How to win at volley ball / Cómo ganar en voleibol

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I just learned the reason I was never very good at volley ball. I didn’t wear the uniform correctly. You can see a couple of options in the first two shots below. These guys were incredible players. Check out their shorts. What more proof do you need? I was unable to get all the fashion shots I hoped for. One guy was the size of Ahnold Schwarzenberger (you know who I mean) and had his shorts tucked up in diaper style. Another muscle god had one leg tucked way up and one leg down but he never stopped looking at me. I think he was suspicious. Or maybe he thought I was hot (nah). Either way, missed opportunities.


Acabo de enterarme de la razón por la que nunca fui muy bueno en voleibol. No usé el uniforme correctamente. Puede ver un par de opciones en las dos primeras tomas a continuación. Estos muchachos eran jugadores increíbles. Echa un vistazo a sus pantalones cortos. ¿Qué más pruebas necesitas? No pude obtener todas las fotos de moda que esperaba. Un tipo era del tamaño de Ahnold Schwarzenberger (ya sabes a quién me refiero) y tenía los pantalones cortos metidos en estilo pañal. Otro dios de los músculos tenía una pierna doblada hacia arriba y otra hacia abajo, pero nunca dejó de mirarme. Creo que sospechaba. O tal vez pensó que estaba caliente (nah). Sea como sea, oportunidades perdidas.

• He should update his wardrobe to better coordinate with the tattoos. Just my opinion.
• Debería actualizar su guardarropa para coordinarlo mejor con los tatuajes. Solo mi opinión.
• Moose after his pre-lunch snack. He makes that look comfortable.
• Moose después de su aperetivo antes del almuerzo. Él hace que parezca cómodo.

• San Geraldo said I looked handsome in my cap and sunglasses. I told him it was because most of my face was covered. I got “the look” and then I said, “Thank you, Jerry.”

• San Geraldo dijo que me veía guapo con mi gorra y gafas de sol. Le dije que era porque la mayor parte de mi cara estaba cubierta. Obtuve “a mirada” y luego dije, “Gracias, Jerry”.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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25 thoughts on “How to win at volley ball / Cómo ganar en voleibol”

  1. Grade 6 was the last time I played volleyball…..I was on the school team. I think our team outfits were nothing like these guys.
    Moose has the right idea for this lazy Sunday morning…….

    1. Jim:
      Just imagine. Had you worn the shorts correctly, you could have gone pro.

  2. Maybe the one leg up, one down, is for playing volleyball???
    The tattooed guy looks like he’s just got his underwear on. He needs to go home and rethink.
    And you do look handsome.

    1. Bob:
      The tattoed guy’s ensemble was even more garish before he tucked the shorts up. A lot going on. Oh… Thank you, Bob.

    1. Debra:
      Maybe the muscle god liked my cap and sunglasses. As for Moose, beats me!

  3. I don’t get the one leg up, one leg down style. Does it serve a purpose other than attracting attention?

    SG is right. You ARE very handsome in that photo! (It’s a neat photo, too)

    1. Kelly:
      I have never come across someone I feel comfortable asking. One of these days, we’ll learn the secrets of the shorts (or not). And, Thank you, Kelly.

  4. As always, I am bemused by the beach-shorts-one-leg-up conundrum, and that tat-and-freaky-pants combo is giving me a migraine!

    That selfie is freaky – as there is another you in the background taking a selfie, and I imagine if this shot was positioned at a certain angle, that repetition would have gone on into infinity… Jx

    1. Jon:
      I haven’t found quite the right angle in the elevator to get all the levels. I’ll keep trying. The tattoo guy was even harder on the eyes before he tucked the shorts up.

    1. dinahmow:
      Somehow I didn’t get the sense that tattoo guy was a volleyball player. I mean he doesn’t even know how to wear his shorts.

  5. Hey, Scoot. It just occurred to me who you look like. Jerome Robbins, only happier and sexier. Back to my hidey hole.

    1. Deedles:
      Jerome Robbins? Only when I dance. Thanks for coming out for some air!

    1. Urspo:
      Yes, Tattoo Guy’s shorts are a disaster of misalignment… on top of everything else.

    1. Kirk:
      I have a feeling quite often it means nothing at all. Try it, though. It’s oddly comfortable.

  6. Wait a minute… why does Mirror Mitchell not look just like Photo Mitchell, only backwards? I want to enlarge that photo to see what’s going on…

  7. I will never understand the shorts thing.

    I was never any good at volleyball either. Basically, unless that ball comes RIGHT TO ME, I’m not touching it. And even then, I might not touch it.

    1. Steve:
      We had to play volley ball in the gym. It really hurts when you take a spill. That was the first reason I never took a liking to it. As for the shorts, Try it. There’s something oddly pleasant about it.

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