Wrinkles are in / Arrugas están de moda

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Remember that doctor’s appointment I was ready to rush off to yesterday? Well, I was all set today. I arrived at the medical center at 9:38 for my 10:00 appointment. I took a number and waited 10 minutes. I checked in. “But your appointment isn’t until 1 today.” Shit.

Not only had I entered it incorrectly in my online calendar, but I didn’t read the reminder I had received which clearly said 1:00. (I also received a reminder for a different appointment Wednesday at 10.) He asked if I wanted to come back later or wait and see if someone canceled and the doctor could fit me in. Since it’s a 20-minute drive, I said I’d wait. I waited until 11 and gave up, figuring I’d schedule another appointment. It’s nothing urgent, just meeting my new doctor.

I was out of my morning prescription when I woke up, so I thought I’d stop at the pharmacy down the road from the medical center. They were also out of my morning prescription. But, I figured the trip wasn’t a complete waste because I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to make an appointment online with my ophthlamologist. I thought I’d just stop by his office and ask for one in person. I had to walk back there anyway to pay for parking. I walked from the pharmacy to the medical center. I paid my parking ticket, got in the car, and was halfway home before I remembered the ophthalmologist. Oh well, I’ll be back there Wednesday. Another chance to forget.

I got home and walked over to our pharmacy where I was able to get my drugs. Enough for today at least. They were also almost all out. I have to go back tomorrow. I then watered plants. I only had some minor spills.

A headline from Sunday’s The Guardian newspaper: “Creased clothing is in. Shelve the iron and reclaim your life.” (Click here for the article.) They couldn’t have written this before I ironed all those shirts and handkerchiefs?!?

I just accidentally hit the keyboard shortcut to quit an application instead of the shortcut to save. WordPress doesn’t offer an idot warning like “Are you sure you want to quit?” Safari quit and I had unsaved information. The second half of this has been rewritten. The first time was better. I blame it all on Susan.

Does anyone remember Troll Dolls from the 1960s? I had what I’ve now learned was a cheap imitation called a Wish-Nik. They made it seem official by stamping double horseshoes on the feet. I need one. Even though I was only around 5 at the time, had mine been called a “doll,” I would not have been allowed to have one.

Here are more shots of the arrival of the Fuengirola Fair.

¿Recuerdas la cita con el médico a la que estaba listo para salir corriendo ayer? Bueno, hoy estaba todo listo. Llegué al centro médico a las 9:38 para mi cita de las 10:00. Tomé un número y esperé 10 minutos. Me registré. “Pero tu cita no es hasta las 13 de hoy”. Mierda.

No solo lo ingresé incorrectamente en mi calendario en línea, sino que no leí el recordatorio que recibí que claramente decía 13:00. (También recibí un recordatorio para una cita diferente el miércoles a las 10). Me preguntó si quería volver más tarde o esperar y ver si alguien cancelaba y el médico podía ubicarme. Dado que es un viaje de 20 minutos, más la molestia de estacionamiento, dije que esperaría. Esperé hasta las 11 y me rendí, pensando que programaría otra cita. No es nada urgente, solo conocer a mi nuevo médico.

No tenía mi receta de la mañana cuando me desperté, así que pensé en parar en la farmacia al final de la calle del centro médico. También estaban fuera de mi prescripción matutina. Pero pensé que el viaje no había sido un completo desperdicio porque había intentado sin éxito hacer una cita en línea con mi oftalmólogo. Pensé en pasar por su oficina y pedir uno en persona. Tuve que caminar de regreso allí de todos modos para validar (y pagar) el estacionamiento. Caminé de regreso de la farmacia al centro médico. Pagué mi multa de estacionamiento, me subí al auto y estaba a medio camino de casa cuando me acordé del oftalmólogo. Oh, bueno, volveré allí el miércoles. Otra oportunidad para olvidar.

Llegué a casa y caminé hasta nuestra farmacia donde pude conseguir mis medicamentos. Suficiente por hoy al menos. También estaban casi todos fuera. Tengo que volver mañana. Luego regué las plantas. Solo tuve algunos derrames menores.

Un titular del periódico The Guardian del domingo: “La ropa arrugada está de moda. Deja la plancha y recupera tu vida”. (Haz clic aquí para el artículo.) ¿¡¿No podrían haber escrito esto antes de que yo planchara todas esas camisas y pañuelos?!?

Accidentalmente presioné el atajo de teclado para salir de una aplicación en lugar del atajo para guardar. WordPress no ofrece una advertencia de idot como “¿Estás seguro de que quieres salir?” Safari se cerró y tenía información sin guardar. La segunda mitad de esto ha sido reescrita. La primera vez fue mejor. Le echo la culpa de todo a Susan.

¿Alguien recuerda Muñecos Trolls de la década de 1960? Tenía lo que ahora he aprendido que era una imitación barata llamada Wish-Nik. Lo hicieron parecer oficial estampando herraduras dobles en los pies. Necesito uno. Aunque solo tenía alrededor de 5 años en ese momento, si la mía hubiera sido llamada “muñeca”, no me habrían permitido tener una.

Aquí tenéis más fotos de la llegada de la Feria de Fuengirola.

• It think it means something like Hesitant Mouse with Gluttonous (Greedy) Cat. We just always called them Tom and Jerry.
• Siempre los llamamos el gato y el ratón Tom y Jerry.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

25 thoughts on “Wrinkles are in / Arrugas están de moda”

  1. Call it a senior moment and steady on. Some days are like that. And since I’m older than you I, too, remember those troll dolls, so senior moment are known to occur here, too.

    1. Mary:
      My last moment like that was more than 20 years ago, so I’ll just call it a stress-related brain fart.

  2. Yes, yes, yes, I remember trolls! My sisters and I all had a few, including a couple of big ones (they were about 8 inches tall), and a couple that were like horses with troll headshorses with troll heads, and I even had the Batman troll, complete with Batman troll cave 🙂

    I’m sure some of ours were WishNiks, because I remember the horse shoes, but I didn’t think that was an off brand, Mitchell. I refuse to believe it–ha!

    Sorry to see that your grief is wreaking havoc.

    1. Judy C:
      The originals were created by a Danish man, but he didn’t legally protect his idea. Apparently, years later the other companies were finally stopped. Wish-Nik was, I guess, really sleazy by using their horseshoe imprint to make it seem like they were the originals. Still, I liked the TV commercial. My brain is currently mush. Poor SG!

    1. Volfredo:
      Nuestra parte favorita de la feria es ver a los niños en las atracciones. Gracias por tu comentario!

  3. I had (and still have) several troll dolls. We always called them Dammit Dolls. (which I’m surprised my straight-laced mother allowed)

    1. Kelly:
      So cool that you still have them. Dammit Dolls! I love it. That’s what the Kid Brother called me when he was angry. “You’re a real dammit!”

  4. What a time (get it?) you had today! The rest of the week will have to be smoother.
    Now – is that a shot of a pink duck butt?

    1. Wilma:
      I really have no idea what that thing still on the truck will turn out to be. So far today I’m in just as much of a muddle.

    1. Jon:
      Remember that song “I think I should have stayed in bed, my pillow wrapped around my head…”?

  5. I had a troll doll with fluorescent lime green hair when I was a kid. I don’t remember it having double horseshoes stamped on the feet. Mine was probably a cheap knockoff of a cheap knockoff, LOL. But boy, troll dolls were one of the hot “must have” toys of ye olden days!

    1. Debra:
      Maybe yours was even a Danish original. I even remember where I bought the troll doll in a little shop down the street when we lived in suburbs. It was next to the IGA.

  6. Ah….the ‘fair excitement’ is starting to build!
    I do remember those troll dolls…..I used to wet the hair and make ‘kiss curls’ on their foreheads. My friend’s mom would get SO pissed at me!! Hey, I was a kid.lol

    1. Jim:
      I like the name kiss curls. We called them spit curls.
      “There was a little girl
      who had a little curl
      right in the middle of her forehead.
      And when she was good
      she was very very good.
      And when she was bad,
      she was horrid.”

  7. I remember troll dolls, though I don’t think I ever had one … still, if I had that hair, in any of those colors … ? Oy, what fun.

    1. Bob:
      I had to have one at the time. I can picture it covered in permanent marker by Chuck.

  8. I’ve never heard of a “Wish-Nik” but I know what you mean about the word “doll.” That’s why the toy industry invented the term “action figure.” Boys would want those, but they’d never want a “doll”!

    I’ve had days like that when all the planning in the world seems to go awry. Sometimes you just have to throw in the towel and try again another day. (Assuming, of course, that it’s not urgent business!)

    1. Steve:
      My brother had a GI Joe and my mother knitted it a onesie! I’ll have to pull out that photo. I did a load of laundry yesterday; I threw in every towel I could find.

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