The Godfather / El Padrino

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NOW THAT THE summer crowds are gone, I’m back to walking on the beach, not just alongside it. The weather has continued to be summer-like and it’s not easy to keep me indoors, although I have a lot of things I should be doing. Most things can be ignored but I’m in the middle of proofreading and editing the first of San Geraldo’s two books and I need to pay more attention to that.

Although, maybe I should take my sweet time. When asked recently what he was going to do once he finished the two books, San Geraldo responded, “Then I die.” (No real worries though; he’s now got a third book in mind.)

Anyway, while walking on the beach, I spotted Ivo, a sand sculptor I hadn’t seen for a few years. He made me “an offer I couldn’t refuse” (take a look at his work below and you’ll understand).

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AHORA QUE LAS multitudes de verano se han ido, vuelvo a caminar por la playa, no solo a su lado. El clima ha seguido siendo veraniego y no es fácil mantenerme adentro, aunque tengo muchas cosas que debería hacer. La mayoría de las cosas se pueden ignorar, pero estoy revisando y editando el primero de los dos libros de San Geraldo y necesito prestar más atención a eso.

Aunque, tal vez debería tomarme mi dulce tiempo. Cuando se le preguntó recientemente qué iba a hacer una vez que terminara los dos libros, San Geraldo respondió: “Entonces me muero”. Sin embargo, no hay preocupaciones reales; ahora tiene un tercer libro en mente.

De todos modos, mientras caminaba por la playa, vi a Ivo, un escultor de arena que no había visto en unos años. Me hizo “una oferta que no pude rechazar” (eche un vistazo a su trabajo a continuación y lo comprenderá).

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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15 thoughts on “The Godfather / El Padrino”

  1. Isn’t it all about the ‘front’ anyway? I’ve seen some pretty nice hairdos from the front…..until they walked by.
    3rd. book!? That will keep you both busy!!
    We like this time of year as well. We get ‘our beach’ back too.

    1. Jim:
      My favorite sand sculptor, Paul Blane, is a brilliant engineer in addition to being an artist. His works don’t look like round piles of packed sand from other directions. Ivo builds a hill and then adds some nice detail to the front. Still entertaining and I’m grateful. Paul is only around intermittently.

    1. MEBE:
      Ivo has done this one before, which is how I knew he was back. He does have some fun.

  2. I like the red rose boutonniere and the cat! I think you told us that one of San Geraldo’s book is a family history. What is the second one about? Fiction or non-fiction?

    1. Debra:
      I’m proofing and editing his biography, which shares experiences of life in South Dakota in the 50s and 60s, coming of age as gay and experiences before and after Stonewall, stories of his pioneer and immigrant families, and more. It’s fascinating. The one he’s still working on is family genealogy going back to the 1200s. Wow!

  3. Ivo is very talented! I can make a sand sculpture of an upside down beach bucket. We seem to be well into fire season up in these parts. Rolling power outages and evacuations.
    Hey, if SG ever writes an m/m book featuring Vikingish men who are shape shifting crime fighters (is that too specific?) I’ll be first online to buy it!

    1. Deedles:
      When I was a kid I was known for (well, I knew MYSELF for) my sand sea lions. Yeah, shape-shifting crime fighters is not something to come out of the mind of SG. Vikings, however, are in the family tree.

  4. Writing your own books! Can’t wait to see and read SG’s works + your proofreading assignment efforts.
    So exciting!

    1. Ron:
      He tells wonderful stories. And part of my career was as an editor, so it’s like jumping back on a bicycle. I’m enjoying it.

    1. larrymuffin:
      We used to have so much more and so much better. The City regulated it a few years back and everyone left (the regulations were a bit over the top). They stopped the regulations but had already lost the best artists. Ivo does some fun things, so it’s good to see him back on the beach.

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