Lockdown Day 70: How Long is 9 Inches? / Encierro Día 70: ¿Cuánto Mide 23 Centímetros?

La versión español está después de la versión inglés.

AFTER THE WARM, INTERESTING, and entertaining comments I received to Thursday’s OCD (excuse me, CDO) blog post, I started to write another story to share with you, this one from my anal-retentive past. But I then realized that not only had I told the story here in 2011, I had also retold it in 2018 so that I could share it in Spanish. So, rather than re-retell (which is obviously re-redundant), please click HERE to be entertained and to perhaps understand San Geraldo and me a bit better. That post is where the Coca Cola refrigerator photo first appeared. And it’s how we evolved into our current partnership — the one where SG makes a mess and I clean it up.

During my walk on the beach Friday morning, I grabbed life by the balls and was the first to make tracks through a clean stretch of sand. My solitary trail didn’t last long and others didn’t take their steps with such precision. But I did notice someone’s tracks approaching the clean trail and then veering away at the last moment. Someone like me, I suppose.

Meanwhile, I had a 2-1/2-hour siesta Friday afternoon. I didn’t wake to pain and I had none when I got out of bed. A first for an entire week. Then, overnight, I slept without discomfort until 6:15 this morning. Things are looking up.

Also, this morning during my beach walk I threw caution to the wind. I saw a previously trod stretch of damp sand with a large, clean swath right down the middle. I left my mark. Those two photos appear at the bottom — right before the banana bread.

Oh, I didn’t tell you: San Geraldo baked banana bread the other day. My condition began to improve after I finished off the first loaf. Scientific proof that banana bread cures sciatica.

As for the photo at the top of the page: The city has marked the pavement with one-way arrows and reminders of the 2-meter (approx. 6 feet) distancing requirements. I don’t think the illustration is very helpful, however. It might have served better had it actually been drawn to scale. There are plenty of people who have no idea how big two meters are. Then again, it was probably designed by a man. And everyone knows what men call 9 inches.


DESPUÉS DE LOS COMENTARIOS CÁLIDOS, interesantes, y entretenidos que recibí en la entrada del blog sobre mi COT (disculpe, TCO) del jueves, comencé a escribir otra historia para compartir con vosotros, esta de mi pasado anal-retentivo. Pero luego me di cuenta de que no solo había contado la historia aquí en 2011, sino que también la había vuelto a contar en 2018 para poder compartirla en español. Entonces, en lugar de volver a contar la historia nuevamente (¿es redundante?), haz clic AQUÍ para entretenerse y tal vez para entendernos un poco mejor a San Geraldo y a mí. Esa publicación es donde apareció por primera vez la foto del refrigerador de Coca Cola. Y así es como evolucionamos en nuestra asociación actual: aquella en la que SG hace un desastre y lo limpio.

Durante mi caminata en la playa el viernes por la mañana, agarré la vida por las pelotas y fui el primero en hacer huellas a través de un tramo limpio de arena. Mi rastro solitario no duró mucho y otros no dieron sus pasos con tanta precisión. Pero noté que las huellas de alguien se acercaban al camino limpio y luego se desviaban en el último momento. Alguien como yo, supongo.

Mientras tanto, tuve una siesta de 2 1/2 horas el viernes por la tarde. No me desperté con dolor y no tenía ninguno cuando me levanté de la cama. La primera vez por una semana entera. Luego, durante la noche, dormí sin molestias hasta las 6:15 de esta mañana. Las cosas están mejorando.

Además, esta mañana durante mi caminata por la playa arrojé precaución al viento. Vi un tramo de arena húmeda previamente pisado con una franja grande y limpia en el centro. Dejé mi marca. Esas dos fotos aparecen en la parte inferior, justo antes del pan de plátano.

Oh, no te dije: San Gerardo horneó pan de plátano el otro día. Mi condición comenzó a mejorar después de que terminé el primer pan. Prueba científica de que el pan de plátano cura la ciática.

En cuanto a la foto en la parte superior de la página: la ciudad ha marcado el pavimento con flechas unidireccionales y recordatorios de los requisitos de distancia de 2 metros. Sin embargo, no creo que la ilustración sea muy útil. Podría haber servido mejor si hubiera sido dibujado a escala. Hay muchas personas que no tienen idea de lo grandes que son dos metros. Por otra parte, probablemente fue diseñado por un hombre. Y todos saben lo que los hombres llaman 23 cm.

I was the first on the virgin path. The man approaching at a distance made a mess of things.
Fui el primero en el camino virgen. El hombre que se acercaba a distancia hizo un lío de cosas.
Anal-retentive pigeon? / ¿Paloma anal-retentiva?
The cure for sciatica. / La cura para la ciática.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 70: How Long is 9 Inches? / Encierro Día 70: ¿Cuánto Mide 23 Centímetros?”

  1. Nice tracks! Ever see a ‘Sand Mandala’? It’s a Tibetan Buddhist tradition involving the creating and the destruction of mandalas made of coloured sand. I guess to get the point home that nothing lasts forever. (can’t control the teacher in me!)
    Good to hear that there is a ‘cure’ for sciatica!
    Happy you’re on the mend.

  2. banana bread, eh? then why waste $$ going to an MD! glad to hear you are on the mend.

    1. anne marie:
      Yeah, the banana bread cure is a miracle. But just in case the physiotherapy in combination with the banana bread was really what did the trick, I figured another visit to Pedro couldn’t hurt (although it did at times).

  3. You rebel!!!

    Glad you’re feeling better due to the healing powers of Banana Bread. That SG is a miracle worker.

  4. Excellent sleep news. Potassium rescue, eh?

    Enjoy testing your CDO on the sand walks. 😉

    1. Mary:
      No tractors out on Sundays, so no virgin sand to deflower. Maybe tomorrow.

  5. One of the beauties of the beach, is it washed clean with every tide, giving the world a blank slate to start over with.

    1. David:
      Only if it’s a really, REALLY high tide. Otherwise, we have to wait for the plows and the rakes.

  6. As an out and proud former beach bunny, I repeat myself: sand should look lived in! 🙂 I’m glad the banana bread is proving to be a miraculous cure for your sciatica. It always made my back worse by adding poundage to my front that I have to lug around! I need to find some miraculous, all healing, sugar free jello. Unfortunately, jello makes me hungry for real food. Have a good weekend, Scoot!

    1. Deedles:
      Ugh… as if Jello isn’t bad enough, you have to find sugar free! Hope you’ve been having a good weekend.

  7. Your footprints make a decorative border along the newly smoothed sand. You, Mitchell, are a warrior against entropy! Keep up the good work.

    1. Wilma:
      I loved that the furrow had an overlap that defined the smoothed sand. I could ruin the smoothness while still maintaining order. (Damn that other guy for coming along and ruining my plan.)

    1. Cheapchick:
      Yeah, not completely pain-free, but not flying out of bed in pain anymore (well, a little this morning, but not much). So, SG gave me banana bread after my walk and before my breakfast. I feel great now.

  8. HA! I love that last line. We have 2-meter pavement markings that really ARE 2 meters (at least I think so!) and I’m not sure it helps all that much. I think your banana bread story is what doctors would call an “anecdotal report.” LOL!

    1. Steve:
      Yeah, there are plenty of people here ignoring the arrows that are fairly obvious. Anyway, I can think of at least one world leader who would call my anecdotal report proof positive that banana bread cures sciatica. Maybe I should start injecting it.

  9. I’ve never been the first one to walk on pristine beach sand, but I have been the first to trudge through a fresh white blanket of newly-fallen snow! That’s the Canadian equivalent.

    Glad the banana bread cured your sciatica!

    1. Debra:
      As you can imagine, I always had the same problem with freshly fallen snow that I have with freshly smoothed sand. (Although I did like to write my name in it on my way home from the bars when I was at university… in pee, in case you hadn’t figured that out.) The banana bread hasn’t yet CURED the sciatica, so I might have to continue eating it.

  10. As Roseanne Barr once said: Men are really good at reading maps, because only the male mind could conceive of one inch equaling a hundred miles.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      It’s a shame Roseanne turned out to be such a nut job. She really was very funny.

    1. Urspo:
      That DOES sound good. We used to slather it with butter… or cream cheese. Now, saints that we are, we eat it plain.

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