The sunny side of the street / El lado soleado de la calle

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

WHEN I TAKE YOU ON my walks on the Paseo, I usually share photos of what I see on the beach and out to sea. So, today I’ve decided to give you some glimpses of what I see in the other direction — on the sunny side of the street (if I’m out before late afternoon).

I haven’t left the house yet today. I was about to go this morning but it was overcast and the humidity was 83 percent. I wasn’t in the mood. The sky cleared and the humidity dropped to 67 percent about an hour ago. I figured it would continue to drop and it would soon be more pleasant. Now it’s back up to 70 percent and the overcast has returned. Maybe a workout in the AC. Wait! It dropped to 68 percent. I’m still not in the mood.

San Geraldo went to the bakery yesterday evening. We’ve been in the mood for sweets a lot lately (more than usual). He tried to get some merengue for me, but they didn’t have the ones they always have and he was given something else, which was a disappointment to us both. After lunch, we had more patas de cabra (goat’s paws), which are still not a disappointment. But now we’re obligated to try again at the bakery. I want crispy merengue.

Click the street scenes for a closer look.


CUANDO TE LLEVO EN MIS caminatas por el Paseo, suelo compartir fotos de lo que veo en la playa y mar adentro. Así que hoy he decidido darles algunos destellos de lo que veo en la otra dirección, en el lado soleado de la calle (si salgo antes de la tarde).

San Geraldo fue a la panadería ayer por la noche. Últimamente hemos tenido muchas ganas de comer dulces (más de lo habitual). Intentó conseguirme un poco de merengue, pero no tenían los que siempre tienen y le dieron algo más, lo cual fue una decepción para los dos. Después del almuerzo, tomamos más patas de cabra, que todavía no son una decepción. Pero ahora estamos obligados a intentarlo de nuevo en la panadería. Quiero merengue crujiente. Todavía no estoy de humor.

Todavía no he salido de casa. Estaba a punto de irme esta mañana pero estaba nublado y la humedad era del 83 por ciento. No estaba de humor. El cielo se despejó y la humedad bajó al 67 por ciento hace aproximadamente una hora. Pensé que seguiría cayendo y pronto sería más agradable. Ha vuelto al 70 por ciento y el cielo ha vuelto. Quizás un entrenamiento en el aire acondicionado. ¡Esperar! Cayó al 68 por ciento.

Haz clic en las escenas de la calle para verlas más de cerca.

• Unbaked merengue in a flaky pastry. Better than nothing.
• Merengue sin hornear en hojaldre. Mejor que nada.
• What was going on on the other side of the street.
• Lo que estaba pasando al otro lado de la calle.


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16 thoughts on “The sunny side of the street / El lado soleado de la calle”

  1. “The Sunny Side of the Street” was the theme song for poet Edgar Guest’s radio program in the 1960’s. He was a featured speaker at a local summer festival, my mother worked for the local newspaper/printing company and was tasked with picking him up and dropping him back off at the local airport. He was only in town for 2 or 3 hours. I have a volume of his life’s work. Enjoy your stroll.

    1. David:
      I don’t remember that program, but I remember Edgar Guest. There are so many great versions of the song.

  2. While beautiful, I like the other side of the street you usually show, I don’t blame you for always sharing those views. Mother Nature gave us a beautiful weekend here, what with all the havoc she served earlier in the week. Today it’s sunny, nice breeze and 80. On way to a Labor Day Picnic with a small gathering later.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I kept my eyes on the sea this morning. Much more relaxing. Hope the picnic was fun. We’ve got more heat and a bit less humidity. Still not the normal perfect.

  3. Ms.Krall is one of our favourites! Thank you. Saw her in concert a few years back..
    Always good to look on the other side of street. I like your side of the street.

    1. Jim:
      I would love to see her in concert. Our side of the street isn’t all bad, but oh the beach.

  4. Since we’re hitting triple digits again for a couple of days, I think I prefer the side with the water! There is also a more than slight smell of smoke in the air. I would actually like a little gloom (fat chance). To top it off, I think I’ve become a little agoraphobic. Cheers!

    1. Deedles:
      Agoraphobia is I think a concern for a lot of people given the pandemic, but I hope the weather and air quality cooperate so you can at least enjoy the garden. I would love a huge rainstorm, as I’m sure would you.

  5. On the side of the street you usually show, that’s some floating diving board! But how did those guys get to the top of it without sliding down?

    1. Kirk:
      The inflatable has all different surfaces. At the other end is what looks like a climbing wall (with hand and footholds). The front ramp leading to the spot from which that guy jumped has ridges like steps for crawling up.

  6. That looks like more fun than the slide on the pedalo. The sun looks so hot on the buildings, I can understand why you are reluctant to go out when it is hot and humid.

    1. Wilma:
      It does look like fun. We’ve got three of those along the beach in season. It’s about 90F on the beach right now. And the humidity is only 46 percent. But there’s a strong, hot breeze blowing through the apartment. I might close windows and turn on the AC.

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