Shakes, bars, showers, and wrinkles / Batidos, barras, duchas, y arrugas

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When I shared the photo yesterday of San Geraldo in his Oscar the Grouch nightshirt, I forgot to remind you about the nightshirt Susan sent him last year. His nickname, among so many nicknames, is Gruñon, which means Grumpy (as in the Seven Dwarfs). So the first nightshirt he received was 100% Grumpy. Grumpy is much more chic than Oscar. That photo is below (retreived from last year’s post, click here).

I’ve been very productive as the week has progressed. Wednesday, I ironed. I think that might be the first time in 11 years — except when we got new slipcovers for an old sofa and chairs (that we no longer have). Then again, I think San Geraldo did all that ironing. I plugged in my airbuds and watched “Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” which I had never seen and San Geraldo would have no interest in seeing. The film lasted longer than my interest in ironing. But I did manage to iron seven shirts (four that I haven’t worn in years — because they couldn’t be worn without ironing, IMO). I also ironed 24 handkerchiefs — 7 that I had just washed and another 23, wrinkled and already folded, that I pulled out of the drawer. That was Wednesday, a day that included a 7-k / 4.5-mile walk solely for exercise in the morning and a 5-k / 3-mile walk for errands in the afternoon.

Thursday, another 3+ miles for errands. I then recaulked my entire shower. I’m trying to get into yoga, but so far it’s not grabbing me. I’ll keep trying. During Thursday’s errands, I stopped at Supercor (our nearby supermarket owned by the El Corte Inglés company). I had discovered new protein bars and shakes that have no sugar added. They’re delicious, so I stocked up. And these are the first protein bars that don’t give me heartburn. The cashier is a hunk of a guy I’ve seen there before. Probably 35 years old. He commented on how good the shakes and bars are and I agreed with him. He then started talking about when he has them and how much better he feels throughout the day. THEN HE SAID, “Well, look who I’m telling.” At this point, he patted his upper arm and pointed to mine, throwing back his broad shoulders at the same time. “You obviously know what you’re doing.” I was, obviously, flattered and managed to offer a humble thank you without turning 14 shades of purple. I just wish I saw myself that way. But it’s a moment to remember when I don’t.

The photos below San Geraldo are of the additional freshly ironed outfits I can finally wear again, including my old gym clothes. Speaking of which, it’s that time.


Cuando ayer compartí la foto de San Geraldo con su camisón de Oscar el Gruñón, se me olvidó recordarles el camisón que le envió Susan el año pasado. Su apodo, entre tantos apodos, es Gruñon (como en los Siete Enanitos). Así que el primer camisón que recibió fue 100% Gruñón. Gruñon es mucho más chic que Oscar. Esa foto está abajo (recuperada de el post del año pasado, haz clic aquí).

He sido muy productivo a medida que avanzaba la semana. Miércoles, planché. Creo que podría ser la primera vez en 11 años, excepto cuando obtuvimos fundas nuevas para un viejo sofá y sillas (que ya no tenemos). Por otra parte, creo que San Geraldo hizo todo ese planchado. Conecté mis AirPods y vi “Las crónicas de Narnia: El león, la bruja y el armario”, que nunca había visto y San Geraldo no tendría ningún interés en ver. La película duró más que mi interés por planchar. Pero logré planchar siete camisas (cuatro que no he usado en años, porque no se pueden usar sin planchar, en mi humilde opinión). También planché 24 pañuelos, 7 que acababa de lavar y otros 23, arrugados y ya doblados, que saqué del cajón. Eso fue miércoles, un día que incluyó una caminata de 7 km / 4.5 millas únicamente para hacer ejercicio por la mañana y una caminata de 5 km / 3 millas para hacer mandados por la tarde.

Jueves, otras 3+ millas para mandados. Luego volví a calafatear toda la ducha. Estoy tratando de entrar en el yoga, pero hasta ahora no me está atrapando. Seguiré intentando. Durante los recados del jueves, pasé por Supercor (nuestro supermercado cercano propiedad de la empresa El Corte Inglés). Descubrí nuevas barras de proteínas y batidos que no tienen azúcar añadida. Son deliciosos, así que me abastecí. Y estas son las primeras barras de proteínas que no me dan acidez estomacal. El cajero es un tipo guapo y muy en forma que he visto allí antes. Probablemente 35 años. Comentó lo buenos que son los batidos y las barras y estuve de acuerdo con él. Luego comenzó a hablar sobre cuándo los tiene y cuánto mejor se siente a lo largo del día. ENTONCES DIJO: “Bueno, mira a quién le estoy diciendo”. En este punto, palmeó su antebrazo y señaló el mío, echando hacia atrás sus anchos hombros al mismo tiempo. “Obviamente sabe lo que está haciendo”. Me sentí, obviamente, halagado y logré ofrecer un humilde agradecimiento sin ponerme 14 tonos de púrpura. Ojalá me viera así. Pero es un momento para recordar cuando no lo hago.

Las fotos debajo de San Geraldo son de los conjuntos adicionales recién planchados que finalmente puedo volver a usar, incluida mi vieja ropa de gimnasia. Hablando de eso, es ese momento.

• All images (except San Geraldo) from the Museum of Málaga.
• Todas las fotos (excepto San Geraldo) del Museo de Málaga.

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28 thoughts on “Shakes, bars, showers, and wrinkles / Batidos, barras, duchas, y arrugas”

  1. Back in my gym bunny days, I was out running early one morning, passed a couple of neighbors on the way out, and one remarked to the other “I wish my husband looked like that.” I lived on that comment for years. Grumpy always seems to be smiling.

  2. Grumpy is a charmer and you always look good to me, so not surprised at the comment. We are usually our own worst critic. Glad someone reminded you about the truth of ‘now’–and not your (growing up) perception of yourself.

    Looked up those protein bars–can get them at a store near me (major chain of vitamins and such). Will be good to pack them for some upcoming travel. I put a few protein bars in my DH’s bag for his flights to NM this week. So what did he do? Admitted to me that he forgot them until he had a major blood sugar crash on the plane halfway across the country and almost passed out. Finally pulled one out and ate it. Sigh. The old saying is too true…you can lead a horse to water, but….

    1. Mary:
      I had never heard of the Barebell product line. They’re really good. Something delicious for DH to forget! A neighbor gave me a Spanish twist on the horse: You can’t teach an old parrot to talk.

    1. Debra:
      Sometimes I forget where I put it, but it’s nice to know someone else spotted it.

    1. Jon:
      Not worse than but I try to be as good as (of course, no one can hold a candle).

  3. You hunk, you. Those bars look great and are available on Amazon. I may order some. I was happy that I had kept up with my shoulder and arm PT because last week I helped my bestie move her household into storage until her new house is ready to move into. Three and one half days with just the 2 of us packing, toting, hauling. The narrowish stairway to her second floor has 17 steps and 2 turns, which kept us on our toes.

    1. Wilma:
      Great news about the shoulder and arm. Nice when your hard work pays off. I recommend the bars and shakes. Had never heard of them until the supermarket starting carrying them a few weeks ago.

  4. Compliments, like chocolate, are always welcome. Hankies are a lost art (and fashion) too that are overdue for a resurgence in popularity — like ladies’ gloves, LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      SG and I both have chronic allergies. The slightest change in the weather sets us off. Trying to keep up using tissues just doesn’t cut it. The handkerchiefs are a lot nice when they‘re ironed!

  5. That’s a good looking man you have there! (cute nightshirt, too)

    It sounds like we have exactly the same attitude about ironing.

    1. Kelly:
      I used to enjoy ironing. I still love seeing those neatly pressed shirts and handkerchiefs (I used to iron my T-shirts… a long, long time ago). But now I find it boring. As for SG, yep, he’s a keeper.

  6. You can’t teach an old parrot to talk! Great one!
    I’m glad to hear that you are hearing the good things you deserve to hear. And, doesn’t SG look cute!

    1. Judy C:
      I should try on those nightshirts. I think I’d look ridiculous. SG can somehow pull off (well, you know what I mean) that look.

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