Blow away / A volar

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AFTER TWO DAYS OF WINDS that nearly knocked me off my feet a few times, things have settled down. Now we wait (and hope) for the rain. The glass curtain (and the car) are so covered in dust that you can barely see out. This morning, I tried brushing the dust off the glass curtain but there had been a bit of a mist and the dust became paste.

When I went to the gym yesterday I truly had to fight to keep my footing, and to make forward progress on my return. Some people stood around the protected corners of buildings. I saw a few people turn back for home after finding it impossible to step from shelter onto the open plaza. The winds were, of course, especially powerful right here on the beach. I weigh over 185 pounds. If it could nearly knock me over, I can’t imagine how difficult it was for others. With tree detritus and palm fronds in flight, it was even more dangerous.

Except to go out in the car for a quick shop with San Geraldo (for Luke’s birthday cake supplies; birthday dinner tonight), we didn’t leave the house again. Our pool should have been flying a red flag warning of dangerous surf.


DESPUÉS DE DOS DÍAS DE vientos que casi me derriban unas cuantas veces, las cosas se han calmado. Ahora esperamos (y esperamos) la lluvia. La cortina de vidrio (y el automóvil) están tan cubiertos de polvo que apenas se puede ver. Esta mañana, intenté quitar el polvo de la cortina de vidrio, pero había un poco de niebla y el polvo se convirtió en pasta.

Cuando fui al gimnasio ayer, realmente tuve que luchar para mantener el equilibrio y progresar en mi regreso. Algunas personas se pararon alrededor de las esquinas protegidas de los edificios. Vi a algunas personas regresar a casa después de encontrar imposible salir del refugio a la plaza abierta. Los vientos eran, por supuesto, especialmente fuertes aquí mismo en la playa. Peso más de 185 libras. Si casi pudiera derribarme, no puedo imaginar lo difícil que fue para los demás. Con detritos de árboles y hojas de palmera en vuelo, era aún más peligroso.

Excepto para salir en el coche para una compra rápida con San Geraldo (para los suministros de pastel de cumpleaños de Luke; cena de cumpleaños esta noche), no salimos de la casa nuevamente. Nuestra piscina debería haber ondeado una bandera roja advirtiendo de un oleaje peligroso.

• On the beach Thursday afternoon. Christmas angels out for a photo shoot, I think.
• En la playa el jueves por la tarde. Ángeles navideños para una sesión de fotos, creo.
• Even the flame atop the Christmas candle looked ready to blow out.
• Incluso la llama sobre la vela de Navidad parecía a punto de apagarse.
• Our nearest chiringuito’s renovation will need some renovation.
• La renovación de nuestro chiringuito más cercano necesitará una renovación.
• We’ve never seen the surf come up this far. I didn’t get a photo of the water when it was all the way up because I was busy trying to stop parts of the glass curtain from tearing off. It will need repair as soon the weather improves. (See below.)
No obtuve una foto del agua cuando estaba completamente arriba porque estaba ocupado tratando de evitar que algunas partes de la cortina de vidrio se rompieran. Necesitará reparación tan pronto como mejore el clima. (Vea abajo.)


• After stuffing plastic foam to no avail, all it took were four toothbrushes (old and used for cleaning scale off cacti). Just call me Mr. Fix-It.
• Después de rellenar con espuma plástica en vano, solo se necesitaron cuatro cepillos de dientes (viejos y usados para limpiar las escamas de los cactus). Solo llámame Sr. Arreglalo.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

31 thoughts on “Blow away / A volar”

  1. That pool shot reminds me of being a kid in California and going through my first earthquake, looking out at our backyard pool and all the water spilling up and over its side.
    At least that was over in a few seconds, not like an all day windstorm!

    1. Bob:
      When we lived in Santa Barbara and I worked at a nearby gym, there was a large earthquake miles away (I can’t remember which one; I think maybe centered around Otay) that caused tidal waves at the gym’s pool. The Mexican fan palms swayed so much, their tops actually hit the ground. It made me appreciate how flexible they are.

    1. Debra:
      If it sounds like purring, you need to turn up the volume. It sounded like a diesel truck trying to pick up speed.

    1. John Clarke:
      Would have dropped in for a visit, but the wind wasn’t blowing in the right direction.

  2. By all means stay in, Scoot! Your delicate sense of balance is thrown off by stationary curbs and such! I must say though, that beach looks awesome.

    1. Deedles:
      It was easier to keep my footing on the beach away from the wind tunnels created by buildings and plazas. AND a softer cushion to land on if I fell!

  3. Wow, that’s some crazy wind. I hope that candle is anchored well! Is this one of those famous winds with a name, like the Mistral or the Scirocco?

    1. Steve:
      Went by the candle last night and it had been bent flat. I think these were levant winds.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I was proud of myself for managing to make it to the gym and back without injury… and with a side trip onto the beach!

  4. THAT is serious windy!!! Be careful!
    We had super high tides this week as well…….the full moon helped/added
    I believe.

  5. That window rattling would’ve driven me up the wall! Who knew old toothbrushes could come in so handy? And no sign of Dudo & Moose… were they hiding under the bed?

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Dudo and Moose would ask us to open the living room door, peak out, and come back in. They spent most of the day on the kitty condo in SG’s office.

  6. Very dramatic wind and waves! White caps in the pool!

    That is a strange video of George Harrison. I have always had a soft spot for him.

    We got our boosters today! The Pfizer to complement the first 2 AstraZeneca shots.

    Don’t light the birthday candles until you are safely inside.

    1. Wilma:
      SG got the Pfizer booster, too. George Harrison grew to become in the early 70s my favorite Beatle. But that is one strange video.

  7. What a mess happy you survived outside.
    Today I can use my computer but sure for how long, thanks for not giving up on me.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I love watching it. SG hides in his office and plays music to mask the noise.

  8. Wow! I can’t believe that wind! True, true, if YOU were being blown about, imagine a kid out there, or some skinny minny person, or a person on a bike. Good job on the toothbrush solution!

    1. Judy C:
      I walked around yesterday and today and got some interesting photos surf that came across the street, and more. Come to think of it, I didn’t see a single person on a bike that day, and there couldn’t have been many motos either.

    1. Urspo:
      I remember being caught in some sandstorms in Palm Springs, Vegas, and once on the freeway in San Diego County. Scary. A friend of ours had to replace his windshield after one sandstorm. Sandblasted.

  9. The flame atop the Christmas candle? Oh, you mean the silo. I don’t need the wind, Scoot, when I can be blown away by your smile.


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