Poinsettia, banana, and family trees / Árboles de flor de pascua, banana y familia

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

After our morning in Frigiliana with Matt and Lindy (when San Geraldo was, briefly, on my shit list — click here), we drove back down to the sea to the beautiful town of Nerja where we strolled and then had lunch.

Another very touristy place, but picturesque, charming, and historic, Nerja is a 45-minute drive east along the coast and a very popular snorkeling spot for some of our friends from Fuengirola. I would love to visit Nerja Cave, which was inhabited from about 25,000 BC until the Bronze Age (2,000 to 700 BC) and includes Paleolithic cave paintings.

I just returned from a walk under blue sky and sunshine. It. may have been too much sunshine to be out that long without a hat. I was worn out at the end. We’re going to Tynan and Elena’s new home in an hour for lunch. Elena is cooking and her sister Isa is baking cakes. Guaranteed to be a delicious afternoon.

I’ve ended the post with a little bit of local music from Frigiliana as we headed back down the hill with our artwork from Klaus Hinkel.

FUN FACT: Banana tree in Spanish is simply “banano.” Same style for apple (manzana) tree , which becomes “manzano”; orange (naranja) tree becomes “naranjo.” It works for many others, as well.


Después de nuestra mañana en Frigiliana con Matt y Lindy (cuando San Geraldo estuvo, brevemente, en mi lista negra, haz clic aquí), regresamos al mar hasta el hermoso pueblo de Nerja, donde paseamos y luego almorzamos.

Otro lugar muy turístico, pero pintoresco, encantador e histórico. Es un viaje de 45 minutos hacia el este a lo largo de la costa y un lugar muy popular para bucear entre algunos de nuestros amigos de Fuengirola. Me encantaría visitar la Cueva de Nerja, que estuvo habitada desde aproximadamente el 25.000 a. C. hasta la Edad del Bronce (2.000 a 700 a. C.) e incluye pinturas rupestres del Paleolítico.

Acabo de regresar de un paseo bajo el cielo azul y el sol. Él. puede haber sido demasiado sol para estar fuera tanto tiempo sin sombrero. Estaba agotado al final.

Iremos a la nueva casa de Tynan y Elena en una hora para almorzar. Elena está cocinando y su hermana Isa está horneando pasteles. Garantizado para ser una tarde deliciosa. Terminé la publicación con un poco de música local de Frigiliana mientras bajábamos la colina con nuestra obra de arte de Klaus Hinkel.

• Dedicated to the discoverers of Nerja Cave, which we still haven’t explored.
• Dedicado a los descubridores de la Cueva de Nerja, que aún no hemos explorado.
• SG said, “Look at the parrots.” I looked for wild parrots.
• SG dijo: “Mira los loros”. Busqué loros salvajes.
• Poinsettia
• Bananas
• Matt, SG and I are almost the same height. We must have been on a slope. I just remember not wanting to let go.
• Matt, SG y yo tenemos casi la misma altura. Debemos haber estado en una pendiente. Solo recuerdo que no quería soltarlos.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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26 thoughts on “Poinsettia, banana, and family trees / Árboles de flor de pascua, banana y familia”

    1. Steve:
      Yes, those are agaves. We couldn’t have been there on a more perfect day.

  1. Oh my gosh, so much to love about this post!! As well as giving me ganas de viajar a España…..a ver, tal vez la próxima primavera 🤞Those sea views are just stunning! And I loved the music at the end as well as all your smiling faces. and oh yes, I learned something new about Spanish. Never knew that about trees en español!! So thanks for the education too!

    1. tobyo:
      We were here a few years before I learned about the naming of trees. I asked a local what the difference was between a naranja and a naranjo. All she said was the second one was the tree and off I went — looking up a bunch of others.

  2. I can’t imagine living somewhere with the gorgeous views you share here! I enjoyed the little Spanish lesson AND the music with the cute dog.

    1. Kelly:
      Nerja is incredibly picturesque. A very different look to that of Fuengirola.

  3. Ohhhhhhhh. that first picture sold me again right off the bat!!!!! I could make home in Nerja. Again, the vibe…and I see you already found me a lovely white home to live in with a garden!!!! SOLD. I loved seeing the poinsettia too. Many here don’t believe me when I tell them that they are actually a tree. And the little berry type centers are actually the flowers, not the red petals, which are also the leaves like the green ones. People look at me like I have three heads. Beautiful post today!!!

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I could have done a house tour for you. Some really stunning places with amazing views. Although I think you’d get bored living there. I know I would. Poinsettias were a huge surprise to me when we moved to San Diego. But that one in Nerja is the best I’ve seen. I love the old wood.

  4. I’ve never seen a poinsettia in the wild. Nice. I like the blue planters hanging on the wall. The wild parrots are terrific too!
    I love the cute pack of toothy beasts! Perfection.

    1. Deedles:
      The poinsettia wasn’t so wild but it’s clearly been in that garden for a very long time. The first time I saw them planted year-round was in San Diego. Yeah, that’s us. The toothy beasts. Lindy and Matt make us so happy.

  5. Didn’t realize poinsettias got as big as trees. I have one that came from the discount rack about six years ago and that blooms every spring…but it’s not a tree YET.

    1. Frank:
      I’ve seen poinsettias planted in gardens here and in Southern California. But this is the best example ever.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      And we could use some of your rain. Although I’m not complaining about this, another glorious day.

  6. Nerja’s a lovely place – we loved the Balcon de Europa and those dramatic cliffs. Never spotted the “poinsettia tree”, however. Nor the parrots! Surprised you never got a shot of the Riu hotel’s infamous “headless mermaid”. [It was originally meant to portray said sea creature, but the authorities put a limit on the number of floors to which that hotel could rise, so they couldn’t fit a head on it; hence why it now looks such a weird abstract form…] Jx

    1. Jennifer:
      And you’ve got gorgeous gardens. But, yeah, the Mediterranean Sea can be incredible.

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