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La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

I ARRIVED RIGHT ON TIME this morning for my second AstraZeneca jab. The Health Center gives the shots at the edge of the fairgrounds in the Palace of Peace, a performance hall and exhibition space. Unlike Tráfico, the processes are well-thought out and handled perfectly by professional staff.

After checking in, I waited in line with my assigned number, 13, on a Friday. I was grateful that Friday the 13th is not considered unlucky here in Spain; that would be Tuesday the 13th. There were two desks each staffed with one person confirming the patient information and the other giving the jab. One desk had a large sign reading “Vaccination Spot.” The other desk had a sign reading “Pfizer.” The man at that desk signalled me over and I immediately said I was there for my second Astrazeneca shot. “Is this only Pfizer?” I asked, “My first vaccine was AstraZeneca.”

“Not today,” he responded. I didn’t know if he meant not today AstraZeneca or not today Pfizer. So I asked, “Am I receiving Pfizer?” “No,” he said, “Today is only AstraZeneca.” So I said, “Sorry. I was confused because your sign says Pfizer.” “That was yesterday,” he responded off-handedly. And I thought, ‘¿Well, do you think you should remove the sign?’ But I decided to keep the thought to myself. Other than that, it was a piece of cake and as easy as pie, as San Geraldo would say.

I walked home and we then went to Mesón Salvador where I had breakfast because I ran out of the house and hadn’t had a chance earlier. San Geraldo had breakfast number 2, because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

It’s been four hours since my shot. So far, no side effects, but I expect they’ll come. It took longer than four hours the first time. I don’t care. So happy to have had the full dose.


LLEGUÉ JUST A TIEMPO ESTA mañana para mi segunda vacuna de AstraZeneca. El Centro de Salud da los disparos en el borde del recinto ferial en el Palacio de la Paz, una sala de espectáculos y espacio de exhibición. A diferencia de Tráfico, los procesos están bien pensados ​​y son perfectamente manejados por personal profesional.

Después de registrarme, esperé en línea con mi número asignado, el 13, un viernes. Agradecí que el viernes 13 no se considere de mala suerte aquí en España; eso sería el martes 13. Había dos escritorios cada uno con una persona que confirmaba al paciente y la otra daba la vacuna. Un escritorio tenía un letrero grande que decía “Punto de Vacunación.” El otro escritorio tenía un letrero que decía “Pfizer.” El hombre en ese escritorio me hizo una seña para que me acercara e inmediatamente dije que estaba allí para mi segunda toma de Astrazeneca. “¿Es esto solo Pfizer?” yo pregunté, “Mi primera vacuna fue AstraZeneca.”

“Hoy no”, respondió. No sabía si se refería a hoy no AstraZeneca o no hoy a Pfizer. Entonces pregunté: “¿Estoy recibiendo Pfizer?” “No,” dijo, “hoy es solo AstraZeneca.” Así que dije: “Lo siento. Estaba confundido porque su letrero dice Pfizer.” “Eso fue ayer,” respondió con indiferencia. Y pensé: ‘Bueno, ¿crees que deberías quitar el letrero?’ Pero decidí guardarme el pensamiento. Aparte de eso, fue fácil.

Caminé a casa y luego fuimos al Mesón Salvador donde desayuné porque salí corriendo de la casa y no había tenido la oportunidad antes. San Geraldo desayunó número 2, porque parecía una buena idea en ese momento.

Han pasado cuatro horas desde mi inyección. Hasta ahora, no hay efectos secundarios, pero espero que aparezcan. Tomó más de cuatro horas la primera vez. No me importa. Muy feliz de haber tenido la dosis completa.

• The 10-minute wait after the shot.
• La espera de 10 minutos después de la vacuna.
• Walking home through the empty fairgrounds.
• Caminando a casa por el recinto ferial vacío.
• I went in through our back door. We now have longboard parking, too.
• Entré por nuestra puerta trasera. Ahora también tenemos estacionamiento para longboard.
• My pleasant Spanish breakfast.
• Mi agradable desayuno español.
• San Geraldo’s disgusting (IMHO) English breakfast. Baked beans!
• El desagradable desayuno inglés de San Geraldo (en mi humilde opinión). ¡Frijoles cocidos!
• San Geraldo’s big fan.
• El gran abanico de san geraldo.
• A camera accident. I think we’re looking through my fingers. I like it.
• Un accidente de cámara. Creo que estamos mirando a través de mis dedos. Me gusta.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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  1. After my second shot I kept checking and checking if I was having a reaction – finally by the end of the second day I realized I wasn’t. Many people I know haven’t had any reaction so good luck!

    1. sillygirl:
      It’s looking good! I had a mild headache all night. Slightly sore arm (not as sore as my arm always is after the flu shot). Better than the first round!

  2. I’d be first in line for a 3rd shot if they said it would help.
    Saw the eggs and beans and thought “That’s English breakfast in Spain?” Then saw your description “disgusting” and I agree.

    1. Frank:
      That’s a typical English breakfast combo in England, too. It would be fine for me without the baked beans. There aren’t many common foods I hate more than baked beans. And they contaminated everything else on the plate.

      I’m with you regarding a third shot. So far, no benefits have been found, but if they said it helped, I’d go for it.

  3. Yay for your second jab! Hope you don’t have any side effects. If you’d had the Moderna, you could expect to get knocked down for a good 24+ hours. Ask me how I know. My sons had Moderna, too, with similar effects. DH, DD, SiL had Pfizer and they had very little in the way of side effects. You never know. Just happy to have any protection at this point.

    But I must say, as someone raised in the UK (British mum), I feel that English Breakfast was slighted!! 🙂
    Reminds me of my solo trips over the Pond from the US in my late teens. My uncle would pick me up from my early a.m. flight at Heathrow (pre-hijacking days when I could see him behind a glass panel waving wildly to me as I went through customs). As soon as we arrived home, my aunt would put a huge English Breakfast (including thick fried bread cut from a crusty loaf-OMG, so good) in front of me, along with a giant pot of tea. She was a fabulous cook–fortunately she never made blood pudding(yech). By the time I got through the breakfast I was practically comatose from the combination of no sleep and too many calories. My aunt and uncle would chatter away and I would gently slide down the sitting room chair and nod off for several hours. Both long gone, but I’ve wonderful memories of the loving duo.

    1. Mary:
      I love traditional English breakfast… WITHOUT THE BEANS. Oh, how I loathe baked beans. Your memories of your aunt and uncle are beautiful and so descriptive.

  4. There! That’s over and done with…..for now.
    We did not get any bad reactions from our 2nd shots. Maybe you will not.
    ‘That was yesterday’… You know?……maybe the daily siestas make some SO relaxed nothing seems to fizz them.

    1. Jim:
      SG and I had a good laugh about “That was yesterday.”

      Doing great today. Headache yesterday that lasted through the night. Nothing terrible. Shoulder is sore, but also very minor.

  5. Bravo. So glad you got that second shot. And look at it this way — even if it WAS Pfizer, apparently getting two different vaccines is harmful and may even be helpful, from what I’ve read. (I’m sure it was AstraZeneca, though.)

    Hopefully you won’t have any side effects. My second shot didn’t bother me at all.

    1. Steve:
      Not bad after-effects at all. I’m sure it was AstraZeneca. Pfizer was so yesterday!

  6. Fantastique! I am so happy for you to have gotten that second shot! I think I cried a little bit after my first one, and then again, after my second…. so much relief.

    You know, sometimes I think that we think we’re just normal smart, and everyone must be about as smart as we are… and then you come across people who can’t / don’t think ahead enough to realize how confusing it would be to leave UP the Pfizer sign… from yesterday! Uggghh! What about the people coming in who don’t have the language skills that you have (and there must be plenty down there)?

    (P.S. I would happily eat either of your breakfast choices here!)

    1. Judy C:
      I felt a bit emotional after the first, hugely relieved after the second.

      I can’t imagine what it was like for others coming in with poor Spanish skills. I feel like I should have turned the sign around, but I was afraid he’d get pissed off by my apparent arrogance. He did seem kind of dense… obviously.

  7. You got the final prick!!!! Well…you know what I mean. And let us hope it’s not the last prick, lol!!!!!

    Plus you had a nice walk and a full English Breakfast, though I’ll never understand the baked beans with breakfast. As you know here, it’s considered more a dinner or lunch picnic food.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Yes, please, NOT the last prick. Baked beans with ANYTHING turns my stomach. But with breakfast? Fortunately, I was able to turn myself the other direction while SG ate. My tostada was delicious. Serrano ham, manchego cheese, olive oil, and tomato puree. No beans!

  8. Glad you got that second shot in time for your travel plans. I wonder if that was a fashion faux pas your fingers were shielding us from? Must have been amazingly horrible if it didn’t past your censor!

    1. Wilma:
      I would NEVER hide a fashion faux pas… well, come to think of it… But not yesterday.

      Now I just have to be successful downloading and printing my vaccine certificate.

      1. Mitch,
        Do you hate baked beans by any chance?
        So glad and relieved for you that you’ve had your 2nd jab.

      2. NIck:
        I don’t know where you got THAT idea? I don’t hate anyone or anything. I loathe baked beans with a passion.

  9. Congrats on being fully vaxxed! I received my second Pfizer shot on July 20 and had no reactions other than a slight headache. The reduction in stress from knowing I’m fully vaxxed is hundredfold! Your breakfast sandwich looks so tasty, I’m off to make myself some scrambled eggs and dark pumpernickel toast with seedless raspberry jam…Yum!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Looks like same for me. Slight headache through the night that’s gone now. Slightly sore shoulder. And, yes, the reduction in stress. Can’t wait for 2 weeks from yesterday to know I’m at my full power. Dark pumpernickel. Oh so good. And SEEDLESS rasberry jam. The seeds get caught in my teeth. I would love that.

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      SG’s breakfast would have been great without the baked beans. I hate baked beans. Doing great after that second shot.

  10. Glad to hear you’re fully vaccinated! My side effects from the second shot were very mild. Just fatigue and a sore arm. I had Pfizer, though. We don’t seem to have Astrazeneca in the US. Those that I know who had Moderna had some side effects from both the first and the second dose. Wishing you an easy night.

  11. Yay. 🙂 I agree the sign should be changed. But it seems confusion and chaos in Spain is a thing they are somewhat proud of? 😉

    1. Snoskred:
      I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say we’re proud of chaos in Spain, but bureaucrats are bureaucrats the world over. HE knew Pfizer was yesterday and that’s all that mattered. Argh.

  12. Congratulations! Being fully vaccinated is wonderful. Hope you don’t have side effects, or if you do, let them be mild.


  13. The side effects from my second AZ shot were mild and didn’t last long. Hope that’s the case for you. Or, no side effects at all. Even better!

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Just a mild headache that lasted through the night. Sore arm but barely noticeable. Yay!

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