Chair without legs on an invisible carpet / Sillón sin patas sobre alfombra invisible

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THURSDAY, 1 OCTOBER, WE ORDERED new rugs for the living room and dining area. We were told it would only take four days to cut and finish them. They said they’d phone when they’re ready. If you discount two Sundays and two holidays, I figure we’re at nine days. Discount the two Saturdays, it’s seven. I’m hoping we’ll get a call today.

Friday, 2 October, we went to IKEA and found a new chair for the living room. A cool, casual design with a high back. Very comfortable. And it has zip-off upholstery that we can replace once the cats have clawed their way through it. We brought it home in the car. All we needed to do was attach the legs/base. I immediately unpacked everything to discover the hardware was missing. We didn’t feel like driving back to IKEA to wait at customer service, so I went online and submitted a claim for the missing hardware. I was promptly told it would be sent to us the fastest way possible.

The chair remains covered in plastic on the floor in the living room. The cats aren’t bothered (I am). I folded up a throw so Moose would stop sleeping on the plastic. I couldn’t imagine he’d find that comfortable, but he did. Every day, I think this will be the day the hardware arrives.

Before coming home from IKEA, we stopped off at Plaza Mayor. I was out of Rituals Bleu Byzantin cologne. San Geraldo brought his three huge notebooks and sat at Starbuck’s in the outlet mall and worked while I did my quick shop. I spotted the Baldinini shop, an Italian company that specialises in shoes and leather goods. San Geraldo still needs a new bag after I inherited the very expensive one I bought for him at the Tumi shop at the outlet mall several months ago (click here). I spotted two bags I thought he might like at the Baldinini shop and he agreed to go with me and look. I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on a bag for myself but San Geraldo is more extravagant. He liked them both and chose one.

That evening, he came into my office, presented the new bag to me and said, “Here, this is yours. I don’t like the flap.” I suggested I would simply return it but he insisted, correctly, that this one was more my style than the Tumi bag, he knew I preferred black, and I should just have two bags anyway. I acquiesced. At least this bag has room to spare for my iPad, my Apple pencil, and anything else I like to haul around with me. I’m happy with my latest luxury item, but I told San Geraldo he’s on his own now when it comes to bag shopping.


EL JUEVES, 1 DE OCTUBRE, hacemos un pedido de alfombras nuevas para la sala de estar y el comedor. Nos dijeron que solo tomaría cuatro días cortarlos y terminarlos. Dijeron que llamarían cuando estuvieran listos. Si descuenta dos domingos y dos festivos, calculo que estamos en nueve días. Descuento los dos sábados, son siete. Espero que recibamos una llamada hoy.

El viernes 2 de octubre fuimos a IKEA y encontramos un sillón nuevo para el salón. Un diseño fresco y casual con respaldo alto. Muy cómodo. Y tiene tapizado con cremallera que podemos reemplazar una vez que los gatos hayan arañado su camino. Lo llevamos a casa en el coche. Todo lo que teníamos que hacer era colocar las patas / base. Inmediatamente desempaqué todo para descubrir que faltaba el hardware. No teníamos ganas de volver a IKEA para esperar en el servicio de atención al cliente, así que me conecté a Internet y envié un reclamo por el hardware que faltaba. Inmediatamente me dijeron que nos lo enviarían de la manera más rápida posible.

El sillón permanece cubierta de plástico en el suelo del salón. Los gatos no se molestan (a mí sí). Doblé una manta para que Moose dejara de dormir sobre el plástico. No podía imaginar que lo encontraría tan cómodo, pero lo hizo. Todos los días, creo que este será el día en que llegue el hardware.

Antes de volver a casa de IKEA, hicimos una parada en Plaza Mayor. Me había quedado sin colonia Rituals Bleu Byzantin. San Geraldo trajo sus tres enormes cuadernos y se sentó en Starbuck’s en el centro comercial y trabajó mientras yo hacía mi compra rápida. Vi la tienda Baldinini, una empresa italiana que se especializa en zapatos y artículos de cuero. San Geraldo todavía necesita un bolso nuevo después de que herede el muy caro que le compré en la tienda Tumi del centro comercial hace varios meses (haz clic aquí). Vi dos bolsas que pensé que podrían gustarle en la tienda de Baldinini y accedió a ir conmigo a mirar. No gastaría esa cantidad de dinero en una bolsa para mí, pero San Geraldo es más extravagante. Le gustaron los dos y eligió uno.

Esa noche, SG vino a mi oficina, me presentó la nueva bolsa y me dijo: “Toma, esta es tuya. No me gusta la solapa”. Le sugerí que simplemente lo devolviera, pero él insistió, correctamente, en que este era más mi estilo que el bolso de Tumi, sabía que prefería el negro, y debería tener dos bolsos de todos modos. Yo acepté. Al menos esta bolsa tiene espacio de sobra para mi iPad, mi Apple Pencil, y cualquier otra cosa que me guste llevar conmigo. Estoy feliz con mi último artículo de lujo, pero le dije a San Geraldo que ahora está solo cuando se trata de comprar bolsos.

Butterfly houses.
Casas de mariposas.
Large areas of the expanded and renovated Plaza Mayor look more like a park than a shopping center.
Grandes áreas de Plaza Mayor ampliada y renovada parecen más un parque que un centro comercial.
As always, Dudo is first to inspect. (It was more important to Moose to greet us.)
Como siempre, Dudo es el primero en inspeccionar. (Para Moose era más importante saludarnos).
And now, if you’ll excuse me (well, even if you won’t), I’m off to the beach for a walk before lunch.
Y ahora, si me disculpas (bueno, incluso si no me disculpas), me voy a la playa a dar un paseo antes del almuerzo.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

30 thoughts on “Chair without legs on an invisible carpet / Sillón sin patas sobre alfombra invisible”

  1. I hope you have better luck than I when it comes to your orders. After nine proposed delivery dates, I’m still waiting for a Bosch dishwasher ordered on July 5th.

    Great bag. Keep it up (taking SG bag shopping) and pretty soon you might have one for every day of the week. 🙂

    1. Mary:
      I phoned the rug shop yesterday. I said since he had told me 4 days and it had been more than a week I just wanted to make sure the rugs weren’t already ready for pick-up and we didn’t realise it. He said they were not and would be here yesterday afternoon or today, and that they would definitely call. It’s 4:00 and still no word. I’ll just shut up and wait. Also, no hardware in the mail today. But I can’t believe you’ve been waiting for a dishwasher since July. That has got be a record.

  2. Nice bag, I put one away in March when we returned from Ireland, and still can’t find it. The rugs start like they are being made on Island time, Indian time, Beach time.

    1. David:
      I’m getting used to the bare floors and the peculiar chair. i think that may be a good thing.

      You’re like me. I’m always putting things away in safe places.

  3. Mitchell, everyone knows that cats will never do what you expect. You think they’ll find that spot uncomfortable and it becomes their favorite spot!!

    As for SG and the Bag … very Carlos. He will get something, his choice, he found, he tried it on, carried it around, worked it, and will buy it bring it home and then a few days later say he doesn’t like it.

    I feel your pain, but at least you got something new!

      1. Deedles:
        I think I may have missed something. You got most of your dresses because BH bought them for himself and didn’t like them once he got them home?

    1. Bob:
      So true about the cats. Before we had our glass curtain, we needed to find ways to keep the cats from jumping on the wall and going next door. I was told by several authorities to simply hang aluminum foil where we didn’t want them to go. Although they both fly from the kitchen when I pull out a sheet of aluminum foil, they pushed it aside to get next door.

      I love my new black bag, but the brown one was obscenely expensive (in my mind), so I’ll have to use it, too.

    1. sillygirl:
      I hate to read the news every day, but I can’t help myself. It’s like looking at a train wreck. We’re so glad we’re not there but so sorry for the good people who are.

  4. nice new cat bed for moose! seems like one step up/two steps back at your house right now.

    1. Debra:
      I love the bag. When I first saw it I wished I hadn’t already gotten the other new bag!

  5. We were told several times while ordering items that due to Covid delivery will take longer than usual.
    But we found it it not…..maybe a couple of days.
    I like that bag you inherited. You will be stylin up and down the paseo.
    I like those silhouettes with a water background. great job.

    1. Jim:
      I understand there have been mail delays, so I’m trying to be patient, although more than a week to receive a package mailed from 20 minutes away is a big much. As for the rugs, the owner said 4 days. I called him yesterday just to make sure we weren’t supposed to automatically go pick them up. Nope. Not done yet. But he told me they would be ready for pick up either yesterday evening or today. It’s after 4 and still nothing. (And he did confirm they would call.) This is simply a test of my patience. And, OK, I’m bitching… but I haven’t lost it.

  6. I’ll take your word on the comfortableness of that chair. I’ll stick with La-Z-Boy. Nice pur..uh, bag, Scoot!

    1. Deedles:
      Now behave yourself and don’t display those American roots (and branches, and leaves, and flowers…) They’re called bolsos here and most men carry them.

      The new chair (once it has legs) will be really comfortable but couldn’t possibly compare to a La-Z-Boy.

  7. San Geraldo is sweet and generous. I hope the hardware and rugs arrive today. It was awfully nice of you to buy that chair for the cats. Do you think they might let you sit in it? Zip-off upholstery is brilliant: the cats don’t have to worry that you’ll ruin the chair with your nails.


    1. San Geraldo:
      Yes to both sweet and generous. No hardware in the mail yestrerday or today. Still 4 hours for the rugs, but I’m not holding out much hope.

    1. Wilma:
      I couldn’t believe he liked the plastic. But they BOTH like the throw. And I think they love the position of the chair. They can see the entire space.

      1. When I had cats, they always liked plastic. They would get in boxes from which I’d removed the contents except for the plastic bags that the products had been sealed in. They’d hop in the boxes and fall asleep.


  8. What is it with Ikea? I’ve heard from so many people who have trouble putting together the stuff they sell for one reason or another. (Which is why it’s become something of a joke!)

    Yeah, I’d say SG needs to choose his own bag. LOL!

    1. Steve:
      As I unpacked the chair, I commented on how impressive IKEA’s packing was. So much for that! We’ve never missed parts before but sometimes they don’t fit perfectly. For the most part, I’ve been happy with what we’ve bought there over the years. This is frustrating and might have been worth another trip and a wait at customer service.

  9. I don’t know if I want to laugh or cry to hear IKEA is in Spain
    I am glad though to see the cats did their duty for an immediate inspection and approval of the furniture.

    1. Urspo:
      Well, IKEA’s Swedish and Sweden is part of the European Union, as is Spain, so it makes sense that IKEA is here. The cats are always so helpful.

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