Lockdown Day 79: Flowering of Phase 2 / Encierro Día 79: Floración de Fase 2

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SAN GERALDO HAS COMPLETED THE transplanting on the terrace. One of the new hibiscus (had a new flower yesterday and it’s amazing. When we brought the plant home, the single open flower was beginning to fade. We had no idea how much more vivid it could be. There’s some other activity, as always, on the terrace, including the other two new hibiscus in bloom this morning. I hope it makes your day a little brighter.


SAN GERALDO HA COMPLETADO EL trasplante en la terraza. Uno de los nuevos hibiscos tuvo una nueva flor ayer y es increíble. Cuando trajimos la planta a casa, la única flor abierta comenzaba a desvanecerse. No teníamos idea de lo mucho más vívido que podría ser. Hay otra actividad, como siempre, en la terraza, incluidos los otros dos nuevos hibiscos en flor esta mañana. Espero que haga tu día un poco más brillante.

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26 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 79: Flowering of Phase 2 / Encierro Día 79: Floración de Fase 2”

    1. David:
      They’re outside but we’re attempting to rearrange the terrace so they can be seen the minute you enter the apartment.

  1. Your header photo/Norway is wonderful.
    The first hibiscus is lovely. I don’t think I have ever seen a ‘double’ one.
    Nothing like blossoms to brighten one’s day.

    1. Jim:
      Norway IS wonderful. I don’t know which header photo you saw, since they’re set to randomly change. Double hibiscus are mixed in with the others all over town. Our local flower kiosks tend not to carry them, which is one of the reasons we went up to the garden center. Although they had a lot of hibicuses, that was the only color with the double-blooms. They’re stunning.

    1. Urspo:
      They’re everywhere in town. Fronting private homes and apartment buildings, on terraces. And the city plants them as hedges. I’ll be sure to share photos of them from my walks.

  2. Hibiscus–when they send out the flowers–so bright and vivid–really captures your attention and heart.

    What is the plant in your header photo? Love that second photo of it trailing out of the container.

  3. Your “hibiscuits” (as I called them when I was a wee gel) are just gorgeous. As are all your plants.
    Thanks for sharing them with us.

    1. Rozzie:
      i didn’t know about hibiscus when i was young enough to screw it up. I still screw up rhododendron. I thought it was road-a-den-DRUM, and that’s still what I want to say.

    1. Steve:
      We can grow the same things here (and see them everywhere) that we grew in San Diego. But I’ve never seen so many hibiscus in one place.

  4. Those hibiscus are beautiful! They don’t survive here but I might just but one even for the season and maybe bring it indoors over winter. Flowers are such food for the soul

  5. The hibiscus is stunning! Still, I really get into the flowers on succulents. They can be so subtle and beautiful. Enjoy!

    1. Walt,
      We love the drama and surprises of the flowers on succulents. But also want the immediacy and grandeur of plants like hibiscus and amaryllis.

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