Lockdown Day 59: Too Long at the Fair / Encierro Día 59: Demasiado Tiempo en la Feria

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SUNDAY, I DECIDED TO WALK to the fairgrounds for my session of “free play.” I’ve been walking on the beach most days to avoid the congestion on the Paseo, where most people tend to be. I assumed the fairgrounds would be deserted, which they were not since others had the same idea, but they were still very pleasant to roam. No crowds and easy to keep one’s distance. I always enjoy walking around the fairgrounds when they’re empty.

This morning, I was at long last back at the orthodontist. I had to complete an email questionnaire a couple of days ago. I was instructed to arrive right on time, not early and not late, which struck me as funny since I usually spend 45 minutes or more in the waiting room. I didn’t today.

No jewelry or metal was permitted. So the earrings and wedding ring were left at home; I don’t have any other body jewelry. ‘Why ruin a perfectly good nipple?’ I ask. And as for piercing other parts, ouch is all I’ve got to say.

Upon arrival, I was warmly welcomed. Then I was disinfected (just hand sanitizer). My temperature was taken, 98.6F (37C). I was told I was perfect; everyone else’s temperature was just slightly off (but still within the normal range). No one would ever call me slightly off.

More significantly, I had the wire and attachments removed from those six bottom teeth — the wire and attachments that were supposed to be there for perhaps two months but had lasted seven.

I had been looking forward to the 45-minute walk to the office and then home again, but it was raining heavily. So, San Geraldo gave me a lift. I told him not to wait the hour it might take, intending to take a taxi but it was only misting sporadically when I was done, so I walked home. I saw parts of town I haven’t seen in more than two months.

The photo at the top of the page is my reward for having no more braces. It’s not that I haven’t been enjoying everything even with my braces, it’s simply what San Geraldo served to me when I arrived home. San Geraldo tried a new brownie recipe yesterday. It doesn’t have an entire pound of sugar, and butter, and chocolate like his Beacon Hill brownies (click here for that recipe). Still, it’s exceptionally delicious and much easier (and quicker) to prepare. Click here for the new recipe (video).

Then, click the images and experience the fair. (If there’s no fair at the moment, does that make it unfair?)


DOMINGO, DECIDÍ QUE CAMINAR al recinto ferial para mi sesión de “juego libre”. He estado caminando en la playa la mayoría de los días para evitar la congestión en el Paseo, donde la mayoría de la gente tiende a estar. Asumí que el recinto ferial estaría desierto, lo cual no era así ya que otros tenían la misma idea, pero aún así eran muy agradables para recorrer. No hay multitudes y es fácil mantener la distancia. Siempre disfruto caminando por el recinto ferial cuando están vacíos.

Esta mañana, por fin estaba de vuelta en el ortodoncista. Tuve que completar un cuestionario por correo electrónico hace dos días. Se me indicó que llegara a tiempo, no temprano ni tarde, lo que me pareció divertido, ya que generalmente paso 45 minutos o más en la sala de espera. No lo hice hoy.

No se permitían joyas ni metales. Entonces los pendientes y el anillo de bodas se quedaron en casa; No tengo ninguna otra joya para el ‘¿Por qué arruinar un pezón perfectamente bueno?’ pregunto. Y en cuanto a perforar otras partes, ‘ay’ es todo lo que tengo que decir.

Al llegar, me dieron una cálida bienvenida. Luego me desinfectaron (solo desinfectante para manos). Me tomaron la temperatura: 37C (98.6F). Me dijeron que era perfecto.

Más significativamente, me quitaron el cable y los accesorios de esos seis dientes inferiores: el cable y los accesorios que se suponía que debían estar allí durante unos dos meses, pero habían durado siete.

Había estado esperando la caminata de 45 minutos a la oficina y después a casa, pero estaba lloviendo mucho. Entonces, San Geraldo me dio un aventón. Le dije que no esperara la hora que podría tomar, con la intención de tomar un taxi, pero solo estaba empañado esporádicamente cuando terminé, así que caminé a casa. Vi partes de la ciudad que no había visto en más de dos meses.

La foto en la parte superior es mi recompensa por no tener más frenillos. No es que no haya estado disfrutando todo incluso con mis frenillos, es simplemente lo que me sirvió San Geraldo cuando llegué a casa. San Geraldo probó ayer una nueva receta de brownie. No tiene 1/2 kilo de azúcar, de mantequilla y de chocolate como sus brownies de Beacon Hill (haz clic aquí para ver la receta). Aún así, es excepcionalmente delicioso y mucho más fácil (y mas rápido) de preparar. Haz clic aquí para la nueva receta (video).

Luego, haz clic en las imágenes y experimente la feria.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

28 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 59: Too Long at the Fair / Encierro Día 59: Demasiado Tiempo en la Feria”

  1. That must be a HUGE relief for you, Mitch! And what a tasty treat waiting for you at home.

    1. Jim:
      I am SO happy and so much more comfortable! Next the retainers, but I’ll just wear those to sleep (for 6 months? the rest of my life?) These brownies are surprisingly good given they have about 1/10 the fat and sugar (or at least a lot less).

  2. Yummy! And you are able to walk a little bit more. Still staying safe and distant.

    1. David:
      I still have my 1km limit during the usual free hours. But doctors are exceptions. It was so great to see a different neighborhood. Hoping that that at least will be the new normal next week.

  3. And now you have proof, lest anyone disagree, that you are perfect, and not at all “slightly off.”

    1. Bob:
      It was a bit of a surprise. She took my temperature and looked shocked when she exclaimed, “You’re perfect!” I said, “I know!” … “How?”

  4. Oh, I remember these colourful buildings from past photos! Especially the one with the big demi-john entrance. So is this the very last of your braces now? No more? You’re done?

    1. Debra:
      It was great to see the fairgrounds buildings on such a beautiful day. I don’t when we’ll have another fair. Certainly not in the next couple of months. As for the braces, molds were done for the retainers. They’ll be plastic just like the Invisalign braces and I’ll only have to wear them at night. So, yes, I’m done. And I’m stunned. I was sure she was going to say … “NOW, we’ll add this.”

  5. congrats on getting the braces off! and that brownie DOES look good! “unfair” – bwhahahahahahaha!

    1. anne marie:
      These brownies are surprisingly good. What a treat. And so much less work for SG, which meant so much less clean-up for me. They baked for only 25 minutes I think. SO happy about the braces. I thought I’d be 90 or DEAD before I was done.

  6. You’ve never been slightly off. Made over baked!! Now these pictures are more like it. Even when i see pictures of crowded places….my anxiety goes up. Here pictures are getting worst with people “getting out” . one restaurant in a southern state that reopened…was packed to the gills. Not one mask in the picture.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      Oh, thanks, but I’ve been more than slightly off many times in my life — sometimes for the good, sometimes not. Yeah, my anxiety goes up when I see more than a few people. They’re now talking about requiring masks when people are out — I think simply to make people more aware and more careful. But it’s nice to see the city coming back to life. Not everyone has been reasonable in Spain, but it’s nothing like the stories we read from the States. Unbelievable. Even my brother commented on the crazy people… And “that president”! Even my learning-disabled brother who is mostly at the level of a 6-year-old knows that covid-45 is a lunatic!

  7. 98.6 is above average for me. When I went to school there was one correct answer on that exam question, but the reality is normal is a range, 98.6 is the average of the normal range, not the normal body temperature. What else did I learn that is wrong?

    1. David:
      I also remember there being only ONE normal when I was a kid. SG’s normal has always been below 98.6. Glad education (in some states) has improved. Think about what we learned about Native Americans or what some southerners were taught about “the War of Northern Aggression.” (just to name a couple)

  8. So glad you’ve finally been able to get that done. Faster brownies are awesome, frankly, anyone baking treats for me is pretty amazing. Weird to see everything deserted.

    1. Cheapchick:
      I thought it would never end. My mouth is so happy today! Things are picking up around town, but it’s still very different. And, of course, there are no tourists or second-homers, which probably reduces the population by more than 20,000 (out of no more than 75,000).

  9. It must feel great to have all the braces out of your mouth! All the better to eat those wonderful treats SG bakes. And I bet your balls will be easier to manage, too.

    I still have, and will probably always have, the wires on the inside of my bottom teeth. I had braces as an adult about 20 years ago. Makes it hard to floss, but I will deal with it rather than have crowded bottom teeth again.

    1. Wilma:
      No more sore cheek from plastic and metal! No more dental wax. I, too, have the wire — behind top and bottom front teeth. I thought they would both be removed but was told yesterday they’re a permanent addition. Oh well. Invisalign retainers for night time come next. But that’s nothing. What a relief.

  10. Love the beautiful pictures of various buildings. Good for you that the dentist removed all those braces, giving you a million peseta smile. We are still not allowed to go to the dentist here and all clinics are closed. It may be months before they reopen and will have to retrofit the whole operation which will cost them. I often wonder what you would do if SG was not around to be your live in Gourmet Chef. Enjoy the brownie.

    1. larrymuffin:
      Our dental offices were closed, except for emergencies, for 2 months. Small restaurants have been reopening this week but only for take-away. They block their entrances with a table. We’re hoping next week to see their terraces open at 50 percent capacity. I keep saying, such strange times. SG apologized last night for cooking one of his old standby dinners (pork roast, potatoes, cole slaw, and greens with mushrooms). Yeah, he apologized for that. I told him if I were in charge of meals, we’d be eating frozen pizza every night.

      1. Gerry is my kind of cook. Please don’t mind if I take a pass on your frozen pizza idea. LOL! Yes we are re-opening here also now new directives are issued for businesses. I am still worried though.

      2. larrymuffin:
        I find it difficult to keep myself aware of safe distances. I’m very physical (I fit Andalusia well in that way) and have to learn a whole new way of being. So, I too am worried.

  11. That San Geraldo. That brownie. That smile of yours.
    How do you fit so much goodness into one blog post?
    Hugs to you, Mitchell.
    Stay well.

  12. I am sure your post today was wonderful but I couldn’t get past the brownie and when I tried to read the mouse kept bringing me back to the brownie !

    1. Parsnip:
      So sorry you’re having computer problems. I’ll give some thought to how you might resolve it, but I’ll need a brownie while I think.

  13. Congrats on getting the dental work done! You must feel so much better. I love El Cantaro’s jug-shaped doorway!

    1. Steve:
      That jug is my favorite at the fairgrounds. Thanks re the dental work. I opted for Invisalign for a number of reasons, one being it would only take 18 to 20 months as opposed to 3 or more years. Here I am, just 2 months shy of 3 years. Argh…

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