Lockdown Day 66: Poked and Prodded / Encierro Día 66: Empujado y Pinchado

La versión español está después de la versión inglés.

I MET WITH A GREAT physiotherapist yesterday who is also an acupuncturist. He worked the area all around the sciatic nerve and then he poked me. Eight needles and mostly in my butt/bum. Some in my lower back. But I don’t know where exactly because I couldn’t see or even feel them, although he told me there were eight needles, I was barely aware of two when he adjusted them. An artist.

I slept here and there last night (well, here the entire night, but not well). I’ll probably have to go back again Friday, but he’s given me hope. His name is Pedro Lönnblad and he’s fluent in Spanish, English, and his native Swedish (he’s half Swedish/half Spanish).

Pedro’s office in Fuengirola, called Clinica PhysioSpain is just a 15-minute walk from home, and he also practices in Marbella, 25 minutes west by car. Unlike other facilities around town, the office has only two physiotherapists. You don’t get stuck on a machine and then left for another client. And you don’t get 7 minutes with the therapist before being passed off to an assistant.

In addition to the therapeutic massage and the acupuncture, Pedro showed me how to adapt my stretching routine to suit my problem. Not only that, he was a pleasure to visit with.

IN ADDITION TO THE TWO restaurants below us undergoing new terrace construction, the apartment above us is now under major renovation (everything must go, apparently). So, we are awakened (well, lately, I’m already awake) every morning at 8:00 to the sound of hammering and shattering tile. And we can’t even escape to Mesón Salvador for an extended coffee break. AND… the renovation will take about a month. I think I’ll practice writing new swear words with my toes (to increase flexibility in my ankle).

Oh, speaking of my ankle, how do you like my new tattoo (photo at top)? (Pedro taped it.) I am SO cool!


AYER ME REUNÍ CON UN gran fisioterapeuta que también es acupunturista. Trabajó el área alrededor del nervio ciático y luego me empujó. Ocho agujas y principalmente en mi trasero. Algunos en mi espalda baja. Pero no sé dónde exactamente porque no podía verlos ni siquiera sentirlos, aunque él me dijo que había ocho agujas, apenas sabía dos cuando las ajustó. Un artista.

Anoche dormí aquí y allá (bueno, aquí toda la noche, pero no bien). Probablemente tendré que volver el viernes, pero me dio esperanzas. Se llama Pedro Lönnblad y habla español, inglés, y su sueco nativo (es mitad sueco / mitad español).

La oficina de Pedro en Fuengirola, llamada Clínica PhysioSpain, está a solo 15 minutos a pie de nuestra casa, y él también practica en Marbella, a 25 minutos al oeste en coche. A diferencia de otras instalaciones en la ciudad, la oficina tiene solo dos fisioterapeutas. No te quedas atascado en una máquina y luego te vas a otro cliente. Y no tienes 7 minutos con el terapeuta antes de pasar a un asistente.

Además del masaje terapéutico y la acupuntura, Pedro me mostró cómo adaptar mi rutina de estiramiento a mi problema. No solo eso, fue un placer visitarlo.

ADEMÁS DE LOS DOS RESTAURANTES debajo que se están construyendo en nuevas terrazas, el piso que está encima de nosotros está en proceso de renovación (aparentemente todo debe irse). Por lo tanto, estamos despiertos (bueno, últimamente, ya estoy despierto) todas las mañanas a las 8:00 con el sonido de martilleo y rotura de baldosas. Y ni siquiera podemos escapar a Mesón Salvador para tomar un descanso prolongado. Y… la renovación tomará aproximadamente un mes. Creo que practicaré escribir nuevas palabrotas con los dedos de los pies (para aumentar la flexibilidad de mi tobillo).

Hablando de mi tobillo, ¿cómo te gusta mi nuevo tatuaje (foto en la parte superior)? (Pedro lo grabó.) ¡Soy realmente genial!

Pedro Lönnblad

Pedro Lönnblad


For my friend Lidia. Although I don’t think she has any tattoos, you can still “learn a lot from Lidia.”
Para mi amiga Lidia. Aunque no creo que tenga ningún tatuaje, aún “puedes aprender mucho de Lidia”.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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30 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 66: Poked and Prodded / Encierro Día 66: Empujado y Pinchado”

  1. That rainbow gives so much hope for a full recovery, Mitch. A very good sign!
    Good to hear that your physio can do both procedures. fingers crossed.
    That tattoo does look cool……..a possibility maybe?

    1. Jim:
      Just achy today, so some improvement, but still not very “sleepable.” I expect to be back there Friday for one more round. I’ve thought for years of getting a tattoo. But after seeing so many trashy tourists covered in tattoos, I find myself less enamoured.

  2. sexy leg! and no wonder you liked the new MD; such a man (rawr)! taste the rainbow (skittles candy ad).

    1. anne marie:
      Ooh, candy. I think I need a fix. And Pedro is the nicest guy, too. Ain’t I lucky?!?

    1. David:
      Absolutely. A few hours is better than one hour. And siestas help.

  3. I thought tattoo, then I thought ‘No;’ then i saw Pedro Lönnblad and stopped thinking about ankles altogether.

    ♪ ♫ Touch’a touch’a touch’a touch me. I wanna be dirty. ♫ ♪

    1. Lids:
      Not even the wreck of the Hesperus? I couldn’t remember for sure, but I thought not.

  4. Love the tattoo! It could use a splash of red 🙂 I hope the treatment helps. I have a sister who swears by acupuncture. I figure the needles are just a distraction from the pain. It’s amazing that I’m able to give myself five shots a day, isn’t it? Anyway, whether it works or not, Pedro is worth the puncturing (talk about distraction).

    1. Deedles:
      A splash of red on my ankle would simply look like another accident! Yeah, Pedro is worth a bit of pain. (As an old friend used to say, “But it’s a nice hurt.”) Amazingly, though, if he hadn’t told me what he was doing I would have had no idea that I had even had acupuncture.

  5. I thought it was a tattoo at first glance too. Looks good! I hope the physio and acupuncture helps — enjoy your course of treatment with Pedro!

    1. Debra:
      SG also thought it was a tattoo. It took him by surprise. Yeah, being treated by Pedro isn’t half bad. And he’s got personality and brains, too!

  6. What did Pedro think about walking in the sand? Bad timing for the renovations just above you. That would drive me to violence.

    1. Wilma:
      Walking in the sand, he said, is great for the ankle. Also, if the sciatica doesn’t hurt when I do something, I should continue to do it. If it hurts, then I should stop. THAT was a huge relief. Many activities don’t hurt at all, but I was worried they might aggravate it. He said if they aggravate it, I’ll know very quickly. Yeah, really bad timing for the renovations with us stuck inside most of the time. The owners aren’t here often, but when they are, they’re extremely inconsiderate, so par for the course. And I can’t imagine they’re redoing it with a plan to sell, since no one will be getting good money for anything here for some time to come. Argh. But we noticed we’re already getting a bit numb to the noise… as are the cats.

  7. Dear that man could poke me where ever he wanted too!!!!!!!! He couldn’t be my type any more to a tee. Now that you got me sufficiently worked up, im stepping outside in the cool wind to chill off.

  8. Oh, great news! Pedro looks like a nice guy, and, apparently, he is one! And great at what he does. Excellent news that you found him. And, that he gave you that great tobillo bandage!

    1. Judy:
      Pedro was an absolute pleasure. Given how I’m feeling today, I expect I’ll see him again Friday. But I’m doing as instructed, which is helping. I love that tape. He said the design is such a hit, he heard the company had trademarked it.

    1. Steve:
      I have toyed for years with getting a tattoo. First, I couldn’t decide what I wanted and knew if I got something, I’d be tired of it within weeks. I still at times really like them, but I’ve seen so many trashy versions that I think I’m over my desire. I’ll just pretend with sports tape.

    1. Wilym:
      Right now, the Haka is out of the question. I’m not sure if Pedro is side-to-side or top-to-bottom.

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