To your good health / A tu buena salud

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Yesterday was a very good day here. I never went back to bed. We went out for breakfast to make way for Isabel. I did laundry. I went for a walk (and errands). We went out for dinner with Tynan and Elena. I had housemade ice cream for dessert. Two scoops. One dark chocolate and the other cinnamon. I’d never had cinnamon ice cream before and I loved it. A great combination, too. Today, more laundry. We’re soon to head to the post office to ship some books and I have a couple of things to send off myself. Then to the Mexican restaurant for lunch. Then, another walk for me in the late afternoon. My energy is back. My mood is the usual. Don’t look away; you never know what you’ll turn back to. Some day I’ll be one of those crotchety old men who mutters and curses at people as they pass. Oh, never mind! But I am feeling so much better. Thanks for listening. Thanks for the moral support. Here is some of what I experienced yesterday with a flashback to the train ride across Norway.


Ayer fue un muy buen día aquí. Nunca volví a la cama. Salimos a desayunar para dejar paso a Isabel. Lavé la ropa. Salí a caminar (y hacer mandados). Salimos a cenar con Tynan y Elena. Pedí helado casero de postre. Dos cucharadas. Uno de chocolate negro y el otro de canela. Nunca antes había probado helado de canela y me encantó. Una gran combinación, también. Hoy, más ropa para lavar. Pronto nos dirigiremos a la oficina de correos para enviar algunos libros y tengo un par de cosas que enviar yo mismo. Luego al restaurante mexicano para el almuerzo. Luego, otro paseo para mí al final de la tarde. Mi energía ha vuelto. Mi estado de ánimo es el habitual. No mires hacia otro lado; nunca sabes a qué volverás. Algún día seré uno de esos viejos cascarrabias que murmura y maldice a la gente cuando pasa. ¡Oh no importa! Pero me siento mucho mejor. Gracias por su atención. Gracias por el apoyo moral. Esto es algo de lo que experimenté ayer con un flashback del viaje en tren por Noruega.

• The guy in the red shirt reminds me of a story that I won’t tell today. But I will soon. It’s about an original Toulouse-Lautrec — and a guy in a red shirt.
• El tipo en la camisa roja me recuerda una historia que no voy a contar hoy. Pero lo haré pronto. Se trata de un original de Toulouse-Lautrec — y un tipo con una camisa roja.
• Port of Fuengirola. 6 meters (20 feet) above sea level.
• Puerto de Fuengirola. 6 metros (20 pies) sobre el nivel del mar.
• 3 August. Train through Hallingskarvet National Park and Vargebreen glacier at 1700 meters (5,577 feet). That fence is meant to stop snow from drifting onto the train tracks.
• 3 de agosto. Tren a través del Parque Nacional Hallingskarvet y el glaciar Vargebreen a 1700 metros (5577 pies). Esa valla está destinada a evitar que la nieve caiga sobre las vías del tren.
• Dudo says: “Oh come on. Tell me you don’t see it, too!”
• Dudo dice: “Oh, vamos. ¡Dime que tú tampoco lo ves!”
• The sky last night at 9:00.
• El cielo anoche a las 21:00.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

26 thoughts on “To your good health / A tu buena salud”

  1. Happy to hear you are BACK!
    That train ride must have been spectacular if the scenery is any indication.
    Have a great day and don’t overdo it.

    1. Jim:
      The views from the train were breathtaking. Having to switch to a bus for 2 hours at the end put a damper on it.

  2. Glad you are feeling better and have more energy. A big plus.

    Have to say, I love riding European and UK trains and your photo shows one reason why. Spectacular scenery of mountains or even just the sight of open fields and villages, sheep grazing just makes me happy. On the train to and from London to Edinburgh, there is a place right along the Scottish border area just north of Berwick-upon-Tweed where the train rails run along the edge of North Sea cliffs; you can see waves crashing on the rocks below. I always make sure I am sitting on the correct side of the train (right going north; left going south). And I always take videos of it, no matter that I’ve made the trip multiple times. Just love it.

    1. Mary:
      I would love that train ride to Edinburgh. My first train rides were in England in the ´70s. What bliss.

  3. Nothing wrong with old guys who mutter at passers by, some of my best friends do that. The look in the cats eyes is amazing. A bird? A gecko? A bug?

    1. David:
      Dudo was probably spotting a mosquito or gnat. Usually, he sees ’em and we don’t. I got into the habit of muttering under my mask. I keep forgetting now that I’m not wearing a mask.

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      It was wonderful. A bit light to my taste without something to zing it up. But their fresh ice creams are perfection.

  4. Glad you are feeling better, How is Gerry now? My eldest son had Covid and felt ok for 5 days then it him like a ton of bricks and he’s still of work 3 weeks later, he did a 350 mile bike ride over 3 days the week before he got it.
    What Mexican restaurant do you go too we tried it at Sizzler in May but prefer there Curries.

    1. Chris:
      Jerry is pretty much back to his usual complaints now, too. I’m not a fan of Sizzler. La Galeria across from the central post office, has a great little Mexican counter. Not a large menu, but what they have is always good. A new Mexican restaurant just opened in Los Boliches on one of the side streets. I saw it days before opening. We’ll have to check it out.

  5. Kitties!!!!! So glad yoir finally feeling back to normal. Just take it slow. I love ice cream. One of my favorite odd flavors is bourbon and vanilla ice cream from a gourmet creamery here. Delish. I relieved to be having a four day weekend I can tell you.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Enjoy that 4-day weekend! In Sevilla, it was easy to find unusual artesan ice cream shops with flavors like fig and old cheese. The cheese ice creams were surprisingly delicious.

  6. I’m going to imagine myself sitting on those rocks and taking in the cool (I assume) breeze. It’s going to be triple digits here for the next seven days at least. Plus, we have to save on electricity during the peak hours, so no a/c between 4: 00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. By next week at this time (if still alive) I will be at my fighting weight of 20 pounds! 111F and 112 F next Monday and Tuesday. Back to old school remedies of nudity and damp towel wrappage. Sorry, brain fried about now.
    So glad you’re better Scoot. You and SG make me smile sometimes for no reason. That’s the best feeling. Hugs to you both. Now, where did I put that king-size bath towel?

    1. Deedles:
      Uf, that heat! I wouldn’t have called the weather refreshing here. High 80s mostly lately with little breeze. But you would call it paradise.

  7. Glad you’re feeling better and getting up and out and visiting and eating. I hate to say it, but I truly am one of those crotchety old men who mutters and curses at people as they pass.

    1. Bob:
      I perfected my mutterings during the masked years. Now, I keep forgetting I’m not wearing a mask.

  8. Before even reading your caption, my first thought at your photo of Norwegian countryside was, “Now THAT’S a snow fence!” LOL — how can you tell I’m Canadian?!

    A beautiful sunset photo too… “red sky at night, sailors’ delight; red sky in morning, sailors take warning!”

      1. Deedles:
        We only had one recent fire-red sky in our view. Usually, it’s dingy skies from the smoke flowing along the coast as the sun sets.

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      I didn’t even know what a snow fence was until we drove from Southern California to South Dakota when we were preparing for our move to Spain.

    1. Urpso:
      That doesn’t sound good. Like when my sister-in-law tells a story and my brother-in-law says “they don’t need the Michener version.”

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