Lockdown Day 69: Rose-Colored Glasses / Encierro Día 69: Gafas de Color Rosa

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I HAVE SLEPT FOR THREE consecutive hours two nights in a row. When I was in pain and out of bed this morning at 5, the fact that I had just slept for three consecutive hours really didn’t seem like much to me. I was able to get back to sleep at 6:45 and slept until 8:09 when the drilling above my head (our neighbors’ renovations) woke me. I was not happy.

So, I went for a mostly pain-free walk on the beach, after which San Geraldo and I went out for coffee for the second consecutive day. Our wonderful housekeeper and godmother to the cats, Isabel, was back at work yesterday. So not only did we have the pleasure of seeing her again, but our apartment shines “like the top of the Chrysler Building.” Also, she gave the cats their treats while we were out.

By the time I returned at 11 to Physio Phenom Pedro (click here), my attitude had improved. At the moment, I feel great. Three hours is better than 30 minutes (as Pedro reminded me).

That’s all I’ve got for today. I’m off to organize something. I hope all your glasses are rose-colored.


HE DORMIDO DURANTE TRES HORAS consecutivas dos noches seguidas. Cuando tenía dolor y me levantaba de la cama esta mañana a las 5, el hecho de haber dormido durante tres horas consecutivas realmente no me pareció mucho. Pude volver a dormir a las 6:45 y dormí hasta las 8:09 cuando la perforación sobre mi cabeza (las renovaciones de nuestros vecinos) me despertó. No era feliz.

Entonces, fui a dar un paseo por la playa casi sin dolor, después de lo cual San Geraldo y yo salimos a tomar café por segundo día consecutivo. Nuestra maravillosa ama de llaves y madrina de los gatos, Isabel, regresó a trabajar ayer. Así que no solo tuvimos el placer de volver a verla, sino que nuestro piso brilla “como la parte superior del edificio Chrysler” (con su corona metálica en la ciudad de Nueva York). Además, ella les dio a los gatos sus aperetivos mientras estábamos fuera.

Cuando regresé a las 11 a Fenómeno Fisio Pedro (haz clic aquí), mi actitud había mejorado. Por el momento, me siento genial. Tres horas son mejores que 30 minutos (como me recordó Pedro).

Eso es todo lo que tengo por hoy. Me voy a organizar algo. Espero que todas vuestras gafas sean de color rosa.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 69: Rose-Colored Glasses / Encierro Día 69: Gafas de Color Rosa”

  1. Slowly getting back to the ‘new normal’ I see. Maybe this will help you get back into a routine…….sleep included. And with Pedro in on the mix now…..get out those ‘rose-coloured’ glasses!! All will be good, Mitchell. On day at a time.

    1. Jim:
      We were talking again about “normal.” We still have no idea what that will look like. But it sure is nice to see the city coming back to a bit of life.

    1. anne marie:
      Sitting outside at El Jazzy Bar and having our coffee has been a major gift! Getting ready to head over there now.

  2. Sounds like time for a nice afternoon nap. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

    1. David:
      Afternoon naps had become impossible. I was exhausted but the minute I got into bed the pain kicked in again (Lying down is the worst). But WOW I had a great nap yesterday and will probably have one today!

  3. Gorgeous sky. Glad you’re feeling a little better.
    Is it possible that even I am happy about PhysioPedro? I wonder if he’d make a housecall???

    1. Bob:
      I doubt PhysioPedro would make a house call, but he’s worth the trip (when we let you in again).

  4. I wondered about your being up so early, when I saw a “like” on my Facebook post, at what would have been around 4 or 5 am there. Yikes. Yes, though, 3 hours is better than 30 minutes!

    1. Judith:
      AND a nap yesterday! And an even better night last night. In bed until 6:15.

  5. At least you had a rose-colored sky (and a clean house-bless Isabel). Hope the sleep improves.

  6. Great sky. How are the cats reacting to the changes? Lack of sleep makes me very moody – I get ANGRY over the least thing. And fighting your pain on top of that? Maybe the organizing will sooth your soul.

    1. Wilma:
      Cats look at us strangely in the morning when we leave the house together, and they’re even more cuddly and attentive (if that’s even possible). My moodiness turns into depression. I’m amazed that I haven’t crashed more, but things are looking up. And, yes, organizing always helps me.

  7. That picture is gorgeous (I’ve got to come up with some better superlatives)! I think a visit with Triple P would certainly brighten up my attitude, at least until he whips out his needles 🙂 So happy you feel a bit better. Pain can be such a, well, pain! Sleep when you can, honey! I learned that lesson when my kids were babes.

    1. Deedles:
      I, too, don’t have enough superlatives. I use the same words over and over. Sleep has improved. There’s hope.

    1. Cheapchick:
      They would enjoy a visit from Isabel if she wouldn’t turn on that monster dirt-sucking machine that makes all that noise.

  8. Gorgeous picture!!!! But the song tickled me. I like old vinatge song like that.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      I knew that song was old but I had no idea how old. I love those original versions.

    1. Debra:
      One day, when I told the cats their “novia” (girlfriend) was here, Isabel corrected me and said, “Soy su madrina!” (I’m their godmother!)

  9. Beautiful photo, nice news about you going out for a walk and coffee !
    take care

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