Swim in strange water / Nadar en aguas extrañas

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

I READ “DUNE” 147 YEARS ago, give or take a few years. At least I think I read it. I can’t remember a thing except the quote from which the title of today’s blog originated: “Survival is the ability to swim in strange water.” I wonder why I remember that. Maybe it’s time for a reread — or a viewing of the latest film. The only reason I mention this is because these days of gale-force winds have produced dunes around here.

I had intended to have our glass curtain washed last week, but I never got around to scheduling it. I did get around to scheduling it for this week, but we’ve been waiting for the winds to ease up. Good thing I didn’t act sooner. The front windows, which I did a down-and-dirty clean of a few weeks ago, are again almost completely opaque after this latest wind storm. The winds have eased considerably today and the sun is shining. It should be a nice walk to the gym in a few minutes. [NOTE: I’m back from the gym. The winds picked up again just as I left the house. Gusts were so strong I had to fight my way past some of the cross streets.]

I’ve been shopping for Fuengirola souvenirs for TexasTrailerParkTrash (for her wit, click here). It’s not a good time for souvenir shopping. Many shops are closed for season or only open Saturdays. I have one item, so far, but am looking for one other. I’ll share photos before I mail them.

I stopped in one shop yesterday and could have gotten lucky. An attractive young guy (at least 20 years younger than me) owned the shop and he seemed very happy to see me. He kept offering to help me look and insisted on making conversation. He asked where I was from, how long I had lived in Fuengirola, and did I like Spain. I asked him the same. He was from India, had been here 15 years, and loved it. He then asked if I was single. So, I told him, no. I live here with my husband. His eyebrows lifted and I thought, “Oh crap, here it comes.” But then his eyes lit up. He asked excitedly, “You’re gay?” I said, yes, and he grabbed my hand in more an embrace than a handshake. Hmmm. I asked, “Are you gay?” He said, “No. But I like men.” He continued to hold my hand and smile. I smiled back and talked about how welcome we felt in Andalusia — as I extracted my hand. We had a brief and pleasant chat (which he filled with inuendo) and then I was on my way, although he asked me to spend more time browsing. Yes, I was flattered.


LEÍ “DUNE” HACE 147 AÑOS, más o menos unos años. Al menos creo que lo leí. No puedo recordar nada, excepto la cita de la que se originó el título del blog de hoy: “La supervivencia es la capacidad de nadar en aguas extrañas”. Me pregunto por qué recuerdo eso. Tal vez sea hora de volver a leer, o de ver la última película. La única razón por la que menciono esto es porque estos días de vientos huracanados han producido dunas por aquí.

Tenía la intención de lavar nuestra cortina de vidrio la semana pasada, pero nunca llegué a programarlo. Logré programarlo para esta semana, pero hemos estado esperando a que los vientos amainaran. Menos mal que no actué antes. Las ventanas delanteras, a las que hice una limpieza profunda hace unas semanas, están nuevamente casi completamente opacas después de esta última tormenta de viento. Los vientos han amainado considerablemente hoy y el sol brilla. Debería ser un agradable paseo hasta el gimnasio en unos minutos. [NOTA: he vuelto del gimnasio. Los vientos se levantaron de nuevo justo cuando salí de la casa. Tuve que luchar a través de algunas de las calles transversales.]

He estado comprando recuerdos de Fuengirola para TexasTrailerParkTrash (para su ingenio, haz clic aquí). No es un buen momento para comprar souvenirs. Muchas tiendas están cerradas por temporada o solo abren los sábados. Tengo un artículo, hasta ahora, pero estoy buscando otro. Compartiré fotos antes de enviarlas por correo.

Me detuve en una tienda ayer y podría haber tenido suerte. Un joven atractivo (al menos 20 años más joven que yo) era el dueño de la tienda y parecía muy feliz de verme. Siguió ofreciéndose a ayudarme a mirar e insistió en entablar conversación. Me preguntó de dónde era, cuánto tiempo había vivido en Fuengirola y si me gustaba España. Yo le pregunté lo mismo. Era de la India, había estado aquí 15 años y le encantaba. Luego me preguntó si estaba soltero. Así que le dije que no. Viví aquí con mi esposo. Sus cejas se levantaron y pensé: “Oh, mierda, aquí viene”. Pero entonces sus ojos se iluminaron. Preguntó emocionado: “¿Eres gay?” Dije que sí, y me tomó la mano más en un abrazo que en un apretón de manos. Mmm. Le pregunté: “¿Eres gay?” Él dijo no. Pero me gustan los hombres. Continuó sosteniendo mi mano y sonriendo. Le devolví la sonrisa y hablé sobre lo bienvenidos que nos sentimos en Andalucía, mientras extraía mi mano. Tuvimos una breve y amena charla (que él llenó de insinuaciones) y luego me puse en camino, aunque me pidió que pasara más tiempo navegando. Sí, me sentí halagado.

• Tuesday…
• El martes…
• And Thursday.
• Y el jueves.
• Tuesday…
• El martes…
• And Thursday.
• Y el jueves.
• That pole used to be completely erect.
• Esa asta solía ser completamente erecta.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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34 thoughts on “Swim in strange water / Nadar en aguas extrañas”

  1. Gosh! I hope those gales have subsided by the time we fly in to Malaga next Saturday! [And that the beach at Benalmadena Costa hasn’t been blown/washed away again…]

    Love that gift shop story – that sounds like my kind of “souvenir” from foreign travel 🙂


    1. Jon:
      Well, we’re due for some plain old sunshine. So your timing may be perfect. Drop me a note if you’ve by any chance got time for a coffee. I’d be happy to meet you in Benalmádena.

  2. I tend to love exchanges like that. It keeps you young and your skin clear I say. That is the kind of stuff that went on with me and the Lumbersexual for months…and we know how that ended! Buy then Im single. Enjoy the extra attention i say.

    1. Mistress Maddie (because I couldn’t possibly address you per your email name):
      I DID enjoy the extra attention. And my skin glows this morning.

  3. And flattered you ought to be! Sounds like a nice fellow.
    I see that everything gets a real ‘sand-blasting’ when it is windy. Oh the price one pays when living in Paradise…..

  4. I think he made a pass at you, it has been so long I wouldn’t be sure. Years ago I referred a friend to a dentist who was one of my father’s flying buddies. She came back effusive about how cute he was. I said, don’t even think about it he is married. Her reply was, “well does he screw around?” A few months later I took photos when she married a Marine, who did.

    1. David:
      I think so, too. I had a friend, also years ago, who went to a new and married dentist. She wound up being his next wife. Tell it to the Marines.

    1. Frank:
      I saw some workers out sweeping sand dunes off the Paseo and loading it all into the back of a truck. What a job. No, no pics of my “new friend,” and I might not visit that shop again. Still, flattering.

  5. Flattering…but maybe a little uncomfortable too? I’m not sure I’d like someone holding my hand hostage.

    I tried to read Dune many years ago, when I was in high school, but I didn’t get too far into it. It’s such a huge book and it just wasn’t my thing.

    1. Steve:
      Yes, defninitely a little uncomfortable. Besides that, I haven’t allowed anyone to shake my hand since the pandemic began. A few meters away and out came the disinfectant.

      It IS possible that I never made my way through Dune the first time. I, too, would have been in high school.

    1. wickedhamster:
      The innuendo is now made in India. But it’s impossible to tell the difference.

  6. First of all, I love Debra! Secondly, I’ve got dibs on SG (as if you were stupid enough to go astray), I’m not his type, but he’d make an excellent teddy bear. You still got it, Scoot!

    1. Deedles:
      SG will be pleased to know he’ll be put to good use. (And, no, I’m not THAT stupid.)

  7. It’s been windy this side of the Pond, too. Living next to the largest US estuary, we’ve had almost daily gale warnings this month. Today there is another gale warning and a winter weather advisory for 2″ to 5″ — though no one seems ready to pin down that figure–it’s a coastal storm where a slight shift in the pattern could mean a boom or bust for snow depending where you live. KB will probably getting a lot more–Brooklyn is under a winter weather warning–so more than 5″ expected–perhaps 10″. It’s the predicted 35-45 mph winds (or more) that will make it rougher than usual.

    1. Mary:
      We’ve still got gale-force wind warnings. But 61˚F, so I won’t complain. I see you’ve got a major storm coming up the east coast. Stay warm and safe. I’ll hear all about it Tuesday!

    1. Wilma:
      I don’t know which is more dangerous. But I’m keeping both feet on the ground.

  8. Your sand dunes photos are wonderful but I want to know what made the three round holes close together on the left of the photos

  9. i enjoyed “Dune” (the book) when I read it from cover to cover years ago. The premise was such an intriguing idea. I thought the film didn’t come close: far too violent and just too LOUD!

    1. Margaret Butterworth:
      Have you see the new film with Timothee Chalamet? I’ve heard it’s much better than the 1984 film, which bombed. I saw a couple of scenes and remember thinking, “Thank you, no.”

  10. I read Dune 142 years ago, so you’ve got me beat. I’d like to see the recent film, but I’m not sure it’s available here yet. I’d consult the Shadout Mapes, but you know what happened to her. The David Lynch movie was a little strange. I hear the new one’s better.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I can’t remember what happened to the Shadout Mapes. Had to search my memory to remember what a shadout was!

      1. Walt the Fourth:
        You should have prefaced that comment with “SPOILER ALERT.” Is there any point rereading the book now?

  11. Well how can you be 147 yrs old you do not look a day over 26. I saw the original movie Dunes it was all very strange.
    How nice to receive that kind of nice attention in a store from a youngish man.

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