Don’t rain on my paella / No llueva sobre mi paella

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San Geraldo went grocery shopping Tuesday. He usually talks about going grocery shopping for a few days before he goes. This week was no different. Mercadona has opened a new deli and SG decided to try it, because, after making excuses to avoid shopping until late in the evening, he knew he would be in no mood to cook by the time he finished. He noticed paella and thought it looked good. It was. And a perfect serving size for each of us. Even better, the bowl it came in was not plastic and was 100 percent recyclable.

After I spent two entire days in bed, my sciatica reared its ugly head. It’s been so minimal for months now that I’ve been able to ignore it. It’s back, although not with a vengeance and I’m sure I’ll get it under control quickly. However, it’s annoying me. Sleep isn’t great and my movements are a bit stiff. That didn’t stop me from a walk this morning after the rain. Yes! It has finally rained in Fuengirola. Not buckets, but it’s still so nice to see.

The first photo below was my view from the terrace when I got out of bed — for the 7th and final time — this morning. The rest of the photos (except the paella) are from my walk. There’s even an hucha (butt crack) and some subtle fashion.


San Geraldo fue de compras el martes. Por lo general, habla de ir de compras al supermercado unos días antes de ir. Esta semana no fue distinta. Mercadona ha abierto una nueva charcutería y SG decidió probarla, porque, tras poner excusas para no ir de compras hasta altas horas de la noche, sabía que no estaría de humor para cocinar cuando terminara. Se dio cuenta de la paella y pensó que se veía bien. Fue. Y un tamaño de porción perfecto para cada uno de nosotros. Aún mejor, el recipiente en el que vino no era de plástico y era 100 por ciento reciclable.

Después de pasar dos días enteros en cama, mi ciática asomó su fea cabeza. Ha sido tan mínimo durante meses que he podido ignorarlo. Ha vuelto, aunque no con ganas y estoy seguro de que lo controlaré rápidamente. Sin embargo, me está molestando. No duermo muy bien y mis movimientos son un poco rígidos. Eso no me impidió dar un paseo esta mañana después de la lluvia. ¡Sí! Por fin ha llovido en Fuengirola. No cubos, pero aún así es tan agradable de ver.

La primera foto a continuación era mi vista desde la terraza cuando me levanté de la cama, por séptima y última vez, esta mañana. El resto de fotos (excepto la paella) son de mi paseo. Incluso hay una hucha (crack en el trasero) y alguna moda sutil.

• As I stood admiring the view from the jetty, this guy stepped over the wall and out onto the rocks. He wasn’t very sure-footed and had me convinced he was going to fall and crack his head open. I immediately said to myself, “I am not walking out there to rescue him.” I kept my mobile in my hand and didn’t leave until he came back. I had already figured out how to tell the emergency operator what he had done and how to find us.
• Mientras estaba de pie admirando la vista desde el embarcadero, este tipo saltó el muro y salió a las rocas. No tenía un paso muy seguro y me tenía convencido de que se iba a caer y abrirse la cabeza. Inmediatamente me dije a mí mismo: “¡No voy a salir a rescatarlo!” Mantuve mi móvil en la mano y no me fui hasta que él regresó. Ya había decidido cómo decirle al operador de emergencia lo que él había hecho y cómo encontrarnos.
• Calisthenics after a swim. As you can see, he was very accomplished at the splits.
• Calistenia después de nadar. Como puede ver, fue muy hábil en los splits.
• Understated elegance. An Adidas / Marimekko collaboration. I wouldn’t pair them up. But that’s just me.
• Elegancia discreta. Una colaboración Adidas / Marimekko. Yo no los emparejaría. Pero solo soy yo.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

20 thoughts on “Don’t rain on my paella / No llueva sobre mi paella”

  1. Nice to have some rain.The outfit today is quite magical. Is this just a custom in this area ? Like the one leg up on the swim suit ?
    Happy to hear your feeling better.

    1. Parsnip.
      I’ve seen some “interesting” combinations wherever I’ve traveled. I just managed to capture more here. I wish we’d have a lot more rain.

  2. wow – the colors match! I hear you about your sciatic acing up after staying in bed for most of the 3 days. My back won’t let me stay in bed for than 6 or 7 hours at a time – probably the only reason I am not a total slug. Hope it goes away quickly! The paella looks tasty. You can have my peas.

    1. Wilma:
      I used to have a seriously dislike for peas. SG loves them, so I accommodated. I told him I could eat them with rice or with mashed potatoes and didn’t mind them. After all these years, I actually like them. Sciatica is already a bit better today. And tomorrow is another morning at the gym.

    1. Bob:
      The paella was surprisingly good. And so easy. I wish I had better light for the butt crack, but I didn’t think it would be polite to tell him to move so the sun wasn’t behind him in the photo. That final outfit blew me away. I’ve seen those patterns online with black bottoms or tops and they were really fun. I don’t know what she was thinking.

  3. I only wish we could find decent Spanish food hereabouts. Nada. Not a Spanish outlet for miles – and then the nearer one is to Central London, the more expensive everything gets. Just looked at the menu of one restaurant opposite Angel (Islington) tube station – it has a Boquerones starter for ₤6.60/€7.45, and a Tapas menu that includes ₤8.75/€10 for Albondigas, ₤13/€15 Gambones al Ajillo, and ₤8/€9.20 for Tortilla de Patatas…

    Not sure I’d frequent a place like that. Tapas are so damned cheap in yer actual Spain! Jx

    1. Jon:
      I wouldn’t pay those prices either, but I suppose if you live there and it’s your only choice. We had a similar experience in Southern California just before we moved. Friends thought it would be really fun to go to a “great” tapas place in Santa Ana. We could never find tapas, so we went. Not only wasn’t it great (nor were there any actual tapas), but I think the bill for four was over $100… 12 years ago.

  4. Apropos of nothing, Ken just told me that Buffalo, NY, is expecting 3 to 6 feet of snow in the next day or so.Yikes! A little rain seems not so bad.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I went to school in Brockport, 45 minutes away. And I was just this morning thinking about the blizzard that buried student apartments that supposedly won an architectural award but weren’t built for the snow belt. The ground floor apartments were below ground, which meant buried under more than 6 feet of snow. The community centre, likewise started under ground and looked like a fish tank. Heavy rain? Filled with water (seriously, someone was swimming). Built in the ’70s. Gone by the ’80s.

    1. David:
      I saw them online worn by a model… wearing a black long-sleeved T-shirt top. They looked great. Oh… people.

    1. Steve:
      That outfit was never intended to be an outfit. All the examples I’ve seen online show them being worn with black tops or bottoms. And they look so much better.

  5. That paella looks damn good. It was good of you to stay to keep an eye on rock guy. Butt crack guy even has one leg of his shorts up after a swim, which seems to be an accident rather than a fashion choice. I hope sciatica (and depression) leaves you alone. After sitting constantly for a few days recently because of migraines and anxiety, I felt the stab of sciatica. Fortunately it went away quickly. Sciatica sucks.


    1. janiejunebug:
      Yes! I’m so glad you noticed the shorts. The shots at got at an angle to display that were too silhouetted to display the crack. The shorts were tightly tucked into the liner in front on that side. Fortunately, my sciatica is currently just an ache when I move incorrectly. None of that awful electrical pain. And it’s getting better. So, I’m not having a siesta!

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