Cat bird woman dog / Pájaro gato mujer perro

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On my way back from the gym, I saw some acquaintances sitting downstairs and joined them for a cup of coffee. A pleasant start to the day. Friends of ours are here from England for a few weeks and we had breakfast with them yesterday. Dinner with other friends Friday, and then dinner with the English friends Saturday. When it rains, it pours.

I have my appointment with the gastroenterologist this afternoon to get an update on my colonoscopy results — since I’m unable to get an appointment with my internist. I expect all to be well, but it will be nice to get that off my mind.

I still haven’t spoken to The Kid Brother. His home phone has still not been repaired — some kind of contractual confusion between the organisation and the provider, because the contract was initiated 32 years ago. Still, it wouldn’t take us a month to get that resolved. His new mobile phone is not working because, since his old phone was broken, his contract and automatic payments lapsed. You’d think they might have figured that out when they took him to T-Mobile to buy the new phone three weeks ago and a week later to have WhatsApp installed at my request. It sure can be exhausting. Still, I bought him a new winter coat which was supposedly delivered Saturday. I hope he likes it.

Today’s images are as random as is the rest of today’s blog. Above is sunrise. The skies changed dramatically as the morning progressed as you’ll see below. The title of this post came from the first two photos below. I thought the bird was a catbird because of the way it held its tail. It’s not. It’s a blackbird. About 10 minutes later, I passed a womandog. I’ve never seen this particular breed on the Costa del Sol.


En mi camino de regreso del gimnasio, vi a algunos conocidos sentados abajo y me uní a ellos para tomar una taza de café. Un agradable comienzo del día. Unos amigos nuestros están aquí desde Inglaterra por unas semanas y ayer desayunamos con ellos. Cena con otros amigos el viernes y luego cena con los amigos ingleses el sábado. Cuando llueve diluvia.

Tengo mi cita con el gastroenterólogo esta tarde para obtener una actualización de los resultados de mi colonoscopia, ya que no puedo obtener una cita con mi internista. Espero que todo esté bien, pero será bueno sacar eso de mi mente.

Todavía no he hablado con El Hermanito. El teléfono fijo aún no ha sido reparado, una especie de confusión contractual entre la organización y el proveedor, porque el contrato se inició hace 32 años. Aún así, no nos llevaría un mes resolverlo. Su nuevo teléfono móvil no funciona porque, como su teléfono anterior se rompió, su contrato y pagos automáticos caducaron. Uno pensaría que podrían haberse dado cuenta cuando lo llevaron a T-Mobile para comprar el nuevo teléfono hace tres semanas y una semana después para instalar WhatsApp a pedido mío. Seguro que puede ser agotador. Aún así, le compré un nuevo abrigo de invierno que supuestamente fue entregado el sábado. Espero que le guste.

Las imágenes de hoy son tan aleatorias como el resto del blog de hoy. Arriba está el amanecer. Los cielos cambiaron dramáticamente a medida que avanzaba la mañana, como verá a continuación. El título de esta publicación proviene de las dos primeras fotos a continuación. Pensé que el pájaro era un pájaro gato por la forma en que sostenía la cola. No es. Unos 10 minutos después, pasé a una mujer perra. Nunca he visto esta raza en particular en la Costa del Sol.

• What I thought was a catbird.
• Lo que pensé que era un pájaro gato.
• The womandogs. Easily identified by their wild crests and body markings.
• La mujer perros. Fácilmente identificable por sus crestas salvajes y marcas corporales.
• I love marzipan. I treated myself to some sugar-free while in Málaga. It’s not the same.
• Me encanta el mazapán. Me di el gusto de comer algo sin azúcar mientras estaba en Málaga. No es lo mismo.
• Being raffled at Meson Salvador. If we win, we’ll have some very happy friends.
• Sorteo en el Mesón Salvador. Si ganamos, tendremos algunos amigos muy felices.
• A little after sunrise.
• Un poco después del amanecer.
• On my way to the gym.
• En camino al gimnasio.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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36 thoughts on “Cat bird woman dog / Pájaro gato mujer perro”

  1. The woman-dog photo is a great capture. Reminds me of some of those national dog shows where you could match up the dog to the owner by looks alone–afghan dogs were almost always an easy match.

  2. That blackbird does have a very alert pose. It looks sort of wren-like to me. That gift basket is insane! Sorry the kid brother’s phone is so troublesome. You’d think they’d want to make contract renewal and continuation as easy as possible!

    1. Steve:
      We went through catbirds, wrens, and thrushes (it’s in the thrush family) until we figured it out. The gift basket looks dangerous. I spoke with the latest asst mgr in his office yesterday. Smart and responsive… and frustrated, too.

  3. It must be great fun to create that gigantic gift basket of baskets! I see some delectables in there. Striking images today. Blogging is a terrific medium for sharing photos.

  4. That woman and her dog obviously have the same groomer — YIKES! I hope you and SG win that basket o’goodies too… imagine the blogging possibilities for blogging about the contents, LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      And now I’m picturing the woman sitting on the grooming table… or the dog in the salon chair. I HAVE to win the basket now. So much to blog about.

  5. I love the series of pictures. Especially the bird. It’s definitely a reminiscent of a cat bird one of my favorites, but definitely looks too big in size. I never would have guessed the Blackbird. It’s very light black.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I think it was an immature (almost adult) blackbird. The colour is paler and you could still see some speckling on the breast.

  6. You got the best of that sunrise! They come and go in a flash!
    People looking like their dogs……..we see that all the time here. Funny/peculiar how that happens. Maybe one of us looked like Sophie? Probably Ron as he has ALL THE HAIR!! lol

    1. Jim:
      Sometimes, the sunrise is gone by the time I get to my office to grab my camera. The only way you two resembled Sophie was that you were all so beautiful.

    1. Parsnip:
      I do love marzipan. So many sugar-free versions of things do the trick, but sugar-free marzipan doesn’t do it for me.

  7. “Best in Show” comes to mind…

    So lovely to see the Mediterranean, as calm as a mill-pond, while the UK’s suffering gales and storms. We’re very pleased we’ve got our booking sorted for February – can’t wait! Jx

  8. The bird is starting ballet warm ups. I am also a womandog. The water looks relaxing for someone who might be rattled over his kid brother not having a telephone.


      1. I confess we do not. If I made my hair look like theirs, then I would resemble Cruella.

      2. janiejunebug.
        I found a black and white wig in a costume shop in Seattle some years ago and I loved it. I’d be happy to do Cruella.

      3. I swear I just replied to your question but my answer is not here. I confess the dogs and I do not have similar hair styles and colors. If I died my hair to match theirs, I would look like Cruella.

      4. janiejunebug:
        I guess it took a bit for the first comment to appear. As for Cruella, she had quite the style.

  9. Good luck on the gift basket! I’m sorry you haven’t spoken to Chuck recently. I’ll bet he misses you (even if he might not admit it). I hope the connection problems get resolved soon.

  10. I thinking the woman intentionally had her hair done (or bought a wig) to match her dog. I can’t believe it’s coincidental.

  11. My mind wonders, did she have her hair done to match the dog, or th dog’s hair done to match hers? I hope the dog didn’t suffer for her vanity.

    1. finlaygray:
      Fine, thanks. Next colonoscopy in 3 years. Good I had it done when I did. It had been 7 years, thanks to Covid.

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