Ecstasy / Éxtasis

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Last night, San Geraldo and I took Alexander (Tynan and Elena’s son) for a belated 22nd birthday dinner. It was just what we needed. He’s always been loving and kind. We told stories, heard about his hopes and dreams, and had a great time. And two scoops of ice cream each.

I gave the cats new toys before I left for Málaga Wednesday morning. They were ecstatic. My job is to keep them happy.

I’ve had some wonderful text exhanges with Susan’s granddaughters and her best friend in Oregon. My heart breaks for them, but everyone is blessed with the fondest (and funniest) of memories. Every time she and I talked, I would invariably say something snarky that got me the middle finger from Susan. Usually, though, I had to tell her to move her hand because the finger was out of sight of her camera. I will miss that finger.


Anoche, San Geraldo y yo llevamos a Alexander (el hijo de Tynan y Elena) a una cena tardía de cumpleaños número 22. Era justo lo que necesitábamos. Siempre ha sido cariñoso y amable. Contamos historias, escuchamos sobre sus esperanzas y sueños, y lo pasamos muy bien. Y dos bolas de helado cada uno.

Les di juguetes nuevos a los gatos antes de irme a Málaga el miércoles por la mañana. Estaban extasiados. Mi trabajo es mantenerlos felices.

Tuve maravillosos intercambios de mensajes de texto con las nietas de Susan y su mejor amiga en Oregón. Mi corazón se rompe por ellos, pero todos son bendecidos con los recuerdos más entrañables (y divertidos). Cada vez que Susan y yo hablábamos, invariablemente decía algo sarcástico que me sacaba el dedo medio de Susan. Sin embargo, por lo general, tenía que decirle que moviera la mano porque el dedo no estaba a la vista de la cámara. Echaré de menos ese dedo.

• Dudo was pretty in pink.
• Dudo era bonito de rosa.
• Moose wanted to know if pink was different.
• Moose quería saber si el rosa era diferente.
• Museum of Málaga.
• Museo de Málaga.
• From Susan a while back when I was going through a rough time. It sits on my desktop and I read it every day.
• De Susan hace un tiempo cuando yo estaba pasando por un mal momento. Está en la pantalla de mi ordenador y lo leo todos los días.

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22 thoughts on “Ecstasy / Éxtasis”

    1. Steve:
      We love these cats to pieces and spoil them rotten, but it’s not like we have a choice.

  1. That’s a wonderful message to see everyday, and think of Susan.
    I love Moose and Dudo, forever.
    Isn’t it amaaaazing to see veils (and, really, any kind of cloth, but veils, especially) in sculptures?

    1. Judy C:
      I’m in awe of these sculptors. I’ve seen veils carved in marble that actually look soft and sheer. I love Moose and Dudo forever, too. Despite the fact that Moose now wakes us up at 5!

    1. Jennifer:
      Thanks so much. She started reading your blog in recent months and loved it and you!

  2. The boys and their toys; sheer joy.
    Nice to keep that message from Susan; it’ll make you smile every day.
    And be glad for your butt.

    1. Bob:
      I shared one butt picture on my blog and she never let me forget it. I’m glad she thought it was perfect. Keeping the boys in toys gets expensive, but it’s so worth it.

    1. Debra:
      Isn’t it though. Thankfully, I saw that before Susan was rushed to hospital. But it was fitting.

  3. The cats do rather look like eurphoa has hit…especially Moose!!!!! They both look like they deserved nice toys after you guys being gone in Norway. Although Dudo was probably thinking better late then never.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Dudo also went nuts like Moose but I never caught a shot of that. I keep finding them both sleeping with their legs wrapped around one of the toys. Every time Dudo hears me unwrap something in my office, he comes running thinking I have new toys.

    1. Deedles:
      They‘re just little pillows wrapped in soft cork. They do like the cork… and the feathers. They wouldn’t like ribs… thankfully!

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