What are they, nuts? / ¿Qué son, locos?

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When I spoke to The Kid Brother Tuesday at 11 p.m., I told him the temperature had been in the 60sF / 16–21C and people were swimming. His comment: “What are they, nuts?” It’s currently 61F and raining. No one is swimming.

We had pizza at Kathleen and Pedro’s Friday evening. Knowing how much San Geraldo loathes olives, they bought him a surprise gift in a gourmet shop in Málaga. A stunning assortment of plump olives. Luke couldn’t stop laughing as he watched SG taste one. Chocolate-covered almonds. It made me think of The Kid Brother’s comment about the swimmers. Yes, they are nuts.

The boys have a toy cash register with a scanner. Luke asked if they could set up their charity shop. Beckett gave us handfuls of fake money ($100 bills) and I shopped. Luke actually sold used items. Beckett insisted on selling fruit and vegetables, which Luke had to “key in” manually (he couldn’t scan “invisible”). Pedro quickly took my place on the floor. After months with only a mild awareness of my sciatica, it flared up Friday afternoon. Not awful. Just electrical jolts down my left leg and into my foot. It’s my own fault, I think, I didn’t get to the gym last week and walked for fitness only once. Yesterday when I was in the shower the zapping started up again and I wondered if I could get electrocuted in the water. OK, I didn’t really, but it was interesting to think about. The headline: “Man electrocuted in shower. No source found.”

My throat is still sore and sticky. It’s worse at night and hurts to swallow. It improves as the day progresses and is easily relieved by drinking something or sucking on (don’t chew, Mitchell, suck) a throat lozenge. I did get out for a decent walk yesterday. Only 5 km / 3 miles, but better than nothing.

I hadn’t mentioned, I had another one of my eye “explosions” Tuesday. It worsened throughout the day, but is almost clear again now. That’s happened every several months for as long as I can remember. I kept my sunglasses on all day. Eye pressure is fine. Blood pressure is fine. Just one of those things. Without it, I’d be perfection.

I had pain in my hip and more electrical jolts this morning when I sat down on the pot. No choice but to “power through.” Aren’t you glad you stopped by?


Cuando hablé con El Hermanito el martes a las 23:00, le dije que la temperatura había estado en los 60F / 16–21C y que la gente estaba nadando. Su respuesta: “¿Qué son, locos?” Actualmente es 61F y llueve. Nadie está nadando.

Comimos pizza en Kathleen y Pedro’s el viernes por la noche. Sabiendo lo mucho que San Geraldo detesta las aceitunas, le compraron un regalo sorpresa en una tienda gourmet de Málaga. Una impresionante variedad de aceitunas regordetas. Luke no podía dejar de reír mientras veía a SG probar uno. Almendras cubiertas de chocolate. Me hizo pensar en el comentario de El Hermanito sobre los nadadores. Sí, están locos.

Los niños tienen una caja registradora de juguete con un escáner. Luke preguntó si podían montar su tienda benéfica. Beckett nos dio puñados de dinero falso (billetes de 100 dólares) y yo compré. Luke en realidad vendió artículos usados. Beckett insistió en vender frutas y verduras, que Luke tenía que “teclear” manualmente (no podía escanear “invisible”). Pedro tomó rápidamente mi lugar en el suelo. Después de meses con solo un leve conocimiento de mi ciática, estalló el viernes por la tarde. No es horrible. Solo descargas eléctricas en mi pierna izquierda y en mi pie. Creo que es mi culpa, no fui al gimnasio la semana pasada y caminé para estar en forma solo una vez. Ayer, cuando estaba en la ducha, el zapping comenzó de nuevo y me pregunté si podría electrocutarme en el agua. OK, realmente no lo hice, pero fue interesante pensar en ello. El titular: “Hombre electrocutado en la ducha. No se encontró ninguna fuente eléctrica”.

Mi garganta todavía está adolorida y pegajosa. Es peor por la noche y duele al tragar. Mejora a medida que avanza el día y se alivia fácilmente bebiendo algo o chupando (no mastiques, Mitchell, chupa) una pastilla para la garganta. Ayer salí a dar un paseo decente. Solo 5 km / 3 millas, pero mejor que nada.

No lo había mencionado, tuve otra de mis “explosiones” en los ojos el martes. Empeoró a lo largo del día, pero ahora está casi claro de nuevo. Eso ha sucedido cada varios meses desde que tengo memoria. Mantuve mis lentes de sol puestos todo el día. La presión ocular está bien. La presión arterial está bien. Sólo una de esas cosas. Sin ella, sería la perfección.

Tuve dolor en la cadera y más descargas eléctricas esta mañana cuando me senté en la olla. No hay más remedio que “seguir adelante”. ¿No estás contento de haber pasado por aquí?

• In San Geraldo’s huge hand.
• En la mano de San Geraldo.
• In my hand.
• En mi mano.
• Leaving Luke and Beckett’s house Friday night.
• Salir de la casa de Luke y Beckett el viernes por la noche.
• Dudo’s beautiful eyes.
• Los bonitos ojos de Dudo.
• My beautiful eye.
• Mi bonito ojo.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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29 thoughts on “What are they, nuts? / ¿Qué son, locos?”

  1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: “Old age is no place for sissies!” (Bette Davis)

    Love those “joke olives”. And that photo of the “invisible shopping” with the boys… Jx

    PS I wouldn’t be swimming at this time of year either. KB is right.

    1. Jon:
      I keep telling myself this has nothing to do with age. I’ve been having eye explosions since I was in my 30s and they’re supposedly nothing to worry about(?) As for sciatica, that one hit less than 6 years ago (on an awful flight from Málaga to New York) and it’s really aggravating. But I have a 32-year-old friend who’s had it for more than 5 years. And now Adele! Old? Who’s old?

  2. Swimming at this time of the year, they must be from much farther north. It was almost warm here last week for a couple of day. Take care of yourself –

    1. David:
      I like bath water for swimming. Seriously. We used to keep our pool heated to 86F.

  3. They say things come in 3’s, then vanish. Here’s hoping for you some comfort soon.
    I haven’t had an ‘eye explosion’ for a while now/knock wood.
    You Kid Brother’s response to the swimmer in the Mediterranean was precisely mine yesterday as well as we were watching two women go into the North Atlantic at the beach!
    As we passed them I had to ask them if they recommended it and they wholeheartedly said YES with big smiles. What are they, NUTS!?
    Oh air temp was -1C and god knows what the water temp was.

    1. Jim:
      At least our air temp was about 20˚ warmer. Had our trip to Norway worked out as planned in August, SG’s cousin from upstate New York was going to join us. She goes for a swim in a northern lake most mornings. She planned to swim in the North Sea and thought maybe I’d join her. I checked. The high temp of the water is 13C. Hah!!!

  4. Oh, gracious, that’s a lot to deal with. You’re so very good about exercising– I hope that helps when you feel up to it again. The scratchy, sticky throat is an odd thing, isn’t it?
    It’s always sweet to read about your visits with friends!

    1. Judy C:
      I’m still at the stage of debating whether I should go for a walk or go back to bed. The gym tomorrow I hope. Bed is about to win today. But I’ll debate a bit more.

  5. Those “olives” are clever and pretty realistic-looking! Sorry about the recurring sciatica. I hope it vanishes when you’re able to get back to more frequent walking. At least the eye thing is just temporary!

    1. Steve:
      Were we to host a party and put these olives in a bowl, I think they’d fool everyone. Sadly (not) there are only 4 left in the bag. The sciatica is a pain in the ass… and hip and legs and feet.

  6. A few of those “olives” might be a cure for the sciatica, sore throat, and eye troubles, don’t you suppose? Your evening out looks like so much fun; what wonderful friends!

    1. Chrissoup:
      I tried the cure. It didn’t work, but I’d be willing to try it again… and again.

  7. I’d take the real olive over the chocolate olives any day, which proves that SG and I should be besties because we won’t compete over the food.

    I adore Dudo’s face.

    1. Bob:
      The olive cure didn’t work. I might try the Lindt truffle cure today. Would you be Jack Spratt or his wife?

  8. Oh my gosh I’m an olive fiend, real ones or ones that are chocolate jokes. I’ve been known to eat a small jar of olives with one sitting. And that picture you got leaving their house is stunning. We need to discuss this urge of you taking the hottest pictures of your body like that I shot. I think I’d rather see your backside!

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I, too, am an olive fiend. When I was a skinny freshman in college I read that each olive had 25 calories. I started buying huge jars and total up the calories as I snacked on them. (It didn’t help.

      While washing dishes the other night, I poured an entire bowl of water on myself. I took a photo of my wet pants. I thought it came out really good, but the wet crotch shot bordered on porn, so I didn’t share it. Such a loss.

  9. Scoot, I like all of these lovely pictures. However, I seem to have developed a fixation on your fingers. Wow, you’ve got long digits, man! Natural born grippers, you know of screwdrivers, hammers and the *cough* like. Your eyes are beautiful with or without explosions. Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Deedles:
      I do have long fingers but I should have redone that photo. The angle exaggerates my hand and makes it look longer and narrower than it is.

  10. I love olives too, especially black Kalamata olives or jumbo Manzanilla green olives, though I’m not quite in the fiend level like Mistress Maddie, LOL! Those chocolate almond olives were a good trick to play on SG and Beckett’s expression of delight says it all.

    Hopefully, your sciatica and sore throat will clear up soon, Mitchell. Hot Darjeeling tea with honey and fresh lemon juice works great for an occasional sore/scratchy throat. Or maybe it’s time for some hearty home-made chicken soup? Just don’t take any polar bear swims, LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      I’m in olive heaven here in Spain. When you go out for dinner, a ball of olives is brought to the table. Some places, like Mesón Salvador, have the best. And they regularly change the types they buy. I’ve been having English Breakfast decaf tea and adding honey. It helps. I’m about to make my second cup (gigantic mug). SG made lentil soup Saturday. Leftovers yesterday. That was nice.

  11. San Geraldo’s olives look wonderful but I also like the olives that are cured in salt and olive oil.
    I have exploding eyes also. My Macular Degeneration has gone BOOM ! huge expanding growth that has ripped apart and filled with fluid. I have had so much work done on my eyes and still they a mess. I have such luck.
    cheers !

    1. Parsnip:
      I love olives, so am in heaven here.

      Ooh, sorry about the macular degeneration. I have never had any idea what causes my eye explosions. Stress? Sometimes. Irritation? Sometimes. Nothing anyone can figure out? Often.

    1. finlaygray:
      Bourbon? Not a fan. Although that WOULD make me forget about my throat. Hot lemon? Sounds like cooking.

  12. Those boys are adorable. I’m with SG on hating olives. I also can’t eat nuts, but I am nuts. Take good care of yourself, Scoot.


    1. janiejunebug:
      SG has very specific taste in nuts. Hates walnuts, pecans, Brazil nuts, and other meaty (pasty) nuts. I love them all. We’re both nuts.

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