Clothes make the man — and crabs / La ropa hace al hombre — y piojos

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

Not many words today. I start off with some fashion seen on the street and end with pairings — shirts and shorts — that Matt and I coordinated at H&M at Plaza Mayor last week.


No hay muchas palabras hoy. Empiezo con algo de moda vista en la calle y termino con maridajes — camisas y pantalones cortos — que Matt y yo coordinamos en H&M en Plaza Mayor la semana pasada.

• Not easy to snap from three floors up and across the street (and to get a smile from the guy).

No es fácil fotografiar desde tres pisos hacia arriba y al otro lado de la calle (y obtener una sonrisa del tipo).

Perfect symmetry? Where?
¿Simetría perfecta? ¿Dónde?

• For this pairing we went understated. What could we possibly add to seed on the shirt and crabs in the shorts?
• Para este emparejamiento fuimos discretos. ¿Qué podríamos agregar a semilla (seed) en la camiseta y piojos de cangrejos en los pantalones cortos?

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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20 thoughts on “Clothes make the man — and crabs / La ropa hace al hombre — y piojos”

  1. Well now we know where you can go shopping to blend right in. I keep seeing NY hats in Spain and France, most likely on people who have never been there and wouldn’t know a baseball game if they saw one.

    1. David:
      Those NY baseball caps are everywhere and you’re absolutely right.

  2. THANK HEAVENS those items STAYED on the rack!!! The only thing worst could be a pairing of , and I even shudder to say it…crocs!!!!! H&M can have some finds, but lately their selections has been more losts’..

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      There’s only one choice of footwear for these outfits. Imitation Crocs.

    1. Bob:
      Not even the tasteful colors of the plaid shorts and shirt on the guy in town? Or are you only talking about H&M?

      1. Bob:
        Ah! I figured you’d like that. It’s kind of tastefully done.

    1. Jon:
      So strange I haven’t seen any of those H&M numbers on the street.

  3. I never seem to see pairings around here to equal those that you share. Some of these I have to wonder, “what were they thinking??”!

    1. Kelly:
      I used to think they weren’t thinking at all. But I’ve learned most of these outfits on the street have been given a lot of thought.

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