervy enough taking the picture from 15 feet away.

  8. I’m afraid I had to read the comments to know what you were talking about. Afterwards, I watched and listened to the video a second time and got it.

    As for Brenden’s appeal in a loincloth, I got that right away.

    1. Kirk:
      Yeah, without sound on the video, you’d have no idea what I was talking about. As for Brendan, he knew how to wear a loin cloth. But since it was a kiddie movie, it had way too much coverage. (Think Johnny Weismuller as Tarzan.)

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