Two Kings / Dos Reyes

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We had coffee and second breakfast at Mesón Salvador Thursday morning. As he was spreading the peach jam on his small tostada (pitufo), San Geraldo said: “The problem with the peach jam is it’s very sticky and it gets all over everything including the knife.” It would probably be less messy if he used one butter and one jam instead of three of each. At least he doesn’t dunk it in his coffee.

Today is another holiday here in Spain. Ephiphany is commonly known as El Día de Los Reyes (the day of the kings) and is when The Three Kings bring gifts to all the children. I’m still waiting for my gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Although I have no idea what I’m going to do with more myrrh.

Santa Claus (Papá Noel) is not a tradition here, although he is gaining ground (roof), as are gifts under the tree Christmas morning. The parade was yesterday. I didn’t bother to go see it. I did, however, snag a photo from the back window as it was reaching the end. The Three Kings arrive by helicopter at the stadium in Fuengirola Center and the parade makes its way from there.

Some time before Christmas, San Geraldo and I were watching “Prisma” on Netflix. (Although a bit slow at times, an interesting story. We’re glad we watched.) Moose was asleep on the divan when Dudo jumped up to join him. He started licking him — gently and lovingly. Moose started licking Dudo in return. The licking became more aggressive and we knew a rumble was about to begin. In unison, San Geraldo and I said, “Be nice.” Dudo was indignant. Moments later, he was asleep with his head against Moose. Later still, San Geraldo went into the kitchen, the cats rolled over, and Moose glared at me, as if to say “You’re the problem. Not us.”

I’ve had a sticky throat on and off this week. It doesn’t appear to be a cold since it comes and goes. Maybe it’s allergies or changes in the weather. A Covid test this morning was negative. Maybe I’ll stay in and pack up the Christmas stuff. Maybe I’ll go for a walk in the sunshine first.


Tomamos café y segundo desayuno en Mesón Salvador el jueves por la mañana. Mientras untaba la mermelada de durazno en su pitufo, San Geraldo dijo: “El problema con la mermelada de durazno es que es muy pegajosa y se mete en todo, incluido el cuchillo”. Probablemente sería menos desordenado si usara una mantequilla y una mermelada en lugar de tres de cada uno. Al menos no lo sumerge en su café.

Hoy es otro día de fiesta aquí en España. La ephifanía es comúnmente conocida como El Día de Los Reyes y es cuando los Reyes Magos traen regalos a todos los niños. Todavía estoy esperando mi oro, incienso y mirra. Aunque no tengo ni idea de qué voy a hacer con más mirra.

Papá Noel (Santa Claus) no es una tradición aquí, aunque va ganando terreno (techo), al igual que los regalos bajo el árbol la mañana de Navidad. La cabalgata fue ayer. No me molesté en ir a verlo. Sin embargo, tomé una foto de la ventana del pasillo cuando estaba llegando al final. Los Reyes Magos llegan en helicóptero al estadio de Fuengirola Centro y desde allí parte la cabalgata.

Unos días antes de Navidad, San Geraldo y yo estábamos viendo “Prisma” en Netflix. (Aunque un poco lento a veces, una historia interesante. Nos alegramos de haberlo visto). Moose estaba dormido en el diván cuando Dudo saltó para unirse a él. Empezó a lamerlo — suave y amorosamente. Moose comenzó a lamer a Dudo a cambio. Los lametones se volvieron más agresivos y sabíamos que estaba a punto de comenzar una pelea. Al unísono, San Geraldo y yo dijimos: “Sé amable”. Dudo estaba indignado. Momentos después, estaba dormido con la cabeza contra Moose. Aún más tarde, San Geraldo entró en la cocina, los gatos rodaron y Moose me miró, como si dijera: “Tú eres el problema. Nosotros no.”

He tenido la garganta pegajosa de vez en cuando esta semana. No parece ser un resfriado ya que va y viene. Tal vez sean alergias o cambios en el clima. Una prueba de Covid esta mañana fue negativa. Tal vez me quede y empaque las cosas navideñas. Primero, tal vez vaya a dar un paseo bajo el sol.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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33 thoughts on “Two Kings / Dos Reyes”

  1. Good grief! These holidays certainly have commercialized, if the three kings are now arriving by helicopter instead of camel!!!!!

    I think I’ll just stick with the cuteness of the two kings that are on the bed. It’s still amazes me how pretty they are. And moose’s Expressions always crack me up. And San San Geraldo is cracking me up! I can’t imagine jelly being sticky. But I do tend to agree , it is sticky, and not one of the best condiments to use in bed.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I don’t know where they fly them from. It’s cool to see them arrive, but it does seem awfully wasteful. I suppose when you swim in a vat of jelly, it can be very sticky.

    1. David:
      Never did take the walk in the sun. And the boys forgave me the moment I was close enough to pet them.

  2. I heard my own voice in that “Be nice.” It’s something we say to Tuxedo when he starts to groom Consuelo and then it takes a left turn.

    1. Jim:
      I never did get that walk, but I will today. Sticky throat overnight again. Tea with honey now and all is well

  3. Obviously, your sticky throat is caused by peach jam. I love the photos of the boys. You should continue to add to your myrrh. That stockpile will end up serving you well.


    1. janiejunebug:
      I should have mentioned. I have a tostada with serrano ham, manchego cheese, olive oil, and tomato puree. No sticky jam for me. (Just messy olive oil and tomoto puree.) Do you how stinky myrrh is?

    1. Steve:
      Sticky throat again during the night and already going away. Tea and honey helps, so do throat lozenges. I don’t eat the jam. I have serrano ham, manchego cheese, olive oil, and tomato puree on my whole-grain tostada. Much better all round, in my opinion.

  4. My Spanish-1 classes were all about those 3 reyes yesterday! Kids had to look up images of how Spain’s roscón is different from Latin America’s rosca, and French classes were busy looking at images of how the Paris area’s galette differs from the brioche version in the south of France… which, itself, is pretty similar to Spain’s roscón…nice break for me, because all I had to do was stick a bean in one of the mini muffins (that served as our rosca/roscón) and serve it up, while they worked.

    1. Judy C:
      I just wrote to Walt (the Fourth) that I wish bakeries sold individual-sized roscón de reyes. I love them. Last night Luke told me he was the one who found the crown again this year.

  5. Whew, another cat fight averted… though if looks could kill, Moose and Dudo would be feasting on your and SG’s eyeballs by now, LOL!

  6. We two kings of Fuengirola,
    Begging for treats and meowing “¡Hola!”
    Spits and spats,
    Hey, we’re just cats,
    But we’re cuter than any by far.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I was going to share a video of the three kings and their rubber cigars, but I didn’t like any that I found. Your new version is the best I’ve ever read. Please record it so I can share it on my blog. Thanks!

    1. Jan from Perth:
      Aw, thanks so much. They have very distinct personalities, and we do adore them.

  7. Best post ever ! the kitties are so adorable, not your cold !
    Still have the tree up will take it down soon. Between Epiphany and my Birthday I like the tree up.

    1. Anon:
      Decorations still haven’t been put away here. The cats will enjoy the entertainment today (I hope).

  8. Your kitties are gorgeous! And it’s just dawned on me that I can now officially make a King Cake! (though I’ll wait until closer to Mardi Gras) Laissez les bons temps rouler!

    1. Kelly:
      I didn’t realize the king cake was also made for Mardis Gras… but of course it is. I’m impressed you make your own. I wish I had some this year!

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