Take it Easy / Tómalo con Calma

La versión español está después de la versión inglés.

“YOU’RE WALKING TOO fast! Stop bending. You’re not supposed to lift that. Let ME do that. Slow down!”

San Geraldo will soon run out of patience and it’s not that I haven’t been trying to behave since my cataract surgery yesterday morning. I simply forget.

I know for certain the cats are already disgusted with me. Moose can’t understand why I won’t keep getting down on the floor with him. And Dudo has been bringing me his toys and then doesn’t understand why I will only bend down and throw them one time (but don’t tell San Geraldo I’m even doing that). I’m Dudo’s playmate. He adores San Geraldo but doesn’t seem to like how he plays.

Our friend Pedro (click here) made us paella yesterday so we wouldn’t have to worry about lunch after the surgery. Although he forgot to deliver the separate container of peas to be mixed in (and he’ll probably berate himself for weeks to come), the paella was out of this world. Superb. Is there anything he can’t do? It gave us two meals and San Geraldo cooked up some peas for the second serving.

San Geraldo has been washing the dishes for the past two days. What a guy! We were back at the doctor this morning and all is well. My vision is already better than it’s been in ages. So, now to remember to relax and take it easy.


“¡ESTÁS CAMINANDO DEMASIADO rápido. Deja de doblarte. Se supone que no debes levantar eso. Dejame hacer eso. ¡Ve más despacio!

San Geraldo pronto se quedará sin paciencia y no es que no haya intentado comportarme desde mi cirugía de cataratas ayer por la mañana. Simplemente me olvido.

Sé con certeza que los gatos ya están disgustados conmigo. Moose no puede entender por qué no voy a seguir acostándome con él. Y Dudo me ha traído sus juguetes y luego no entiende por qué solo me inclinaré y los tiraré una vez (pero no le diga a San Geraldo que estoy haciendo eso). Soy el compañero de juegos de Dudo. Él adora a San Geraldo, pero no parece gustarle cómo juega.

Nuestro amigo Pedro (haz clic aquí) nos hizo una paella ayer para que no tuviéramos que preocuparnos por el almuerzo después de la cirugía. Aunque se olvidó de entregar el recipiente separado de guisantes para mezclar (y probablemente se regañará en las próximas semanas), la paella estaba magnífico. ¿Hay algo que él no pueda hacer? Nos dio dos comidas y San Geraldo cocinó unos guisantes para la segunda porción.

San Geraldo ha estado lavando los platos. ¡Qué hombre! Volvimos al médico esta mañana y todo está bien. Mi visión ya es mejor de lo que ha sido en años. Así que, ahora, recuerda relajarte y tomarte las cosas con calma.

Delicious even without the peas.
Delicioso incluso sin los guisantes.
Top photo is from yesterday afternoon. Here’s how things look today.
La foto de arriba es de ayer por la tarde. Así es como se ven las cosas hoy.
Dudo staring me down. “I’ve got a pink mouse for you.”
Dudo me mira fijamente. “Tengo un ratón rosa para ti.”
Oh, maybe San Geraldo will pay attention to us.
Oh, tal vez San Geraldo nos preste atención.

Karma, It’ll Bite You In The Ass

So, I was sitting on the toilet Friday morning. Yes, that really is how this story begins.

So, I was sitting on the toilet and Dudo decided, as always, it was a perfect opportunity for us to spend some time together. First, he forcefully pushed the door open with his front paws. He checked to make sure I wasn’t getting into the shower and then ran for a toy. (The usual routine.)

I threw the toy. He fetched it. I threw it again. He fetched it again. The third time, he returned with a long knotted-up string. We had a tug-of-war. I threw it. He fetched it. He tired of that and then raised up on his hind legs to head-butt my thigh. I took the hint and stroked and petted him. He clearly wanted to hop up on my lap. That was not about to happen.

I stopped responding to his head butts, assuming he’d leave me in peace.

Then I yelped.


Annoyed by my lack of attention, Dudo bit me on the ass! Well, more precisely, he gave me a love bite (with his sharp little teeth) on the upper thigh.

The message: “Don’t ignore me, goddammit!”

I of course gave him a stern lecture. He apologised.

Show me your teeth…