Why do they call the wind Maria? / ¿Porque se llaman el viento Maria?

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

I WON’T TELL YOU WHAT we were calling yesterday’s wind. But you can well imagine. Although I love “weather,” this latest serious windstorm had me stressed. I completely forgot to have our glass curtain repaired after the last wind storm (click here) and the problem has grown. We woke yesterday morning to the sound of a jumbo jet outside our window. It took a while before either of us recognized the sound as that of the unsealed metal flange on the terrace.

Since the next flange is now losing its seal, the fix required 10 toothbrushes (I even opened a package of brand new ones) and some hard-foam-nail-treatment-thing from my mother that I found in a drawer. But every so often, we’d hear the engine try to rev up and we worried a flange was going to get ripped off and break a window or worse. It was not a relaxing day. Fortunately, the wind regularly changed directions. When it wasn’t coming directly off the sea, the flange didn’t flap. Today is calm, just the usual sea breezes. I’ve left a message for the glass curtain maintenance guy. Then I’ll have the glass curtain washed — so the winds can blow dust all over them once again. Today’s photos are from a walk along the Paseo and beach one day last week during less-strong winds from a different direction.

I’ve had a slight cold since Saturday. It frustrates me that I exposed myself to something. It doesn’t seem to be just allergies. But at least it’s obviously not Covid. I must admit, I went into a Covid paranoia frenzy. My nose is especially clogged morning and evening. Not much of anything during the day. No fever. It now seems to be settling a bit in my throat — or, really, my voice, which is a bit dry sounding but improves with tea and honey. I avoided adding lemon because we didn’t have any bottled lemon juice. Today I broke down and cooked, slicing a fresh lemon and squeezing it into my tea. It’s wonderful. Anyway, the non-Covid clincher is that I’ve been quite Sneezy (not a Covid symptom), and it reinforces my bond with Grumpy (aka Gruñon, aka San Geraldo). Still, I’m taking the day off from the gym. I’ll work on San Geraldo’s book and rest in bed.


NO TE DIRÉ A QUÉ llamábamos viento de ayer. Pero bien puedes imaginarlo. Aunque me encanta el “clima”, esta última tormenta de viento grave me estresó. Me olvidé por completo de reparar nuestra cortina de vidrio después de la última tormenta de viento (haz clic aquí) y el problema ha crecido. Ayer por la mañana nos despertamos con el sonido de un jumbo jet fuera de nuestra ventana. Pasó un rato antes de que ninguno de los dos reconociera el sonido como el de la brida de metal sin sellar en la terraza.

Dado que la siguiente brida ahora está perdiendo su sello, la solución requirió 10 cepillos de dientes (incluso abrí un paquete de nuevos) y algo de tratamiento de uñas de espuma dura de mi madre que encontré en un cajón. Pero de vez en cuando, oíamos que el motor intentaba acelerar y nos preocupaba que una brida fuera arrancada y rompiera una ventana o algo peor. No fue un día relajante. Afortunadamente, el viento cambiaba de dirección con regularidad. Cuando no venía directamente del mar, la brida no se movía. Hoy está tranquilo, solo la brisa marina habitual. Dejé un mensaje para el encargado de mantenimiento de las cortinas de vidrio. Luego haré que laven la cortina de vidrio, para que el viento pueda soplar polvo por todas partes una vez más. Las fotos de hoy son de un paseo por el Paseo y la playa un día de la semana pasada con vientos menos fuertes desde otra dirección.

He tenido un ligero resfriado desde el sábado. Me frustra que me expuse a algo. No parece que sean solo alergias. Pero al menos obviamente no es Covid. Debo admitir que entré en un frenesí de paranoia de Covid. Mi nariz está especialmente tapada por la mañana y por la noche. No hay mucho durante el día. Sin fiebre. Ahora parece que se está asentando un poco en mi garganta, o, en realidad, en mi voz, que suena un poco seca pero mejora con té y miel. Evité agregar limón porque no teníamos jugo de limón embotellado. Hoy cociné, cortando un limón fresco y exprimiéndolo en mi té. Es maravilloso.

De todos modos, el factor decisivo que no es de Covid es que he estado bastante Estornudo (no es un síntoma de Covid), y refuerza mi vínculo con Gruñon (conocido como San Geraldo). Aún así, me tomo el día libre del gimnasio. Trabajaré en el libro de San Geraldo y descansaré en la cama.

• The umbrella was just too risky.
• La sombrilla era demasiado arriesgado.


• And now I wonder why they call the rain Tess and the fire Jo. AND why do they pronounce Maria as Mariah? Just so it rhymes? And, if so, why didn’t they just call the wind Mariah?
• Y ahora me pregunto por qué llaman a la lluvia Tess y al fuego Jo. ¿Y por qué pronuncian a María como Mariah? Y, si es así, ¿por qué no simplemente llamaron al viento Mariah?

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36 thoughts on “Why do they call the wind Maria? / ¿Porque se llaman el viento Maria?”

  1. Relax and take it easy until you are feeling better. Congratulations on cooking, see you can do anything.

    1. David:
      Argh. I’ve been relaxing and taking it easy for an entire day now. And I’m not better yet! I’m about to head back into the kitchen to do some more cooking.

  2. Those men can call the wind whatever they want. I was a bit distracted. Our internet still down so trying to comment using Verizon.

    1. Frank:
      Sorry about the internet. What an inconvenience. And, yeah, when I was looking at a version of the song to share, I couldn’t pass up this one. He could call the wind Macallister!

  3. Seems everyone is getting sick here with something or other. And the omicron seems to be wreaking havoc all over the place. I saw yesterday where Broadway shows are closing down again one by one and places in NYC and here are closing but only because so much staff is out with the virus and they can’t staff the place. NYC is taking the new strain hard. I hope Chuck continues to be safe. I already cancelled my plans for Nye.party I was to attend in NYC..and will now attend a very small intimate get together close to home

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Just when you think it’s safe to go back in the water. Chuck continues to be very careful. Given his personality, I wouldn’t be surprised if he never stops wearing a mask. I will see him in April … unless travel is banned in one of our countries.

  4. Those winter colds can be a pain. Take good care of yourself and keep that honey and tea brewing.
    Love those beach shots…….amazing what a beach has to offer a photographer.
    My great grandmother’s name was Mariah.

    1. Jim:
      I take it your great-grandmother wasn’t around to hear her song. Time for more tea, honey… and lemon.

  5. At least the festive colors of the toothbrushes add a gay and merry touch to the terrace appropriate for the holidays. Take care of yourself and stay in bed! 😘

    1. wickedhamster:
      I DO like the look of the toothbrushes. I’ll leave them in place until Monday when the repairs are done, but it will be a shame to remove them. It’s my only bow to Christmas.

  6. Who has seen the wind?
    Neither you nor I….
    But when the trees bow down their heads,
    The wind is passing by.

    1. Jssw:
      Who has seen the wind?
      Neither I nor you.
      But when the leaves hang trembling,
      The wind is passing through.

    1. Debra:
      I’m sure I would be feeling much better if I didn’t have to cook so much. I’m about to squeeze more lemon into a cup of tea AND pour and stir honey. Drudgery!

  7. Multipurpose toothbrushes! They fight tartar, halitosis, and Mariah!
    I like the shadows on the striped beach windbreak.
    Take care of yourself.
    More rain here, very little wind.

    1. Wilma:
      If only toothbrushes worked as a defense against Mariah Carey!

      Yes, I loved those shadows.

      Little wind today. Lots of clouds. No rain.

  8. Scary winds, rattling windows AND you had to cook.
    Someone needs to crawl back into bed and pull the sheets over your head.

    Feel better!

    1. Bob:
      I crawled back into bed twice yesterday and am about to do so again this morning. I’m pathetic.

  9. Sorry about your cold. That’s a drag. But kudos on ingenuity when it comes to the toothbrushes (which are weirdly decorative). I’ve never understood that song. Who names wind?

    1. Steve:
      I do find the toothbrushes kind of aesthetic. I’ve never understood the song, either. And I never caught the fact that they named the rain (Tess) and fire (Jo), too. What’s wrong with calling them wind, rain, and fire? And rhyming Maria with fire?!? Excuse me now. I have to go light a Jo under the tea kettle. Oh, how I wish it would Tess.

  10. I hope you feel better soon! Tea with honey and lemon can work wonders, as can a good ole hearty chicken soup! I’ve also found that strawberry black tea soothes upset tummies/nausea, and gargling hot, salty tap water can help with a scratchy or mildly sore throat. Other than that, Dr. Tundra has no unsolicited advice, LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      I had wonton soup last night! SO good. I do remember the salty tap water trick. Fortunately I haven’t had to resort to that. A cup of tea or one little throat lozenge and I’m ok. Strawberry black tea? I’ve never heard of that. I’ll see if I can find some for those tummy days.

      1. Tetley’s “Strawberry Specialty Tea” and “Boost Super Green Tea: Berry Burst With Vitamin B6” are what I use. They’re sold in canisters of 24 round tea bags. I hope that Tetley teas are available in Spain!

      2. Tundra Bunny:
        The only Tetley Tea I’ve ever seen here is basic black and basic black decaf. But there are loads of other teas to try. I’ve never been a big fan of berry flavored teas. But maybe a good thing to have around.

  11. Tom (after watching his neighbor Margo play Maria in “The Sound of Music”): Why did Margo sing “Maria?”

    Barbara: That’s the name of the character she was playing.

    Tom: But I thought that song came from “West Side Story.”

    Barbara: It did.

    Now, go and paint your wagon! And feel better!
    And thanks for the beautiful Broadway boys!

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      But how do you solve a problem like Mariah?

      You’re welcome! I was hoping to find a clever cover of the song when I stumbled upon that T-shirt and decided I needed to go no further.

  12. Come to think of it, I used to play a little game in my head in which I’d play the song but give the wind a name that was an unpronounceable polysyllabic e.g., kaliakaleepfustan. Sometimes I frighten myself with how easily I’m amused. Now it dawns on me that with Google translate you can have all sorts of fun with this. As you may know, I’m ethnically 100% Slovak, so: “In Košice, they have a name for rain and wind and fire, the rain is dážď, the fire’s vietor, and they call the wind oheň.” I guess I’m still too easily amused.

    1. Wickedhamster,
      I didn’t know. Do you speak Košice? You’ll have to teach me how to pronounce, dážď, cierro, and oheň, so I can sing the song correctly. Maybe we should just translate the entire song. Do you suppose that’s already been done?

  13. I sure hope you feel better soon. I’ve always despised cold symptoms and how lousy they make you feel, but now in the age of Covid any little sniffle can set off panic.

    1. Jennifer:
      Thanks. I just made another cup of tea. Doing nothing but book corrections and naps. Just seems to be dragging on. But every time I sneeze, I thank the gods it’s not Covid… Oops. Excuse me. Just sneezed again. Yay!

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