Forward Short Leg / Pierna Corta Hacia Adelante

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I JUST LEARNED a new term used in the game of cricket. Well, since I knew absolutely no terms in the game, I just learned my FIRST term in the game of cricket! “Forward short leg.” It’s a fielding position. I have no idea what exactly it means and I really don’t care. I simply came across the term when I googled “short leg” while doing this post on the Fuengirola fashion craze of one shorts leg shorter than the other. And honestly, I don’t even know why I googled THAT.

So here are two guys showing off their style. The first photo below is someone I saw on the Paseo earlier today. It turned out he had a tattoo on his left upper thigh (sorry a photo of that would have been too obvious). Maybe he was just showing it off. The second photo was actually taken in Torremolinos two weeks ago after the Gay Pride Parade. You’ll note that since the subject is a gay man, he didn’t just fold or roll up one leg, he cut it that way. His cut-offs were cut off and more cut off. A true trend setter.

I do realize, however, that the guy I saw on the Paseo could also have been gay. One never knows. So, never mind. Besides, you’ll also notice that neither one is in “forward short leg” position, at least in my sense of its meaning.

I saw the shoes (at top) in a shop window after the parade. San Geraldo wouldn’t let me go in and ask if they had his size (14 American, 48 Spanish). Should I surprise him?


ACABO DE APRENDER un nuevo término utilizado en el juego de críquet. Bueno, como no conocía ningún término en el juego, ¡acabo de aprender mi PRIMER término en el juego del críquet! El término es “pierna corta hacia adelante”. Es una posición de campo. No tengo idea de lo que significa exactamente y realmente no me importa. Simplemente encontré el término cuando busqué en Google “pierna corta” mientras hacía este post en la moda de Fuengirola de una pierna corta más corta que la otra. Y honestamente, ni siquiera sé por qué busqué ESO en Google.

Así que aquí hay dos hombres que muestran su estilo. La primera foto abajo es alguien que vi hoy en el Paseo. Resultó que tenía un tatuaje en la parte superior del muslo izquierdo (lamento que una foto de eso hubiera sido demasiado obvia). Tal vez solo lo estaba mostrando. Hice la segunda foto en Torremolinos hace unas semanas después del Desfile del Orgullo Gay. Notarás que, dado que el sujeto es un hombre gay, no solo se dobló ni subió una pierna, sino que lo cortó de esa manera. Sus cortes fueron cortados y más cortados. Un verdadero creador de tendencias.

Sin embargo, me doy cuenta de que el hombre que vi en el Paseo hoy también podría haber sido gay. Nunca sabe. Así que no importa. Además, también notará que ninguno de los dos está en la posición de “pierna corta hacia adelante”, al menos en mi sentido de su significado.

Vi los zapatos (en la parte superior) en el escaparate de una tienda después del desfile. San Geraldo no me dejaba entrar y preguntaba si tenían su tamaño (14 estadounidenses, 48 españoles). ¿Debo sorprenderlo?

I wonder if he cut out the seat of his underwear himself. Very professional.
Me pregunto si él cortó el asiento de su ropa interior. Muy profesional.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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22 thoughts on “Forward Short Leg / Pierna Corta Hacia Adelante”

  1. Oooh, I kind of like the apple shoes! Go ahead, surprise him! Now the bottom (so to speak) picture, is this guy wearing blue plastic drawers (or as they say in my family, draws) ? That looks very uncomfortable.

    1. Deedles:
      That’s how they say it in my family, too. Until I was 10, I thought drawers and draws were the same word. As for “the bottom,” those looked like a cotton-spandex blend!

      1. Deedle,
        The apple ones go well with a reusable grocery tote we have.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      Oh, I have a woman waiting in the wings in an overly flowerful combination AND the “C” word.

  2. I don’t know about “short leg,” but my father told me the Army used to have “short arm” inspections to check for VD among the soldiers. You can tell how old that expression is simply by its reference to VD and not STI.

    You must, SIMPLY MUST, buy a pair of those rainbow mosaic shoes for your beloved.

    1. Debra:
      I don’t think I learned what “short arm inspection” was until I was in my 20s. Yes, I love those rainbow shoes… and the gold ones. But can you imagine those in a size 14/48. Even traditional wingtips can look like clown shoes in that size.

    1. Bob:
      I wish I had the fashion opportunities to wear shoes like that. But we’re just too beach casual around here. As for the underwear… I mean, what’s the point?

  3. Seeing this short leg would drive me crazy. It reminds me of when you are not stick thin and your inner thighs rub together one leg of your baggy shorts would rid up like that. Kinnda’ dumb and not so comfortable ?

    1. Parsnip:
      Oh, I hate that look. I always want to walk over and people the shorts down for them. (That, and tucking labels back in.)

  4. Go for the shoes Mitch – I really really like Them 👍🏻 As for the shorts…😜😜

    1. Lars:
      Those shoes were flashy and fun. When you say “shorts,” are you talking about the cut-offs, the roll-ups, the underwear …. or all three?

    1. Snoskred:
      Those were my two favorite pairs, as well. I could get the shoes and you could do your nails to match!

  5. I love the apple shoes – what a fun surprise! The shorts – collecting the pictures is an interesting hobby.

    1. David:
      I’m now so disappointed when I’m out and about and don’t see shorts, or clothes in general, that I can share with you.

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