Organic trash / Basura organica

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WHEN I BOUGHT MYSELF A new pair of earrings Saturday, in a fine jewelery shop I might add, I didn’t realize they were actually trashy. I should have known, given the dead-fish design.

I haven’t yet worn them, but while walking around town yesterday I discovered the same design on the lids of trash cans. Specifically for organic trash. Alongside the fish is a swirl (a worm?). Coincidentally, I already have earrings similar to the swirl (worm?). So I’m all set. Just call me Trash. At least I’m totally organic.

San Geraldo and I gave a beautiful rendition of “Happy Birthday” when we phoned the Kid Brother. There was dead silence when we finished. I asked, “Did you hang up?” He laughed and said, “No. I’m still here.” I asked, “Did you like our singing?” He replied, after some stammers, “I think I’m gonna have to think about it.”


CUANDO ME COMPRÉ UN NUEVO par de pendientes el sábado, en una joyería fina debo agregar, no me di cuenta de que en realidad eran basura. Debería haberlo sabido, dado el diseño de pez muerto.

Todavía no me los he puesto, pero ayer paseando por la ciudad descubrí el mismo diseño en las tapas de los botes de basura. Específico para basura orgánica. Junto al pez hay un remolino (¿un gusano?). Casualmente, ya tengo unos pendientes parecidos al remolino (¿gusano?). Así que estoy listo. Sólo llámame Basura. Al menos soy totalmente orgánico.

San Geraldo y yo dimos una hermosa interpretación de “Feliz cumpleaños” cuando llamamos a Kid Brother. Hubo un silencio sepulcral cuando terminamos. Le pregunté: “¿Tú colgaste?” Él se rió y dijo: “No. Todavía estoy aquí.” Le pregunté: “¿Te gustó nuestro canto?” Él respondió, después de algunos tartamudeos: “Creo que tendré que pensarlo”.

• What Dudo does with the trash.
• Qué hace Dudo con la basura.
• When sharing fashion shots Monday I completely forgot about this guy. I saw him again today. Same short leg.
• Cuando compartí fotos de moda el lunes, me olvidé por completo de este tipo. Lo volví a ver hoy. Misma pierna corta.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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47 thoughts on “Organic trash / Basura organica”

  1. I’m so glad you keep us entertained – or rather the guy with the yellow/one-leg-shorter does!

  2. Happy the KB hasn’t lost his touch! lol
    Short fashion back for another season, I see. You must be bold and ask what is behind this. We ALL want to know I am sure.

    1. Jim,
      Chuck can be so funny… and mean to be. The smart ass. I really want to ask about the shorts. If any of these people ever make eye contact, I will.

  3. That’s hilarious about the fish and the wormy swirl. Your earrings look far too elegant for the recycling bin, though!

    Tell your brother not to look a gift horse in the mouth!

    1. Steve,
      I WOULD tell Chuck that, but then I’d have to explain the expression. And he would never get it. And THAT would lead to him starting up the Who’s On First routine.

    1. wickedhamster,
      I have 2 holes in 1 ear and 1 in the other. If I put them both in one ear, I could pass for a trash bin. Now what to put in the other?

    1. Urspo,
      My Spanish continues to improve, so you might not embarrass yourself if you learn something from me.

  4. Organic Trash: the title of my never to be written autobiography. I love the fish earrings, the worm not so much. Maybe you can approach one of these absurd shorts fashionistas with a smile (yours is lethally charming). If they smile back in greeting, ask the question. We all want to know what the heck this fashion statement means besides tasteless lemmings.
    Chuck, ever the charmer 🙂

    1. Deedles,
      “One Man’s Trash” could be another title. Do you think that image on the organic trash bin is actually a worm? That’s all I can think of. Until now, I though my earrings were just swirls. I’ll never look at them the same again. And, yes, I’m waiting for one of those shorts guys to actually make eye contact. Chuck is a real card.

      1. The trash bin swirl looks like a worm to me, your earring not so much. I’m thinking more like those cartoon hypnotist thingies. When I look at the fish on the bin, I see a malnourished bullet. My imagination kind of careens sometimes.
        You may get eye contact from one of these shorts guys if you manage to perform one of your famous Scoot slips and falls tactics (I can’t spell manuvers to save my life) in front of him. Only a truly heartless person would ignore you laying there whimpering (ya gotta throw in whimpering to make it more pathetic). Come on, Scoot! Take one for the nosy team!

      2. Deedles:
        That’s what I thought my swirls (I have 2) looked like — the hypnotist thingies. Now I wonder. I could probably trip and fall without even trying. OK.

  5. With the yellow tights underneath, now we know that the short leg isn’t about a tan line.
    Excellent photoshopping today! You may have been too subtle.

  6. Dudo can be such an innocent looking cutie sometimes… or was he just envying your fish earrings?

    1. Tundra Bunny,
      Dudo is truly a sweetheart. He often sits on our laps in the evening to be petted and stares up into our eyes with so much love we could melt. He loves to sit between us, and get petted by us both at the same time.

    1. Mcpersonalspace54,
      I got my first piercing our first Gay Pride festivals in San Diego. The second, in the same ear, the following year. And now I have one in the other ear. It’s fun. And I especially like it it now that I have no hair on my head (as a point of interest). My work in publishing at a university made it easy to consider. Although, in later years I worked for a conservative (horrid) corporation and made a point of always wearing earrings just to piss off my boss.

      1. mcpersonalspace54:
        Which is why YOU’VE stayed in the same job for more than a minute. I’m a well-known bridge burner… with some verve.

  7. For 5 years I have been looking for my lost favorite swirl earring. Now I know where it is !
    Dudo is perfection.

    1. Parsnip,
      You caught me! (Although I have a matched pair.) Dudo IS perfection. It’s a love fest.

  8. Our organic trash gets divided between the compost pile in the back yard and the garbage can, the latter of which gets picked up once a week by the nice sanitation engineers.

    1. Walt the Forth,
      You should buy all the sanitation engineers these earrings as part of their uniform. I’ve debated getting a little special compost bin for the kitchen to use on the terrace and in the hall.

    1. Kirk:
      I never caught their names, although some woman was there at the time calling one of them a fish-eyed fool.

  9. I really like the wormlike one, even though it looks like it’s made from clay my grandkids (all 7 of them) play with. The fish look nice but they remind me of stereotypic fish symbols.


    1. Seymour:
      I have a tiny little vase made for me by my brother more than 40 years ago. Same coil design.

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