Classy trash / Basura con clase

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THE CITY OF FUENGIROLA HAS done a nice job adorning the trash bins with local photos. Although some are wrapped in mediocre street scenes, many are much more interesting close-ups. It’s an improvement over the plain steel drums, which were an improvement over the above-ground dumpsters. If you don’t know how our trash system works, click here to see more. There’s nothing trashy about our trash.

San Geraldo and I reviewed the book proof received from the printer. Full steam ahead. I expect to see the books in time for SG’s birthday the first week of Feburary.

I spoke with The Kid Brother last night. He feels fine, was in a great mood, and seems to love his new job. I get to see him in just slightly over two months (arriving on April Fool’s Day in NYC) and we are both really looking forward to it.

The cats continue to fill our house with love and authoritarianism. Moose paces and meows incessantly while he awaits his treats. Dudo, on the other hand, helps prepare them — as you can see in today’s animation.

Our gym now has a pre-recorded announcement to remind members that masks are required, and that they need to cover the mouth and nose. Those who don’t follow the rules simply ignore the announcement, but one staffer has taken to walking through the gym and very nicely telling people to adjust their masks. Everyone has so far cooperated. There’s one ass who always has his mask around his chin and has so far slipped under the radar. Today, he was hovering close to me while I worked out and I signaled for him to fix his mask. He sneered and shrugged. Later, in the locker room, he removed his mask completely. A young guy nearby moved to another locker. If I see him again, I’ll say something. I wasn’t in the mood for drama, but I shouldn’t let it go.

The surf has been pounding and the wind has been wailing since yesterday. We went from a yellow weather alert to amber today. It didn’t knock me off my feet when I walked to and from the gym, but it did make it difficult to hold the camera steady. I’ll share more photos tomorrow.

Today is three weeks since I had my right ear pierced. I was told to use the antiseptic (and salt water) at least twice a day for the first two weeks. I’ve been diligent and decided to take my time. I might try a different earring tomorrow. Can I stand the excitement?


EL AYUNTAMIENTO DE FUENGIROLA HA hecho un gran trabajo envolviendo los contenedores de basura de la ciudad con fotos locales. Aunque algunas están envueltas en mediocres escenas callejeras, muchas son primeros planos mucho más interesantes. Aún así, es una mejora con respecto a los tambores de acero simples, que eran una mejora con respecto a los contenedores de basura sobre el suelo. Si no sabe cómo funciona nuestro sistema de basura, haz clic aquí para ver más. No hay nada basura en nuestra basura.

San Geraldo y yo revisamos la prueba del libro que recibimos de la imprenta. Todo vapor. Espero ver los libros a tiempo para el cumpleaños de SG la primera semana de febrero.

Hablé con El Hermanito anoche. Se siente bien, estaba de muy buen humor, y parece amar su nuevo trabajo. Puedo verlo en poco más de dos meses (llegando el Día de los Inocentes en Nueva York) y ambos estamos ansiosos por hacerlo.

Los gatos siguen llenando nuestra casa de amor y mandonería. Moose camina y maúlla incesantemente mientras espera sus aperetivos. Dudo, por otro lado, ayuda a prepararlos, como puede ver en la animación de hoy.

Mi gimnasio ahora tiene un anuncio pregrabado para recordar a los miembros que se requieren máscarillas y que deben cubrirse la boca y la nariz. Aquellos que no siguen las reglas simplemente ignoran el anuncio, pero un miembro del personal ha comenzado a caminar por el gimnasio y les dice muy amablemente a las personas que se ajusten las máscarillas. Todo el mundo ha cooperado hasta ahora. Hay un asno que siempre tiene su máscarilla alrededor de la barbilla y hasta ahora ha pasado desapercibido. Hoy, estaba cerca de mí mientras hacía ejercicio y le hice señas para que se arreglara la máscarilla. Él se burló y se encogió de hombros. Posteriormente, en el vestuario, se quitó la mascarilla por completo. Un tipo joven que estaba cerca se movió a otro casillero. Si lo vuelvo a ver, diré algo. No estaba de humor para el drama, pero no debería dejarlo pasar.

El oleaje ha estado golpeando y el viento ha estado gimiendo desde ayer. Pasamos de una alerta meteorológica amarilla a ámbar hoy. No me derribó cuando caminaba hacia y desde el gimnasio, pero hizo que fuera difícil mantener la cámara firme. Mañana compartiré más fotos.

Hoy hace tres semanas que me perforé la oreja derecha. Me dijeron que usara el antiséptico (y agua salada) al menos dos veces al día durante las primeras dos semanas. He sido diligente y decidí tomarme mi tiempo. Podría probar un pendiente diferente mañana. ¿Puedo soportar la emoción?

• Dudo is so elegant.
• Dudo es tan elegante.

• Dudo would have let him have it.
• Dudo le habría dejado tenerlo.
• I’ve offered to buy San Geraldo new T-shirts and flannel pants that aren’t two sizes too big, but he likes them that way.
• Le he ofrecido comprar camisetas y pantalones de franela nuevos a San Geraldo que no sean dos tallas demasiado grandes, pero a él le gustan así.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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32 thoughts on “Classy trash / Basura con clase”

  1. Fancy pants trash cans! Love them.
    Oh Mr. Sneered and Shrugged just needs to be told by admin to smarten up or else! KB would know the correct line to use I am sure! lol

  2. Love the classy trash cans! Why aren’t they using YOUR photos?! (Although having one’s photos on a trash can would be kind of a backhanded compliment, wouldn’t it?)

    “Love and authoritarianism” — so true!

    1. Steve:
      I actually thought of offering my photos or at least suggestions on cropping, but it’s probably a private firm. I would love to say my photos adorn trash cans.

  3. Your gym should enforce their masking rules with one warning, followed by a taser on the second infraction… you know, with love and authoritarianism!

  4. Dudo is elegant and eloquent.
    You could make a self-guided tour of trash cans.
    Wearing a mask is so simple and easy. But I guess being a selfish idiot is even easier.

    1. Wilma:
      I’m pleased that he’s so far the only selfish idiot I’ve seen at the gym. Others are just irresponsible or oblivious.

  5. The sea sure does look angry. Love the trash cans, what a great idea to meddle them in instead of letting them look borning.

    I sure hope it is warmer when you come. It is so bitterly cold here right now. April Fools sounds like a joke…I sure hop that is not a omen.

    1. Mistress G Borbhese:
      The sea is still angry and the wind is raging. Three days now. I’m hoping for nice weather in April (and not buckets of rain). Chuck was shocked when I told him I was flying on April 1. “On April Fool’s?!?”

    1. Bob:
      Trash can be pretty. Dudo has an elegant bearing. Moose does not, but he’s cute anyway.

  6. Se ven cheveres esos contenedores , aunque hubiera sido mejor algo más surrealista, el ayuntamiento gasta más en plasmar fotografías que cualquier otro tipo de ilustración .

    1. richercollections:
      Sí, preferiría algo más gráfico, ¡pero seguro que es mejor que nada!

      1. richercollections:
        ¡Les daría mis fotos gratis! (¡O tal vez no!)

  7. Bert does the same thing while waiting for us slowpokes to dish up his breakfast. I’m sure my annual performance review will be a bit catty. Ahem.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Thank goddess the cats don’t do our annual performance evaluations. I’ll bet Tasha would be much more kind.

  8. Classy Trash, the title of my nonexistent autobiography. They sure are pretty. We were at Costco yesterday and it was such a joy to see everybody masked and friendly too boot! I’m talking customers, here. And then, I saw a mother (I think), masked and holding the hand of a young, beautiful boy. Cutest little kid of five or so. My eyes were drawn to his face, he was so beautiful. NO MASK. WHAT THE EVERLOVING FORK! It made me sad. I suppose there may be a logical reason for this, I just don’t have a logical mind. That little olive face is still burned in my mind.

    1. Deedles:
      A friend just told me about her stepson and his wife. Anti vaxxers. Rare to hear of here. (Although they’re only anti-COVID vax, which really confuses everyone.) They have a 3-year-old. They all have Covid right now and are not doing well. Maybe the little boy you saw already had Covid? Still… I don’t know! As Chuck says, “I don’t care. I’m wearing one!”

  9. Good for you for polite reminders to adjust the mask, and for picking your battles. Sheesh. At my gym, I’m the ONLY one wearing a mask-and it’s super busy, Mitchell. People are lunatics around here. On the other extreme, I was UNinvited to a party because I didn’t get the booster or my initial vax within 6 months. Like I said, people are lunatics around here.
    Stay well.

    1. Robyn:
      Was that the party at RFK Jr’s house? He would have snuck you in the back door.

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