Giving it my some / Dándolo mi alguno

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Moose woke me at 5:35 today and yesterday. I didn’t want him to wake San Geraldo, although he probably already had, so I got up and gave the boys their treats at 5:45. Then it was back to bed, today until 7, yesterday until 8. I’ve been having exhausting dreams every morning that I quickly forget.

Tuesday we met SG’s cousin Inger at Fuengirola’s bus terminal, which is nothing more than a ticket window downtown with buses double-parking up and down the street that runs alongside. It’s a mess. But we found Inger who was dropped off a block away and we three then went to lunch. She was in town overnight from Bergen, Norway, after visiting friends about an hour from us for five days. We went to a fairly early dinner where we enjoyed tapas, some of which Inger found quite strange. More on that meal soon.

This morning, I had that other medical appointment at 10:00. We went to the airport with Inger first. I checked and rechecked and was fairly confident I had my appointment right this time. And I did. I tried rescheduling yesterday’s appointment but now I’m back to the problem I’ve been having for years with our private health center. “No appiontments available.” I was told today at the health center when I checked in that I should try again after the 22nd or 23rd and the schedules should be open.

The meme above is another from Susan. I’ve got a million of them (or a few dozen). Since we had to meet Inger, I didn’t get to the gym yesterday or today. I’m hoping to fit in a walk this afternoon (when the gym is too busy). Ah well, I guess today I really am just giving it my some. Following are photos of Tuesday’s lunch and some others who are giving it their some (or maybe it’s their all).


Moose me despertó a las 5:35 hoy y ayer. No quería que despertara a San Geraldo, aunque probablemente ya lo había hecho, así que me levanté y les di a los niños sus golosinas a las 5:45. Luego fue de vuelta a la cama, hoy hasta las 7, ayer hasta las 8. He estado teniendo sueños agotadores todas las mañanas que olvido rápidamente.

El martes nos encontramos con la prima de SG, Inger, en la terminal de autobuses de Fuengirola, que no es más que una ventanilla de venta de billetes en el centro de la ciudad con autobuses aparcados en doble fila en la calle que pasa junto a ella. Es un desastre. Pero encontramos a Inger a quien dejaron a una cuadra de distancia y luego los tres fuimos a almorzar. Estuvo en la ciudad durante la noche desde Bergen, Noruega, después de visitar amigos a una hora de nosotros durante cinco días. Fuimos a una cena bastante temprana donde disfrutamos de tapas, algunas de las cuales a Inger le resultaron bastante extrañas. Más sobre esa comida pronto.

Esta mañana tenía esa otra cita médica a las 10:00. Primero fuimos al aeropuerto con Inger. Revisé y volví a verificar y estaba bastante seguro de que esta vez tenía mi cita correcta. Y lo hice. Intenté reprogramar la cita de ayer pero ahora vuelvo al problema que tengo desde hace años con nuestro centro de salud privado. “No hay citas disponibles.” Me dijeron hoy en el centro de salud cuando me registré que debería volver a intentarlo después del 22 o 23 y que los horarios deberían estar abiertos.

El meme arriva es otro de Susan. Tengo un millón de ellos (o tres docenas). Como teníamos que encontrarnos con Inger, no fui al gimnasio ni ayer ni hoy. Espero poder dar un paseo esta tarde (cuando el gimnasio esté demasiado ocupado). Ah, bueno, supongo que hoy realmente solo estoy dando mi alguno. A continuación fotos del almuerzo del martes y algunos otros que le están dando lo suyo. Las siguientes son fotos del almuerzo del martes y algunos otros que están dando su alguno (o tal vez es su todo).

• You should have seen it from the front!
• ¡Deberías haberlo visto de frente!
• I surreptitiously snapped a photo of the botanicals at right having no idea what I was also catching at left.
• Subrepticiamente tomé una foto de los botánicos a la derecha sin tener idea de lo que también estaba capturando a la izquierda.
• Fried eggplant (aubergine) with molasses (treacle).
• Berenjena frita con miel de caña.
• Jerry and Inger had risotto.
• Jerry e Inger comieron risotto.
• My revuelto (a Spanish egg specialty) with shrimp and leeks.
• Mi revuelto con gambas y puerros.
• Moose may actually have given it his all.
• Es posible que Moose lo haya dado todo.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

27 thoughts on “Giving it my some / Dándolo mi alguno”

    1. David:
      It was brilliant! He came up on me too quickly. Even SG said “Get a picture.”

  1. That gal has to be trying to make a statement of some sort with all those PRINTS! Don’t you think? That has got to be planned and intentional.
    That last photo is lovely…..gave me a very still moment. Thanks.

    1. Jim:
      That gal was a guy. I think he just likes prints and wherever he’s from he doesn’t get to express himself.

    1. Debra:
      Yep. And if I said “Do you want a treat,” he would have been in the kitchen in a heartbeat.

  2. Some is better than none and Sillygirl’s comment had me LOL. Your reply was pretty good as well. You two make a great comedy act.

  3. There are so many advertising slogans around nowadays that make no sense and are not proper English: “Find Your Awesome”? “Run with fight – I will”? “Impossible Is Nothing”? “Enjoy Better”? “Today Tastes So Good”? “Be Your Way”?

    Drives me barmy. Jx

    1. Jon:
      Melanie Drumpf had another idiotic one: Be Best. Giving it my some is at least meant to be funny.

  4. Moose’s tongue!!!!!!!!! That cat is out!!!!!

    Sounds like you could use a couple days to relax and decompress. Just veg out.

  5. I have come to the conclusion that there are no mirrors in Fuengirola. Or if there are, some folks don’t bother looking in one before walking out the door. I’ve heard of color blindness, but not pattern blindness, but clearly, it is an epidemic in your area.

    1. Mary:
      The vast majority aren’t even from here. Did they put their outfits together before the packed, I wonder, or maybe they just buy it all here.

    1. Kirk:
      They sometimes do little snores. Moose talks in his sleep. (Well, Moose never shuts up.)

  6. Well, I suppose we can’t always give it our all or we’d have nothing left! (And then we’d be giving it our none.) The Middle Path is most desirable, as the Buddha said. (I think?)

    LOVE that photo of Moose.

    1. Steve:
      I’ve been close to giving it my none. The Buddha said a lot of things, didn’t he?

    1. Sassybear:
      And THAT would make me so happy. OK, well except for sitting my bare ass on a chair in a restaurant after someone else’s bare ass had been there.

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