The Omen and invisible pie / La Profecía y tarta invisible

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

SAN GERALDO MADE A NEW apple pie recipe yesterday. I’m allowed to have sweets, just not the abundance I’ve been having. This recipe was from Maria Bravo on YouTube (click here, the recipe is printed below the video). It’s oddly named Italian Apple Pie Invisible. We each had a slice with dinner last night. Delicious — and different. Looks and tastes like mostly apples. So I guess invisible pie makes sense.

I completed chapter 13 of SG’s book. He expects to have chapter 14 to me today. I should probably begin my review of the proofs while I wait.

You might remember those goldenrod and embroidered throw pillows I saw in our local furniture shop recently (click here). I decided I like them so much that I’d like to add goldenrod as an accent color in our living room. So during my wanderings yesterday afternoon, I stopped by the shop. I want three pillows. They’re €37.50 each. In a house with two cats, €112.50 is more than I want to spend on three textured (and oh so tempting) throw pillows. I’ll see what I can find online.

Last weekend, we returned to Pedro and Kathleen’s for an early dinner. Pedro served a perfect meal of mashed potatoes (I didn’t have a lot), sweet corn (half an ear), and grilled pork tenderloin that was the best I’ve ever had. I picked up a bakery dessert. You can see below it was a big hit. While they all binged gleefully on sugar, I had a sugar-free, gluten-free (not that I care) cake-like cookie. I enjoyed it.

We were back at Mesón Salvador for dinner Wednesday night — to celebrate San Geraldo’s completion of the editing of chapter 13. I put on a pair of my size 32 Levi’s 501s. They were snug at the waist, but they buttoned and I was comfortable! We had coffee, but no dessert.

Nutrition and fitness report:
I stretched four times Wednesday, once so far today. Returned from the gym about a half hour ago. Another upper body day, chest and back. Have decided to do chest and back two days a week, and arms and shoulders one day a week. Walking a lot, the other days with maybe one day off or at least eased back. Yesterday I walked a few miles and stopped for errands mid-way. I’m saving gym leg workouts for when they don’t pain my sciatica.


SAN GERALDO HIZO UNA NUEVA receta de pastel de manzana ayer. Se me permite comer dulces, pero no la abundancia que he tenido. Esta receta fue de María Bravo en YouTube (haz clic aquí, la receta está impresa debajo del video). Curiosamente se llama Italian Apple Pie Invisible. Cada uno de nosotros comimos una porción con la cena anoche. Delicioso y diferente. Sabía principalmente a manzanas. Así que supongo que lo invisible tiene sentido.

Completé el capítulo 13 del libro de SG. Espera tener el capítulo 14 para mí hoy. Probablemente debería comenzar mi revisión de las pruebas mientras espero.

Es posible que recuerde esos cojines de vara de oro y bordados que vi en nuestra tienda de muebles local recientemente (haz clic aquí). Decidí que me gustan tanto que me gustaría agregar la vara de oro como color de acento en nuestra sala de estar. Así que durante mis vagabundeos de ayer por la tarde, pasé por la tienda. Quiero tres almohadas. Cuestan 37,50 € cada uno. En una casa con dos gatos, 112,50 € es más de lo que quiero gastar en tres cojines. Veré lo que puedo encontrar en línea.

El fin de semana pasado, volvimos a casa de Pedro y Kathleen para cenar temprano. Pedro sirvió una cena perfecta de puré de papas (no tenía mucho), maíz dulce (media mazorca) y solomillo de cerdo a la parrilla que posiblemente fue el mejor que he probado. Cogí postre de panadería. Puedes ver a continuación que fue un gran éxito. Mientras todos se emborracharon alegremente con azúcar, yo comí una galleta parecida a un pastel sin azúcar y sin gluten (no es que me importe). Me gustó mucho.

Regresamos a Mesón Salvador para cenar el miércoles, para celebrar la finalización de la edición del capítulo 13 por parte de San Geraldo. Me puse un par de mis Levi’s 501 de talla 32. ¡Estaban ceñidos a la cintura, pero abotonados y yo estaba cómodo!

Informe de nutrición y estado físico:
Me estiré cuatro veces el miércoles, una hasta ahora hoy. Regresó del gimnasio hace aproximadamente media hora. Otro día para la parte superior del cuerpo, pecho y espalda. He decidido hacer pecho y espalda dos días a la semana, y brazos y hombros un día a la semana. Caminando mucho, los otros días con tal vez un día libre o al menos relajado. Ayer caminé unos kilómetros y me detuve a la mitad del camino para hacer recados. Estoy guardando los entrenamientos de piernas en el gimnasio para cuando no me duelan la ciática.

• San Geraldo misplaced his shopping list. He was about to start a new one when he opened the refrigerator to see what else we needed (nearly everything).
• San Geraldo perdió su lista de compras. Estaba a punto de comenzar uno nuevo cuando abrió el refrigerador para ver qué más necesitábamo (acerca de todo).
• Kathleen caught Luke ready to dig into his personal dessert tray. He didn’t believe me when I told him one was made of carrots, another of onions, and the yellow one was celery. He said the celery was delicious.
• Kathleen atrapó a Luke listo para escarbar en su bandeja de postre personal. No me creyó cuando le dije que uno estaba hecho de zanahorias, otro de cebollas y el amarillo era apio. Dijo que el apio estaba delicioso.
• Beckett ate one and tasted all the others.
• Beckett se comió uno y probó todos los demás.
• My sugar-free (gluten-free) cookie / cake. I savored every bite.
• Mi galleta / pastel sin azúcar (sin gluten). Saboreé cada bocado.
• Beckett has perfected the stink eye. Pedro says it’s like something out of “The Omen.” It scares him a little.
• Beckett ha perfeccionado el ojo maloliente. Pedro dice que es como algo salido de “La Profecía.” Le da un poco de miedo …

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on “The Omen and invisible pie / La Profecía y tarta invisible”

    1. Debra:
      It’s been easy and being able to so quickly see and feel the results of my efforts makes it even better.

    1. David:
      I’d been wearing 32s for nearly 40 years and I didn’t want to have to replace my collection of mostly nearly new Levi’s.

  1. Nothing like keeping the shopping list nice and fresh and crisp.

    And those desserts….your so evil to post it…now I’m craving sweets like crazy. But must watch as my next trip around the sun is coming up very shortly. The waist will expand that day I surmise.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Fortunately, the waist doesn’t automatically expand with each trip around the sun. Which one is this? Must be getting close to 30 now.

  2. You are inspiring us once again…..this time to cut back a tad on sweets. They got us through the worst of Covid but it is time to do this. Our waists are 34 and we do not want to go any higher! Oh for those early days of 29 and 30 inch waists!! lol
    That apple pie looks interesting with its layers of apples.

    1. Jim:
      SG’s waist was 34 when we met. Mine was 30. I was undernourished. The apple pie is much healthier than other versions and, although it was unusual at first bite, we now absolutely love it.

    1. Bob:
      Our fridge empties out often enough for me to wipe a shelf down. That Beckett look is seriously creepy.

  3. Those are some colorful desserts! I’d forgotten there’s a version of “The Omen” starring Liev Schreiber. I wonder i f it’s any good.

    1. Steve:
      I’ve never seen that newer version of The Omen, but I actually can’t remember if I sat through the first one in its entirety. Everyone raved about the desserts. A big hit.

  4. Hola, not wishing to be a killjoy here but flour too can spike blood sugar. Try substituting the flour with ground almonds.
    I’ve never been one for desserts at all but show me chocolate…..

    1. Karen:
      Ah, chocolate. SG made his traditional apple pie with almond flour and it was the best ever.

  5. I forgot to tell you Luke told us later that “that dessert didn’t even taste onions and carrots”. He was proud he had done his part eating veggies.

  6. You are taking this seriously. I applaud your efforts. Isn’t it nice to downsize with your jeans? I went down 3 sizes and now I’m afraid I’ll go back up. Losing is easier for me than maintaining.


    1. Janie:
      For a number of years, on every trip to the States, I would buy myself another couple of pairs of Levi’s in different colors. I have 12 and some have almost never been worn. So, I am serious about getting back into them all.

    1. Judy C:
      The things we do. I’ve put SG’s instant coffee in my mug of tea on occassion.

  7. I went for my annual check-up a few days ago and found out I’m a few pounds heavier than I was last year at this time. I don’t think I would have been had I not been mostly confined to my apartment during the non-working hours. That refrigerator is a hard thing to stay away from.

    Of course, looking at these delicious desserts in this post isn’t going to sate my appetite any. My only consolation (?) is that I just got Little Debbies in my cupboard.

    1. Kirk:
      So many people put on weight during the pandemic. A few pounds is minimal considering what I‘ve seen. I have never had Little Debbies! I’m fortunate to still have to wear a retainer on my bottom teeth a few hours a day. I do so mid afternoon, so I can’t snack.

    1. Wilma:
      It was and it was very different, and delicious. The slicing and layering were more time-consuming than SG’s apple cake.

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