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IT’S BEEN POINTED out to me that I haven’t shared photos of our terrace for quite some time. That’s because Mr. Green Jeans (aka San Geraldo) has been sleeping on the job — and he asked for the job — (Moose, pictured above, has no job) and hasn’t taken very good care of the plants this year. Admittedly, he IS writing two books and still has to take time off to make sure I’m well fed, but the poor plants have suffered. So, he recently started cleaning out some of the old and unhappy plants in preparation for the new. We’ve also been rearranging and are moving a couple more plants to the front hall. But, here’s the terrace in flux. The interior is in flux, too. New photos are on their way.

If you’re not familiar with Mr. Green Jeans, he was a regular character on “Captain Kangaroo,” a children’s television show from our childhoods (the show ran from 1955 until 1984).

Click the images to make the plants grow.


ME HAN RECORDADO que no he compartido fotos de nuestra terraza durante bastante tiempo. Esto se debe a que el Mr. Green Jeans (Sr. Jeans Verdes), también conocido como San Geraldo, ha estado durmiendo en el trabajo (y pidió el trabajo) — Moose, en la foto de arriba, no tiene trabajo — y no ha cuidado muy bien las plantas este año. Es cierto que está escribiendo dos libros y todavía tiene que tomarse un tiempo libre para asegurarse de que estoy bien alimentado, pero las plantas han sufrido. Entonces, recientemente comenzó a descartar algunas de las plantas viejas e infelices en preparación para las nuevas. También hemos estado reorganizando y trasladando unas plantas al vestíbulo. Pero, aquí está la terraza en flujo. El interior también está en flujo. Nuevas fotos están en camino.

Si no está familiarizado con Mr. Green Jeans, fue un personaje habitual en “Captain Kangaroo” (Capitán Canguro), un programa de televisión para niños de nuestra infancia (el programa se desarrolló desde 1955 hasta 1984).

Haz clic en las imágenes para hacer crecer las plantas.


And speaking of cactus:
Mesón Salvador’s annual Halloween dinner is Thursday. Given San Geraldo’s drawings of our terrace plants (click here), I think this should be his costume.

Y hablando de cactus:
La cena anual de Halloween de Mesón Salvador es el jueves. Teniendo en cuenta los dibujos de San Geraldo de nuestras plantas de terraza (haz clic aquí), creo que este debería ser su disfraz.

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29 thoughts on “Mr. Green Jeans”

  1. I understand I have been banned until further notice from keeping house plants, cactus have died from neglect in my care.

    1. David:
      We’re both very good with plants… unless someone gets out of the mood. My mother was the savior of houseplants. Family and neighbors brought her their plants that they were killing. My mother always made them thrive and then no one would take them back. Jerry’s mother killed one house plant every year and Jerry then bought her a new one.

  2. So far this year, I’ve killed at least ten houseplants. I think I’ll just keep the one thriving golden pothos and replace everything else with colorful flowery plastic!
    Does that cactus costume even come in SG’s size? Do they make ’em big enough? For some reason I picture him in a big fluffy panda suit. I see you as a sleek otter up to mischief.

    1. Deedles:
      SG has been paining attention to the plants again, but plenty are now gone. If they don’t thrive, he tosses them. I would nurse them forever. My sense of the cactus costume is that it WOULD fit because I think the pot would simply end at a different spot on your legs, depending on your height. (I assume the openings in the arms are big enough. Wait until you see our costumes. Pictures to come on Friday.

    1. anne marie:
      Thanks for commenting on the date. I went to wikipedia to get that info and then typed it wrong. It’s fixed. (I was less than 4 months older… oh, I guess I still am.)

  3. Your deck is so beautiful and I love it.
    My yard is so messy right now and not just from our 116+ summer. We have green but not the lush green I had in Laguna Beach that you have on you patio.
    I think San Geraldo has done wonders growing Moose !

  4. I’d say that Moose’s jobs are relaxing or sleeping, and he does them well. A silly rumor went around for years that Mr. Green Jeans was Ted Nugent’s father. Some people believe the strangest things.


    1. Janie:
      Ted Nugent’s father? Hmmm, I can see that. I had always been told Buster Keaton was Diane Keaton’s grandfather; not true either! Moose has another job, as well: Herding. He likes everyone to be in the same room… before he goes to sleep.

    1. Kirk:
      Well, imagine what kind of shape the costume would be in after SG got through with it.

    1. Urspo:
      We didn’t get the Friendly Giant where we were. I loved Captain Kangaroo … for a while.

  5. Carlos and SG have the green thumb, and Carlos for sure has green jeans.
    I, however, garden like Moose and I’m fine with that!

    1. Bob:
      I, too, have a green thumb. I love gardening, but it’s easier if one of us is responsible when it’s just apartment gardening. So SG wanted to do it… and sometimes he even does. He was outside hand-washing scale off a cactus today.

  6. Never got ‘Mr. Green Jeans’ in Canada……
    Plants look very good! Our ‘Crown Of Thorns’ has been growing for over 25 years……luckily it is a miniature version and always blooming.
    THAT costume is PERFECT for SG! Now go ‘whip that up’ for him, will ya!!! lol

    1. Jim:
      We have two large planter with crown of thorns. They went insane over the last few years and would attack our housekeeper every week. They grow like weeds around town and regularly get cut down to their trunks. I’ve never seen a 25-year-old crown of thorns!

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      We don’t spend enough time out there. 330 square feet of sunshine and views of the Mediterranean Sea. We keep trying to think up ways to get ourselves out there for extended periods.

    1. Susan:
      The nice thing now about the terrace is we can actually walk around! Moose always has the right idea… Just ask him.

    1. larrymuffin:
      No, SG isn’t really doing all the work. Just the cooking and the gardening. And he’s been a bit lax lately! But, actually I DO like bonbons.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Mr. Moose was also my favorite, although I never understood why he had a voice like that.

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