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MY BACK IS SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER this morning. It’s far from perfect, but it’s improved enough for me to go for a brief walk, I hope. There’s a 1-percent chance of rain, which makes it exciting. Even more exciting is the 100-percent chance of rain and thunderstorms Wednesday.

The first time I saw the place in the first two photos below was in 2013 (click here), I said it looked like a Flintstone’s house. Several readers pointed out it looked like a Kodak Instamatic camera and I realised how apt that description was. Here it is again from a walk I took a couple of weeks ago. I’d love to see what it’s like inside. The owners could sure use some help with landscaping.

Following the house photos are a couple of images of a cat toy I saw at El Corte Inglés last week. I was about to ask for help determining what exactly it’s supposed to be. But I just looked again and it was obvious. Maybe the colors threw me off. Or perhaps I was still thinking about last night’s pulled pork. What do you think?


MI ESPALDA ES SIGNIFICATIVAMENTE MEJOR esta mañana. Está lejos de ser perfecto, pero espero que haya mejorado lo suficiente como para dar un breve paseo. Hay un 1 por ciento de probabilidad de lluvia, lo que lo hace emocionante. Aún más emocionante es la probabilidad del 100 por ciento de lluvia y tormentas eléctricas el miércoles.

La primera vez que vi el lugar en las dos primeras fotos a continuación fue en 2013 (haz clic aquí), dije que parecía la casa de los Picapiedra. Varios lectores señalaron que parecía una cámara Kodak Instamatic y me di cuenta de lo acertada que era esa descripción. Aquí está de nuevo de una caminata que hice hace un par de semanas. Me encantaría ver cómo es el interior. A los propietarios les vendría muy bien ayuda con el paisajismo.

A continuación de las fotos de la casa hay un par de imágenes de un juguete para gatos que vi en El Corte Inglés la semana pasada. Estaba a punto de pedir ayuda para determinar qué se supone que es exactamente. Pero miré de nuevo y fue obvio. Quizás los colores me confundieron. O tal vez todavía estaba pensando en el cerdo desmenuzado de anoche. ¿Qué piensas?

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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31 thoughts on “Kodak moment / Momento Kodak”

  1. I like the funky concrete house. I like the desert landscape, it belongs in that terraine, but it needs some cleaning painting, and the curb needs to be rebuilt. On the cat toys, what the sausage us that?

    1. David:
      And I like your generous assessment of the dirt tract surrounding the house. It looks better in spring when the weeds grow. Regarding the cat toy: I never DID get to sausage. The last thought was a very weirdly coloured cigar.

  2. That appendage hanging over the front door exit looks like a perfect place for a prank. Imagine what happens when it rains? Won’t be able to leave by the front door without getting drenched. And yes, does need some help.

    The cat toy…well, I’ll refrain from comment. But I wonder if Dudo and Moose might give you the death glare if you brought one home.

    1. Mary:
      Dudo and Moose ARE picky about their toys. I don’t think this would get much attention. AND it was 5 euros!

  3. Love to see how the inhabitants of this house look., Wilma!!
    Cats will play with almost anything I guess.

    1. Jim:
      I’ve been tempted to create a little Photoshop Flintstones world around that house. Our cats would probably snub that “whatever it is.” They’re kind of selective about store-bought toys.

  4. At first sight, I thought Flintstones, and, of course, scrolling down you were one step ahead. But the second picture I thought, Nope, camera, and then scrolled down and you were one step ahead AGAIN.

    I have no idea what that cat thing is, but it kinda scares me

    1. Bob:
      I thought the cat toy was scary, too. I had finally landed on a burning cigar (a very strangely coloured burning cigar), but others say sausage, which I suppose makes more sense given the way it’s tied off at bottom. Either way, at 5 euros, it stayed on the rack.

  5. Though I can see both Flintstones and camera, to me it’s clearly a front-loading washer. Took me a while on the cat toy as well, and yes, it’s kinda scary.

    1. wickedhamster:
      Front-loading washer is another great one. I’m still not convinced I know what that cat toy is.

    1. wickedhamster:
      Not very convenient with the median in the road. I really want to get inside. I assume there are windows on the back giving out to a spectacular view of the sea.

    1. Debra:
      In spring the “landscaping” is a weed field, which is actually an improvement. But this looks like one major fixer-upper.

  6. Totally confused about the cat toy. Pickles pig’s foot? Cat’s paw? The house sure looks like a camera to me. Not rounded enough to be my former abode. haha.
    Glad you felt up to walking.

    1. Wilma:
      I had landed on peculiarly coloured lit cigar for the cat toy. But sausage seems to be the consensus here; and that seems to make sense thanks to the tied-off bottom. Still, I’m not convinced.

  7. yeah, flintstone house is ugly and needs landscaping. I had one of those cameras back in the day. and the cat toy took my dirty mind str8 to a dildo. buy it and let’s see what moose and dudo think! probably filled with catnip.

    1. anne marie:
      I have a feeling Moose and Dudo would snub that cat toy. They’re kind of picky. I actually went beyond dildo and it took a long time to come back. Then I “realised” it was a really badly coloured cigar. THEN, many said sausage. So, what do I know?!?

  8. Boy that Flintstone/camera/ front loading washer house has gotten really rundown in seven years! What happened to all of the greenery out front?
    As for the “cat” toy, it’s a sausage all right. I’ve never seen one that red or with pink cream filling, but I’ve heard of them 🙂
    I have seen a brown one with an off white filling. Quite tasty, though a bit salty.
    Happy your back is better. I through mine out once just brushing my teeth. I was down for the count for three days.
    Hugs, Scoot.

    1. Deedles:
      All that “greenery” out front was weeds (plus a couple of Flintstones items I added in Photoshop). But it did look a lot better. Also, the fence hitting the front of the house at right is a newer addition and that reduced the shrubbery. Back still improving. I once threw my back out turning to say “hi” to a friend. I was 23!

  9. A camera but also the Flinstones house – and that cat toy? Sometimes marketers just don’t get it (or they do and maybe it is a marketing ploy?)

    1. Cheapchick:
      I think sometimes the marketers are plain dense but other times, I agree, they know exactly what they’re doing. This cat toy, though, is really odd.

  10. I’m glad your back continues to improve. The building looks like a camera to me, and the cat toy sort of looks like the sausage it’s intended to be. I think sausage is nasty and I don’t eat it (yeah, I know it also looks as if it’s a dildo).


    1. Janie:
      I thought the cat toy was a cigar when i wrote this post and I couldn’t figure out the colors. Nor could I understand why it was tied off at the bottom. Laziness? Sausage makes more sense, but it’s still pretty hideous (and I like sausage). Oh, dildo never crossed my mind. I went right for the real thing.

  11. I have been off the grid for a while and I just wanted to say that I hope your back continues to get better. I went back and read some of your previous posts. As always, I love the photos you post. And as another commenter wrote, it does indeed look like a Flinstone house!

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      Back still improving but still not perfect. However, I can at least move without making moaning noises. Hope all goes well with you!

    1. larrymuffin:
      Maybe they were both created by Frank Lloyd Wrong! This one looks to need work, too.

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