Life Among the Ruins / La Vida Entre las Ruinas

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ABOUT FIVE YEARS ago, the City of Fuengirola finally convinced a land owner to sell his undeveloped plot of land containing visible Roman ruins from the first century BC. The ruins, declared of special historic interest in 2005, are in the neighborhood next to ours called Torreblanca. Over the past two years, the City has been revealing and preserving more of the Roman thermal springs, and another historic park is soon to open.

I wonder if I’ll ever get used to seeing these incredible ancient sites on my walks through our neighborhoods. It boggles the mind to imagine what lies beneath the surrounding homes. Apparently, remains of a 4th-century fish salting factory and a graveyard with 32 Visigoth (5th to 8th century AD) burial tombs have also been found (although not yet by me). As you can see by the sky in the photos, I’ve walked by a few different times to monitor the progress.

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HACE UNOS CINCO años, la ciudad de Fuengirola finalmente convenció al propietario para que vendiera su terreno sin desarrollar que contenía ruinas romanas visibles del primer siglo antes de Cristo. Las ruinas, declaradas de especial interés histórico en 2005, se encuentran en el barrio vecino al nuestro llamado Torreblanca. En los últimos dos años, la ciudad ha estado revelando y preservando más de las aguas termales romanas, y pronto abrirá otro parque histórico.

Me pregunto si alguna vez me acostumbraré a ver estos increíbles sitios antiguos en mis paseos por nuestros vecindarios. Alucina la mente imaginar lo que hay debajo de las casas circundantes. Aparentemente, también se han encontrado restos de una fábrica de salazón de pescado del siglo IV y un cementerio con 32 tumbas visigóticas (del siglo V al VIII) (aunque todavía no lo he hecho yo). Como puede ver en el cielo en las fotos, he caminado varias veces para monitorear el progreso.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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18 thoughts on “Life Among the Ruins / La Vida Entre las Ruinas”

  1. Incredible history there right before your eyes.
    It must boggle the mind when you think about all that ‘was’ there.
    Great photos.

    1. David,
      I still have to visit the newly revealed history in Málaga. They actually redesigned the road they were redoing to maintain some of the ruins in place.

    1. Mistress Maddie,
      The tunnel bit did creep me out a little. But it’s well-used as a passageway. It’s a shortcut to the beach from above.

  2. So glad the city is trying to preserve the ruins. Merry Christmas to you and Gerry and your fur babies

    1. Cheapchick,
      Thanks so much. So much was lost or built over in past years. Then again, if they preserved everything in situ, we wouldn’t have a town!

    1. Debra:
      It fascinates me. And, yes, that staircase. It’s a bar along the beach called Elements. I suppose I should check it out sometimes and see if it’s a welcoming as the staircase.

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