Pumpkin Pizza / Calabaza Pizza

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Calabaza is the generic term for squash here in Spain. People don’t care to be specific. Last night at Restaurante Primavera I had a special pizza. It was made with their organic (everything’s organic) whole grain flour (which is delicious) and topped with crema calabaza (which I think was mashed pumpkin), mozzarella, a generous heaping of delicious Serrano ham, and fresh mushrooms. It was splendid. I hope it gets added to the menu, which is constantly changing.

To finish the night, I had café con leche (decaf) and two scoops (called “bolas,” which means “balls”) of freshly made ice cream, chocolate and coffee. I had leftover pizza for breakfast this morning, followed an hour later by a mandarin orange and yogurt. The pizza was also delicious cold. Speaking of refined tastes, check out below what I saw while out walking yesterday. It was busy (or at least the clothing was).

San Geraldo and I seem to be getting over our post-Covid, post-vacation slump. We’re both a bit perkier. He’s been working on our budget, and we’ve been sharing information. It turns out we’re doing just fine financially. What came out of our scarily similar money dreams, however, is that we’re figuring out our spending line-by-line and creating an actual budget. It’s a very satisfying process. San Geraldo is doing the spreadsheets and I offer my two cents (ahem). And we talk. Always a good thing.


Anoche en el Restaurante Primavera comí una pizza especial. Estaba hecho con harina integral ecológico (que es deliciosa), y cubierto con puré de calabaza, mozzarella, una generosa cantidad de delicioso jamón serrano y setas frescas. fue espléndido. Espero que se agregue al menú, que cambia constantemente.

Para terminar la noche, tomé café con leche (descafeinado) y dos bolas de helado recién hecho, chocolate y café. Desayuné sobras de pizza esta mañana, seguida una hora más tarde por una mandarina y yogur. La pizza también estaba deliciosa fría. Y hablando de gustos refinados, echa un vistazo a continuación a lo que vi mientras paseaba ayer. Estaba ocupado (o al menos la ropa la estaba).

San Geraldo y yo parecemos estar superando nuestra fatiga Covid y vacacional. Ambos somos un poco más alegres. Ha estado trabajando en nuestro presupuesto y hemos estado compartiendo información. Resulta que estamos bien financieramente. Sin embargo, lo que surgió de nuestros sueños de dinero aterradoramente similares es que estamos calculando nuestro presupuesto y gastando línea por línea. Es un proceso muy satisfactorio. San Geraldo está haciendo las planillas y yo ofrezco mi granito de arena. Y hablamos. Siempre algo bueno.

• Is that a calabacín (zucchini/courgette) in his hand or is he just glad to see me?
• ¿Es una calabacín en la mano o simplemente se alegra de verme?

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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18 thoughts on “Pumpkin Pizza / Calabaza Pizza”

  1. First off the idea of pumpkin pizza sickens me, but then you mentioned what else was on it and I perked up; and then you said you ate it cold, and that always makes a winning pizza.
    Secondly, the long pants and shirt mixed patterns???? No, no and oh hell no.
    Now, the shorts one is kinda okay with me.
    It must be the shorts part of the equation.

    1. Bob:
      The pumpkin topping on the pizza in combination with the Serrano ham was surprisingly good. I didn’t expect it to be good cold (actually debated cooking, i.e. heating it up) but it was excellent. The shirt with the shorts and the woman he was with and her tight little flower pattern all made me dizzy. The shirt alone made me dizzy.

  2. This time of year EVERYTHING has pumpkin/spice!
    Now that pizza looks OK and I take your word that it was tasty.
    Great choice for the ice-cream!

    1. Jim:
      Pumpkin spice is not something you see around here this time of year. The pizza was exceptional and unusual. Primavera makes delicious ice cream. They had ginger once. I loved it. Wish they would make it again.

  3. That pizza doesn’t appeal to me at all. Put it in front of me and I’ll probably eat it, pumpkin and all. BH learned a long time ago if you put something in front of me, I’ll eat it. Excepting fish, of course.
    Ah, the flamboyant sperm (paisley) strikes again!
    When I go back to stripping, I think my name will be Crema Calabaza. I’ll do the nursing home circuit using my walker as a prop. As the song says, “You gotta have a gimmick”.
    In our much younger days, BH and I used ‘discussing the budget’ as a euphemism for something a lot more fun (we had little pitchers with humongous ears at the time). Now it’s a lot of numbers floating one a page that my son is going to have to decipher if BH goes before I do.
    Too chatty today. I’ll probably be crashing soon.
    Take care you two.

    1. Deedles:
      The pizza combination was suprisingly delicious. Try it, you’ll like it. I love your new stripper name. But maybe work on the spelling of the first name. As for “discussing the budget,” that reminds me of a joke about “doing the laundry.”

  4. Argh! All those patterns! My eyes! My eyes!

    Glad you’re working out the budget. It’s good to go through the expenses now and then and see where the money is going.

    Just FYI, the NYT had a big story a couple of days ago about the olive oil crop in central Spain (Jaén) and how it’s suffered in the drought. It was very interesting.

    1. Steve:
      I read that story about the olive oil crop. Tough times. And, yes, those patterns (especially the guy in shorts) really do my eyes in.

  5. Jeez! Those mixed patterns could give one a migraine!

    As for pumpkin in anything – no, thanks. Pizza needs a tomato passata, not a watery mush that tastes like something that’s “gone a bit off”. Jx

    1. Jon: Those patterns ARE painful to the eyes. Just that guy’s shirt on its own made it impossible for me to focus. In defense of Primavera’s special pizza, the mashed pumpkin was NOT watery or mushy. Although, for you, it might still taste like something that’s gone off.

  6. I so envy your being able to enjoy pizza and ice cream. You people with healthy guts don’t realize how fortunate you are. I’ve been keeping a budget for more years than I can remember, still do. It not only helps to keep my spending under control, but the spreadsheet is a good resource for tax time as I’ve set it up to give me an annual total in each category. It’s shocking to see how the numbers have tripled for groceries and incidentals through no fault of my own.

    1. Shirley:
      I cut way back on starches and acids and I know my limits. Primavera’s pizza crust settles really well (unlike most pizza) and these toppings were a perfect balance for me. The first time we ever carefully monitored out budget and spending was when we moved to San Diego. We were able to soon buy another house after losing our shirts in the previous one. That was so empowering.

  7. I don’t think I’m about to eat mashed pumpkin on my pizza! Call me old fashioned. And nice to see that the fashion hasn’t gotten any more matched up since last installment.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Try it, you’ll like it! And I would never call you old fashioned. That guy in the shorts! The shirt alone makes me dizzy. Given the similarity in pattern styles between the couple, I assume either he choses for the woman or she chooses for him. Tragic.

  8. Paisley used to be called “Persian pickle”, which oddly compliments the pumpkin pizza and headache-inducing fashionistas…. your ice cream looks delicious though! Think I’ll go and finish off my vanilla Haagen-Dazs now.

  9. At first the thought of pumpkin on pizza didn’t appeal to me. But, I love pumpkin and with those other ingredients you mentioned, I might give it a go! Speaking of pumpkin, I just made a pumpkin bread to bring to a gathering. Yea, those clothing patterns…….no thanks!

    1. tobyo:
      I love pumpkin bread. That’s not something you see around here. If I were the guy in those shorts and that shirt, I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror.

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