Clothes cow / Vaca de ropa

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

I did my complete walk to one end of the Paseo today and felt pretty good — with a few stops to brace myself for a coughing jag. (It’s important to prepare the sciatic nerve for a hit.) I wanted to check out that new cow at the chiringuito (from yesterday) and compare it to the cow from Ale-Hop. I knew the eyes were different but I didn’t realize it’s an entirely different breed of fiberglass cow. I saw some interesting clothing combinations along the way.


Hice mi caminata completa hasta un extremo del Paseo hoy y me sentí bastante bien, con algunas paradas para prepararme para un ataque de tos. (Es importante preparar el nervio ciático para un golpe). Quería ver esa nueva vaca en el chiringuito (de ayer) y compararla con la vaca de Ale-Hop. Sabía que los ojos eran diferentes, pero no me di cuenta de que es una raza completamente diferente de vaca de fibra de vidrio. Vi algunas combinaciones de ropa interesantes en el camino.

En inglés, un caballo de ropa es alguien que se preocupa mucho por llevar ropa a la moda. No sé si es lo mismo en español. Dado el tema de hoy, pensé en una vaca de ropa.

• He was drinking when he arrived at the beach. Maybe he was drinking while he dressed. Maybe I should start drinking while I dress. An interesting choice.
• Estaba bebiendo cuando llegó a la playa. Tal vez estaba bebiendo mientras se vestía. Tal vez debería empezar a beber mientras me visto. Una opción interesante.
• Thanks to the woman walking ahead for completing the ensemble.
• Gracias a la mujer que camina adelante por completar el conjunto.
• The long and the short of her.
• La larga y la corta de ella.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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46 thoughts on “Clothes cow / Vaca de ropa”

  1. Genome mapping has paved the way for the development of new species of fiberglass cows through selective breeding. Truly, we live in an age of wonders!

  2. Hi, Scoot! I love Wicked Hamster’s comment. Breeding can produce amazing cows. I like the cow on the left with the pink flowers. Instead of just drinking while I get dressed (today I’m working while wearing blue flannel jammies with red hearts, red socks, and a purple robe), I think I should become a slow, steady drinker who always has a margarita at hand. It will make some aspects of my job more pleasant. I finally tried googling the one pants leg up thing and discovered it can be a gang signifier or it can be copied from an old thing when more people rode bicycles and would put up the right pants leg to keep it from getting stuck in the bike’s chain. So there, pants leg lady. You aren’t doing anything original or new.


    1. janiejunebug:
      I, too, loved Wicked Hamster’s comment. Soon, we’ll be able to do this with 3-D printers (maybe we can already). No consistent reason here for one leg up and one down. A part of it is because some people think it looks cool. Pants leg lady had a car parked nearby. I saw her toss some things in when I passed her the next time. Maybe it keeps her from getting the baggy pants caught between the car pedals.

    1. Frank:
      Nope. Haven’t had the nerve to ask anyone. And I think I’d have to ask a lot of people to get some kind of consensus.

  3. Thanks for settling the “big cow debate”, Mitchell. It would have been udderly on my mind all evening! 🤣


    PS those clashing outfits – aargh!

  4. I’m familiar with the Chik-fil-A cow, but had to Google the Ale-Hop cow. Neither looks like the cows in our pasture. (I know, I know…a vegan with beef cattle 🙄)

    1. Kelly:
      I had never heard of the Chik-Fil-A cow. So, now I’ve seen it. Then again, I’ve avoided those rightwing haters. I have a feeling if I had beef cattle, I’d up a vegan as well.

  5. The Paseo certainly offers (blinding) sights worth missing some days. And I’m beginning to think all those turned up short and pant legs should be called ‘Fuengi’rollas.’

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      It’s very exciting to live in the Paris of the Mediterranean.

  6. The eyes on that poor beach cow makes her look like she’s on LSD, and the wild, mismatched beach wear season hasn’t even started yet!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Yes, I thought those eyes were a bit creepy. I think the fashionistas are trying out the latest combinations in preparation for season.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I wish I had a friend who did this so I could ask them “why.”

  7. Yikes, yikes…..and treble yikes, especially for the last one with the female one-pants-leg-rolled-right- up. The shorts similar is bad enough, but if it was a man, as usually was, at least you could kid yourself that he’d just had a wee from underneath and after it he hadn’t settled his shorts properly. But, cor lumee, this sight takes the biscuit! – and all its crumbs!

      1. It’s the hyper-Brit coming out in me, though must admit the phrase is now very outdated. Most nowadays wouldn’t have heard of it though it used to be fairly common.

      2. Raybeard:
        Still, cor lumee it is! I’ll think of you every time I say it (and get blank stares from those around me).

  8. What is it about cows 🐄 outside shops? We get that pavement furniture here too. Do cows 🐮 help purchases?

    1. Karen:
      I figured you’d notice that. It could drive one crazy. Whoever did the shorts did a good job.

  9. One of the nearby towns had painted cows all about town. I forgot what they were for, but I though they were cool. I am oddly fascinated by cows.

    I just cannot get on board with the one leg up trend you keep showing. So completely stupid.

    1. Sassybear:
      The other day, when I had barely enough energy for my walk, I missed several short leg photo opportunities.

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