Doors, floors, bananas, & expectorant / Puertas, pisos, plátanos, & expectorante

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Here are some more views from the streets of Sevilla during our trip with Sarah and Magoo. I could fill a blog post with the doors (and the nice knockers — click here). We watched a waiter shim some tables on the street to prepare for lunch. It does keep the food from sliding off the tables, but you still have to sit in crooked chairs. We’ve done it and it can be quite unsettling. We pointed out a banana tree to Magoo. She had never seen one before and took a moment or two before she realized she still hadn’t. She got over it quickly after introducing herself to a horse outside the cathedral.

I’m still coughy. I picked up another bottle of the syrup I’ve been taking to clear things up. I’ve been calling it cough syrup but yesterday’s pharmacist said it’s not cough syrup, it’s an expectorant. Potato. Potahto. It works. I’m getting out for decent, tiring, walks and plan to hit the gym again come Monday. This has really gotten old. But Lulu brought us Finnish chocolate and the desert rose continues to bloom (San Geraldo picked scale off the leaves and stems yesterday), so nothing really matters at the moment.


Aquí hay algunas vistas más de las calles de Sevilla durante nuestro viaje con Sarah y Magoo. Podría llenar una publicación de blog con las puertas (y las bonitas aldabas, haz clic aquí). Vimos a un mesero acomodar algunas mesas en la calle para preparar el almuerzo. Evita que la comida se deslice de las mesas, pero todavía tienes que sentarte en sillas torcidas. Lo hemos hecho y puede ser bastante inquietante. Le señalamos un plátano a Magoo. Nunca había visto uno antes y tomó un momento o dos antes de darse cuenta de que todavía no lo había hecho. Lo superó rápidamente después de presentarse a un caballo fuera de la catedral.

Todavía tengo tos. Tomé otra botella del jarabe que había estado tomando para aclarar las cosas. Lo he estado llamando jarabe para la tos, pero el farmacéutico de ayer dijo que no es jarabe para la tos, es un expectorante. Papa. Potato. Funciona. Voy a salir a dar caminatas decentes y agotadoras y planeo ir al gimnasio nuevamente el lunes. Esto realmente se ha vuelto viejo. Pero Lulu nos trajo chocolate finlandés y la rosa del desierto sigue floreciendo (ayer San Geraldo arrancó cochinilla de las hojas y los tallos), así que nada importa realmente en este momento.

• A banana ficus!
• ¡Un ficus de plátano!

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28 thoughts on “Doors, floors, bananas, & expectorant / Puertas, pisos, plátanos, & expectorante”

    1. Debra:
      We’ve sat at a couple of restaurants like that and agreed to never do it again. Yes, back aches.

  1. Oh I love those old doors! And Spain has plenty of them. Also love the blooms. What a lovely color they are! Hope you keep on feeling better.

    1. tobyo:
      These old cities have such stunning details. The other desert rose gets smaller, more pink flowers (if it ever blooms).

    1. Jennifer:
      Magoo got to know about a half dozen horses. She couldn’t resist and had to be dragged away.

    1. Jon:
      I so love it there. Would love to go back again soon, see old friends, and wander all day.

  2. Great doors, especially the first and last ones. I wonder what on earth inspired those people to hang bananas in their ficus? Glad your cough is better.

    1. Steve:
      I wonder about the bananas, too. Maybe nothing more than “What should we do with all these plastic bananas?” “Hey. I have an idea!”

    1. Steve:
      No, not better. Still taking the medicine. Still bracing for the sciatica pain every time I cough. Still complaining.

    1. Kelly:
      You’d be in heaven in Sevilla. Stunning doors and gates. Magoo has a lot of beauty going on.

  3. Magoo looks a lot like Jennifer Grey in that picture. The Dirty Dancing days.
    A long time ago, in my first year of marriage, I had a cold with constant coughing. My work mates said it was due to my not being used to sleeping nekkid. They may have had a point, but I digress. I made the mistake of taking an expectorant. I didn’t know that there were different kinds of cough syrup. The cough got worse. Nineteen is too old or too young (depending on where one is on the timeline of life spectrum) to be wearing a diaper because of high pressure blowing from both ends. I discovered that I needed a suppressant. What a relief! Coughing needs are different, I suppose. Take care, Scoot.

    1. Deedles:
      Still, I’ll call it cough medicine: Remember when it was suggested we call a certain brand of toothpaste “decay preventive dentifrice”?

    1. Urspo:
      Sometimes the assumed translation is the right one. Other times, you’re playing with fire. Preservantes are NOT preservatives.

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