Poles, poppers, and domination / Postes, poppers, y dominación

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The most important news of the day: It’s pouring down rain and is supposed to continue for the remainder of the day. (I’ve just been notified there was a lightning strike in our area three minutes ago). Better yet, there’s a good chance of rain Monday and Tuesday.

The new cat tree has been assembled. It’s called a Cream Corner Coon (because it’s supposed to be big enough for a Main Coon Cat — and the color is cream). I had a good time assembling it yesterday. I had forgotten that San Geraldo ended up ordering the same style we already had. The one with the two top platforms was enormous. He might as well have finally relinquished his office to the cats. Besides that, I think it was the price of a slightly used Audi. The old cat tree is in the dining room. SG is going to disassemble and repair it for use on the terrace. The one on the terrace is just too far gone.

Moose hasn’t quite adjusted to a new cat tree and is spending most of his time anywhere but there. Dudo, on the other hand thinks it’s brilliant that he’s now got three condos and is making the rounds. He loves having one in the living space where he can see all that’s going on. If it didn’t feel like giving the entire apartment over to the cats, I’d love to have another one out there, too.

To explain the title, I’ve included photos of the construction, the cats, and Friday’s Mexican lunch.


La noticia más importante del día: está lloviendo a cántaros y se supone que continuará durante el resto del día. (Me acaban de notificar que cayó un rayo en nuestra área hace tres minutos). Mejor aún, hay una buena probabilidad de lluvia el lunes y el martes. Llene esos depósitos.

El nuevo árbol para gatos ha sido ensamblado. Se llama Cream Corner Coon (porque se supone que es lo suficientemente grande para un Main Coon Cat, y el color es crema). Me lo pasé bien montándolo ayer. Se me había olvidado que San Geraldo terminó ordenando el mismo estilo que ya teníamos. El que tenía las dos plataformas superiores era enorme. Bien podría haber cedido finalmente su cargo a los gatos. Aparte de eso, creo que era el precio de un Audi poco usado. El viejo árbol para gatos está en el comedor. SG lo va a desmontar y reparar para su uso en terraza. El de la terraza está demasiado ido.

Moose no se ha adaptado del todo a un nuevo árbol para gatos y pasa la mayor parte de su tiempo en cualquier lugar menos allí. Dudo, por otro lado, piensa que es brillante que ahora tenga tres condominios y esté dando vueltas. Le encanta tener uno en la sala de estar donde puede ver todo lo que está pasando. Si no tiene ganas de darle todo el apartamento a los gatos, me encantaría tener otro también.

Para explicar el título, he incluido fotos de la construcción, los gatos y el almuerzo mexicano del viernes.

• The poles.
• Los postes.
• My view from the terrace this morning.
• Mi vista de la terraza esta mañana.
• The poppers (jalapeño, that is).
• Los poppers (jalapeños). En Los Estados Unidos, se llaman “poppers.”
• Domination.
• Dominación.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on “Poles, poppers, and domination / Postes, poppers, y dominación”

  1. I’d be afraid to give a cat anything so velvety for fear of fur-balls! But Sporran seems more than happy with her corrugated cardboard thingy.

    1. dinahmow:
      We’ve had perhaps 2 hairballs in nearly 11 years, and both from Moose, and both clearly cat hair. I never thought to be concerned about the fabric. One of our California cats, coughed up a hairball a day… on the carpet. I once bought Dudo and Moose a corrugated cardboard scratcher. It was shredded in one day… and I mean shredded. Bits everywhere. Sporran must be much more civilized.

  2. Good clickbait headline. IML is in Chicago next weekend – there will be poles, poppers and domination there also.

    1. Bob:
      It is, isn’t it. And my construction skills were just as precise.

  3. Well the poppers certainly made me curious, but I’ll pass on jalapeño. I hope those cats are grateful for their luxurious perches! Knowing cats, probably not.

    1. Steve:
      Jalapeño poppers are made with NOT-hot jalapeños. Or at least they’re meant to be. Sometimes they do have a little bit of a kick because you can’t always predict with jalapeños. But I developed a taste for them when I had no taste for hot and spicy. Dudo is proud of us for doing what we’re supposed to do. Moose is still pissed off that we’re replacing his perfectly good cat tree. Dudo is asleep atop the new one. Moose is asleep in one of the hammocks on the old one.

  4. HRH refused to use her cat tree unless it was front and centre in the picture window of the living room. So of course we had to bow to Her Majesty’s command. But thank goodness the cat tree already came fully assembled!

    1. Debra:
      Our first cat tree was not very high-end (and it was very tippy). Assembly was a pain. This one, although a bit awkward on the bottom level, is fun (for me) to assemble. But, yeah, pre-assembled would have been so nice! Moose is in a hammock in the old cat tree in the dining room. He tried for a moment a hammock in the new tree… He can be such a twit sometimes.

  5. Are you spoiling those cats? Such luxury, lucky them, they just need more treats and they will not think of evicting you.

    1. laurent:
      Oh, there’s always a risk of eviction. But who will they get to replace us at this salary?

    1. Judy C:
      Dudo’s happy. But, yes, I too love the cream-colored coon corner cat tree.

  6. Love the new “Cream Corner Coon”. Obviously Dudo does, too!

    Now I feel the need to go slice open the avocado on my kitchen table.

  7. Appears Dudo LOVES change! Moose, not so much.
    You are brave to attack that cat condo assembly on your own.

    1. Jim:
      Dudo spins in circles and says excitedly, “Something new! Something new!!!” Moose gasps and runs from the room screaming, “Something new! Something new!!!”

  8. That thing is huge! Thank heavens I’m a dog person….I have no idea where I would even have room to put that if I had cats!!!!

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      And we now have three of these, two inside and one outside, until SG repairs the one and we take down the other. You would just do what we’ve done — give up the house to the cats. They’re willing to leave a little space for you… as long as you share it with them.

  9. Such lucky felines! Happy as clams at high tide.
    I wonder if there is a quality difference to poppers? The types around here are mostly tasteless.

    1. Urspo:
      Jalapeño poppers CAN be tasteless. These are not … and they even have a little kick. As for the cats: Dudo is happy as a clam; Moose wants things back the way they were.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Assembly wasn’t bad, after that first level with the screwing around inside the box! Well, the rain wasn’t what we expected but there’s a bit more today.

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