Banana bread brulée / Pan de plátano brulée

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WHEN I TOLD YOU HOW San Geraldo had forgotten to add the chocolate chips to the chocolate chip banana bread recipe (click here), Sillygirl commented: “You could always warm a piece of the bread and put the chocolate chips on top to melt.” That didn’t sound like a bad idea.

This morning while San Geraldo was defrosting another loaf in the microwave, he filled my hand with chocolate chips. I told him what Sillygirl had suggested and he immediately reached again for the chocolate chips. “No, please, don’t.” I laughed. “I don’t want more chocolate.” So, he placed one single chocolate chip on top of my slice of bread and that gave me an idea.

We had a carpenter friend (briefly) in Palm Springs who invited us for dinner. He was a great cook with boundless energy. (It turned out he was a crystal meth addict.) Anyway, he made creme brulee for dessert and pulled out, right at the dining room table, a large blow torch to “brulee the creme.” I used a Bic multi-purpose lighter on the banana bread.

SG had a meeting today about his book. On his way home, he phoned and asked if I wanted to meet at Mesón Salvador for lunch. The restaurant was surprisingly busy with lots of tables reserved, but there was room for us. Jesus (who joined the team during the summer and is a perfect addition) waited on us.

They didn’t have creme brulee, so SG had a tapa of chicken in almond sauce and a meal of chicken croquettes. I had prawns pil pil, which couldn’t have been more perfect. The serving of croquettes was much larger than expected, so I got to have two. Before the meal, SG told me the fresh bread was delicious — as he dunked it in his Coke. After the meal, of course he used the bread to sop up the rest of the almond sauce.

I worked all morning on SG’s book. Lots of formatting to incorporate into style sheets in Adobe InDesign. I love doing the work, but until I get everything figured out (which I thought I would have done by now), it’s making my brain hurt.

We were back at the opthalmologist yesterday afternoon and all is well with SG’s beautiful blue eye. The pupil is still slightly dilated. I didn’t remember mine lasting so long, but then I realized it would have been much more difficult to tell. SG’s eyes caught the sun while we sat at Mesón Salvador and you can see how light in color they are.


CUANDO LE DIJE CÓMO SAN Geraldo se había olvidado de agregar las chispas de chocolate a la receta del pan de plátano con chispas de chocolate (haz clic aquí), Sillygirl comentó: “Siempre se puede calentar un trozo de pan y poner encima las chispas de chocolate para que se derrita”. Eso no parecía una mala idea.

Esta mañana, mientras San Geraldo estaba descongelando otro pan en el microondas, me llenó la mano de chispas de chocolate. Le dije lo que Sillygirl había sugerido e inmediatamente volvió a coger las chispas de chocolate. “No, por favor, no lo hagas,” me reí. “no quiero más chocolate.” Entonces, colocó una sola chispa de chocolate encima de mi rebanada de pan y eso me dio una idea.

Tuvimos un amigo carpintero (brevemente) en Palm Springs que nos invitó a cenar. Fue un gran cocinero con una energía ilimitada. (Resultó que era un adicto a la metanfetamina de cristal.) De todos modos, hizo crème brulée y sacó, en la mesa del comedor, un soplete grande para “brulée el crème.” Usé un encendedor multiusos Bic en el pan de plátano.

SG tuvo una reunión hoy sobre su libro. De camino a casa, llamó por teléfono y me preguntó si quería quedarme en el Mesón Salvador para almorzar. El restaurante estaba sorprendentemente lleno con muchas mesas reservadas, pero había espacio para nosotros. Jesus (que se unió al equipo durante el verano y es una incorporación perfecta) nos atendió.

No tenían crème brulée, así que SG comió una tapa de pollo en salsa de almendras y una comida de croquetas de pollo. Comí gambas pil pil, que no podría haber sido más perfecto. La ración de croquetas fue mucho más grande de lo esperado, así que yo pude comer dos. ¡Antes de la comida, SG me dijo que el pan fresco estaba delicioso, mientras lo mojaba en su Coca-Cola. Después de la comida, por supuesto, usó el pan para absorber el resto de la salsa de almendras.

Trabajé toda la mañana en el libro de SG. Mucho formato para incorporar en hojas de estilo en Adobe InDesign. Me encanta hacer el trabajo, pero hasta que tenga todo resuelto (lo que pensé que ya lo habría hecho), me duele el cerebro.

Regresamos al oftalmólogo ayer por la tarde y todo está bien con el hermoso ojo azul de SG. La pupila todavía está ligeramente dilatada. No recordaba que la mía durara tanto, pero luego me di cuenta de que habría sido mucho más difícil de decir. Los ojos de SG captaron el sol mientras estábamos sentados en el Mesón Salvador y se puede ver cuán claros son en color.

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28 thoughts on “Banana bread brulée / Pan de plátano brulée”

    1. Wilma:
      I don’t think ever had a clue how stunning his eyes are. He comes from lots of blue-eyed and green-eyed family. He thought my [shit] brown eyes were beautiful when we met.

    1. Deedles:
      I only lit it for the photo. (SG offered to do it for me, but I decided to take my chances.)

      1. “I only lit it for the photo”, Famous last words, like “I didn’t know the gun was loaded” or “I don’t need to buckle up since I’m only going to the store”. 🙂

    1. Jim:
      Mesón Salvador never disappoints. And they always make us feel appreciated… and loved. Dunking? I just can’t.

  1. The meal looks wonderful. Not sure about the dunking of bead into Coke. Cold wet bread ?
    You always take the best photos.

    1. Parsnip:
      SG started dunking bread in cola when he was a kid with braces. Whenever the braces were tightened, he found soggy Wonder Bread in cola soothed his poor mouth. That however was a very long time ago!

  2. Playing with fire, Mitch? Living dangerously.

    SG’s eyes are definitely a lighter shade of pale. Gorgeous.

    1. Mary:
      The first time I saw SG, I thought his eyes looked exactly like the sky. You should see them when there’s bright blue around. SG was standing nearby when I lit up.

    1. Debra:
      I love the idea of banana bread brulee. And don’t worry, I’m used to people coveting SG’s croquettes.

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