Random and decisive / Aleatorio y decisivo

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I keep forgetting to mention:When our niece Sara and her family were here, she told me one evening that the kids decided I looked just like a famous actor. Alan Alda? The Scarecrow from “The Wizard of Oz”? Tommy Tune? No.

They thought I looked just like Jason Statham! Although I’m not a fan of the homophobe, I do get it. I mean, we’re both bald. Interestingly, Statham has always reminded me of my father.

A few days ago, I came across a reference to a study about randomness. The study, which I did not read, appeared in the journal PLOS Computational Biology in August 2017 and was led by Nicholas Gauvrit. He and his team determined that a person’s ability for random thinking and decision making peaks at about age 25, declines over the next decades, and drops sharply at around age 60. Well, I say, “Pshaw!” (something I never said when I was 25.) Just spend some time with San Geraldo and me and you’ll see how random we can be — and decisive. Today’s photos are an example.


Sigo olvidándome de mencionar: Cuando nuestra sobrina Sara y su familia estaban aquí, me dijo una noche que los niños decidieron que me veía como un actor famoso. alan alda? ¿El Espantapájaros de “El Mago de Oz”? ¿Tommy Tune? ¡No.

Jason Statham! Aunque no soy fanático del homófobo, lo entiendo. Quiero decir, los dos somos calvos. Curiosamente, Statham siempre me ha recordado a mi padre.

Hace unos días, me encontré con una referencia a un estudio sobre la aleatoriedad. El estudio, que no leí, apareció en la revista PLOS Computational Biology en agosto de 2017 y fue dirigido por Nicholas Gauvrit. Él y su equipo determinaron que la capacidad de una persona para el pensamiento aleatorio y la toma de decisiones alcanza su punto máximo alrededor de los 25 años, disminuye durante las próximas décadas y cae bruscamente alrededor de los 60 años. Bueno, yo digo: “¡Pshaw!” (algo que nunca dije cuando tenía 25 años). Solo pasa un tiempo con San Geraldo y conmigo y verás cuán aleatorios podemos ser, y decisivos. Las fotos de hoy son un ejemplo.

• San Geraldo made pulled pork the other night for dinner. We have it as leftovers on crackers. San Geraldo likes to include a pickle (on just about everything). We recently heard comedian Matteo Lane talk about how he hates pickles. He said, “They’re nothing but cucumbers sitting in their own piss.” It’s something I can’t unhear.
• San Geraldo preparó cerdo desmenuzado la otra noche para la cena. Lo tenemos como sobras en galletas saladas. A San Geraldo le gusta incluir un pepinillo (en casi todo). Recientemente escuchamos al comediante Matteo Lane hablar sobre cómo odia los pepinillos. Él dijo: “No son más que pepinos sentados en su propia orina”. Es algo que no puedo dejar de escuchar.
• Dudo and Moose are loving their thrice-daily wet treats. Dudo has already put on weight and is looking much more robust (although he never stopped acting robust). However, they now spend their days waiting for the next round. Thursday afternoon they tried to get San Geraldo up from his siesta. When I arrived, they simply turned their attention back to me. The next treat was due in three hours. Give us strength.
• A Dudo y Moose les encantan sus golosinas húmedas tres veces al día. Dudo ya ha engordado y se ve mucho más robusto (aunque nunca dejó de actuar como un robusto). Sin embargo, ahora pasan sus días esperando la próxima ronda. El jueves por la tarde intentaron despertar a San Geraldo de su siesta. Cuando llegué, simplemente volvieron su atención hacia mí. El siguiente regalo vendría en tres horas. Danos fuerza.
• We’ve been back to Tapa and Tai regularly. Here’s Vanda showing off her new manicure (click here).
• Hemos vuelto a Tapa y Tai con regularidad. Aquí está Vanda mostrando su nueva manicura (haz clic aquí).
• Tod Mun, Tortitas de pescado tailandesasa servidas con ensalada de pepino y cacahuetes.
• Tod Mun Thai Fish Cakes served with a cucumber salad and peanuts.
• Spring rolls with curry, pork and vegetables served with a sweet chilli sauce.
• Rollitos de primavera con curry, cerdo y verduras servidos con salsa de chilli dulce.
• We were with Nick and Alyson at Tapa y Tai. Alyson took a picture of the women’s toilet because it was so magical.
• Estuvimos con Nick y Alyson en Tapa y Tai. Alyson tomó una foto del baño de mujeres porque era muy mágico.
• I took a picture of the men’s. They’re probably afraid we’d pee on the vertical garden. (Look at that. The photo captions started and ended with piss!)
• Tomé una foto de los hombres. Probablemente tengan miedo de que orinemos en el jardín vertical. (Mira eso. ¡Los pies de foto comenzaron y terminaron con orina!)
• Some of us don’t have this problem.
• Algunos de nosotros no tenemos este problema.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

25 thoughts on “Random and decisive / Aleatorio y decisivo”

  1. Let’s hope there is no lactobacilos in your urine. I started making fermented pickles a few years ago, the fresh flavors are amazing. My brain still changes directions unexpectedly, J asks that I warn him when I am changing the subject in the middle of a paragraph – or sentence.

    1. David:
      We used to can pickles (Kosher Dills and Bread & Butter) and even won blue ribbons, and best in show, at the agricultural fair. You and I have opposite tastes in pickles. I’m glad you can go mid-paragraph before changing your subject. We can be mid-sentence.

  2. I love all your random choices for this post! Pickles improve darn near anything. Those Thai tapas look dee-lish! And I had exactly the same thought as you about why the men’s room lacks the tropical ambience of the women’s room, LOL!

    1. Debra:
      SG puts even puts pickles in tuna salad. My mother was so impressed she added it to her own. The tapas at Tapa y Tai are so incredibly good. And an affordable meal, too. Can you imagine what that vertical garden would look like after a few careless men?!? You’d think, however, we could have a palm tree in the corner far away from the toilet.

  3. I love seeing the kitties together in the top photo! I’ve been accused of being oddly random (and I’m not sure it was meant nicely) so I don’t find anything wrong with it. I guess pickles in piss is no worse than folks who use to tell me beer tasted like horse piss. Still…

    1. Kelly:
      I think it’s disturbing that there are people who know the difference in taste between human piss and horse piss.

    1. Going gently:
      Oh, John, you should see all the different plates and serving pieces. The table is a work of art when everything is served.

  4. We’re having pulled pork for dinner tonight!!!! Maybe I should break out the pickles for a try!

    I adore that Ladies room. How cool is that treatment? I had a friend who cleaned intimate rooms when he first moved to NYC, and he always said the Ladies was surprisingly always dirtier, and disheveled, with “odd little findings” in them, then the Gents.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      That’s what I’ve always heard about women’s as opposed to men’s rooms. I shared a dorm suite with 5 other guys my sophomore year. We were invited to a party at the suite of 6 women. Oh dear god, the bathroom was disgusting.

  5. Yeah, I feel pretty random too. I question that study.

    Is Jason Statham a homophobe? I had no idea. Not that I have followed his career (or watched his movies) particularly closely.

    1. Steve:
      Some of his films (I’ve never seen one) have apparently been hatefully homophobic (and not just the bad guys), and he was caught on set and off a number of times making seriously ugly comments. My sense is he’s not a friend.

  6. Pickles (or “gherkins”) are brilliant in any dish – as long as they are the vinegar-pickled variety not the sweet and sour or “brined” variety, which I find a bit yukky. Jx

    1. Bob:
      Don’t waste your time thinking on that one. He’s definitely not worth it. We’re both bald and I’m sort of fit. He has the thin hard lips my father had and they’re really severe when he’s angry. If the kids knew my father, they’d think they were twins.

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