You can ring my bell / Puedes tocar mi campana

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I’m so tired of complaining about how I feel — but that doesn’t stop me. Temperature well below normal, but no fever. The good kind of cough (not a dry painful one) and not chronic. We had coffee with Nick and Alyson this morning — for 3 hours. Bliss. And we’re meeting for tapas tonight, which means I’ll have a siesta after lunch. I’m completely rung out. Maybe a brief walk this afternoon. No gym. The walk there would do me in.

So, just some random stuff today. Moonrise Tuesday over the Alborán Sea (our part of the Mediterrranean). Hollow Mandarin oranges this week. I’d have more — it was about to become my new obsession — but somebody didn’t go shopping. A cold night in Fuengirola a couple of weeks ago. Magoo rocking it. San Geraldo preparing for the frozen tundra. Me wrapped in love in a scarf dear Susan made for me four years ago (click here). And how I dressed for bed when I was ill (with a an almost heeled scratch on my forehead from when I clawed myself, again, in my sleep). And the bell tower at the mezquita/ cathedral in Córdoba.


Estoy tan cansado de quejarme de cómo me siento, pero eso no me detiene. Temperatura muy por debajo de lo normal, pero sin fiebre. La tos buena (no seca y dolorosa) y no crónica. Tomamos café con Nick y Alyson esta mañana, durante 3 horas. Dicha. Y nos reunimos para tapear esta noche, lo que significa que dormiré una siesta después del almuerzo. Estoy completamente agotado. Tal vez un breve paseo esta tarde. Sin gimnasio. La caminata hasta allí me acabaría.

Entonces, solo algunas cosas al azar hoy. Martes de salida de la luna sobre el Mar de Alborán (nuestra parte del Mediterráneo). Mandarinas huecas esta semana. Tendría más, estaba a punto de convertirse en mi nueva obsesión, pero alguien no fue de compras. Una noche fría en Fuengirola hace un par de semanas. Magoo meciéndolo. San Geraldo preparándose para la tundra helada. Yo envuelto en amor en una bufanda que me hizo la querida Susan hace cuatro años (haz clic aquí). Y cómo me vestía para ir a la cama cuando estaba enferma (con un rasguño casi puntiagudo en la frente de cuando me arañé, nuevamente, mientras dormía). Y el campanario de la mezquita/catedral de Córdoba.

• He asked if he should wear a scarf. I told him I didn’t know where he’d put it.
• Le preguntó si debería usar una bufanda. Le dije que no sabía dónde lo pondría.

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26 thoughts on “You can ring my bell / Puedes tocar mi campana”

  1. That moonrise photo is beautiful!
    Dressing for the weather is always crucial if one wants to go outside…..any time of year.
    I think it may be time for mandarin oranges around here……m-m-m-m

    1. Jim:
      SG restocked on the Mandarin oranges. They’re great atop chocolate chip banana bread, too.

    1. Bob:
      I immediately thought of Maddie. Maggo lived in those Crocs. And I’ve never met anyone more cool.

    1. Steve:
      SG’s is one of those circle scarves. He wondered if he should wear a traditional scarf in addition.

    1. Kelly:
      Oh, that moonrise was stunning. That was during the worm moon. Appropriate.

  2. “You gotta ring them bells, you gotta ring them bells
    You gotta make ’em sing and really ring them bells
    It’s such a happy thing to hear ’em ting a ling
    You gotta ring them bells”


  3. I’m amazed SG could get that scarf on over everything else. It must be 50 below with a blizzard. I get cold easily but I don’t think I’d wear quite that many clothes. You look great in a scarf!


    1. janiejunebug:
      That was one of those circle scarves. It’s enormous. I don’t know where he thought he’d put another one. I love scarves. I have more than a dozen.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I was surprised to get such a decent shot in a snap with my phone. It was stunning.

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      I love scarves. I’m still dragging, but a bit better each day.

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