Foot baths and a car in reverse / Baños de pies y un coche en marcha atrás

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The photo above falls under the category of “People can be jerks.” This guy decided to wash his feet in the water (drinking) fountain. Showers (and even ones with foot rests designed for just that purpose) are immediately to his left. And, yes, they were in perfect working order. His foot was covered in sand and who knows what else when he first lifted it up. It did hit the bubbler valve often. The two of them looked at me a few times. But, since he had no qualms about what he was doing, I had no qualms about what I was doing.

I joined a new gym and had a very good workout yesterday, although it was a bit busier than I like. It wasn’t crowded but it’s much smaller than my old gym with a limited number of machines. It’s closer to home ( 10-minute instead of 20-minute walk). Newly renovated, well maintained, and immaculately clean. I’ll just have to find the quietest times to go. Some days, that old 40-minute roundtrip was a bit off-putting.

San Geraldo survived a teeth cleaning yesterday. He managed his entire mouth in one visit with local anesthesia. I’m so proud of him. Click here and you’ll understand (and you can see two adorable photos of the cats when they had been with us less than a year).

La foto de arriba pertenece a la categoría de “La gente puede ser unos idiotas”. Este chico decidió lavarse los pies en la fuente de agua para beber. Las duchas (e incluso las que tienen reposapiés diseñadas precisamente para ese propósito) están inmediatamente a su izquierda. Y sí, estaban en perfecto estado de funcionamiento. Su pie estaba cubierto de arena y quién sabe qué más cuando lo levantó por primera vez. Golpeó la válvula del burbujeador con frecuencia. Los dos me miraron un par de veces. Pero, como él no tenía reparos en lo que ´wl hacía, yo no tenía reparos en lo que yo hacía.

Me inscribí en un nuevo gimnasio y ayer hice un muy buen entrenamiento, aunque estaba un poco más ocupado de lo que me gustaría. No estaba lleno de gente, pero es mucho más pequeño que mi antiguo gimnasio con un número limitado de máquinas. Está más cerca de casa (10 minutos en lugar de 20 minutos a pie). Recientemente renovado, bien mantenido e impecablemente limpio. Tendré que encontrar los momentos más tranquilos para ir. Algunos días, ese viejo viaje de ida y vuelta de 40 minutos resultaba un poco desagradable.

San Geraldo sobrevivió ayer a una limpieza dental. Manejó toda su boca en una sola visita con anestesia local. Estoy tan orgullosa de él. Haz clic aquí y lo entenderás (y podrás ver dos adorables fotos de los gatos cuando llevaban menos de un año con nosotros).

• The cats were appalled when I told them about the foot-washer. “Humans!,” Moose said before licking his own butt.
• Los gatos se horrorizaron cuando les hablé del lavapiés. “¡Humanos!”, Dijo Moose antes de lamerse el trasero.

• Which is the front? Speaking of which, have you ever heard of the Renault 900 “Backwards” car? See below, and click for close-ups..
• ¿Cuál es el frente? Hablando de eso, ¿alguna vez has oído hablar del coche Renault 900 “al revés”? Vea abajo, y haz clic para ver primeros planos..

• Renault 900 concept car.
• Coche conceptual Renault 900.

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25 thoughts on “Foot baths and a car in reverse / Baños de pies y un coche en marcha atrás”

  1. Some people are just so into themselves.
    Funny looking cars!
    Suppose SG is smiling a lot, eh?

    1. Jim:
      And the foot washer looked smugly proud of himself. Renault’s 900 had a huge amount of interior space but, initially, no trunk/boot. So, the added interior space I assume could have been achieved simply by removing the trunk in the first place.

    1. Raybeard:
      I love those eyes. When he gets into bed with me, the first thing he does is walk up to my face and stare momentarily.

  2. Way to go, SG! I sympathize with his discomfort and resistance. While going to the dentist doesn’t bother me, I have issues with other types of (minor and major) invasive medical situations. It’s like a PTSD reaction and has gotten worse over the course of my life.

    1. Debra:
      So sorry to learn about your extreme reactions. I’ve always been pretty good with medical situations. SG, thankfully, has gotten much better over the years. He’s honest and direct with practitioners about his fears. He used to have to lie down to get a flu shot. Did anything specific happen that contributed to your issues? (Probably too personal a question for an open conversation here… Sorry.)

      1. Debra:
        I’ve had only a very few small incidents. I’ve been lucky. I wish I could help; even just to hold your hand and tell you to breathe.

  3. One of the things that impressed me about California beaches were the amenities: public beach access, places to rinse off sand, clean restrooms, ramps, railings, parking. But rinsing in the drinking fountain? Really.

    1. Frank:
      The amenities here are also generous and well maintained. Then you get a jerk like that guy who proudly washes his feet in the drinking fountain.

  4. I too am with SanG. Going to the dentist is one of my least favorite things to do. I try to meditate my mind and body far far away during the procedure.

    1. Shirley:
      I used to schedule my appointments for my first hour of the work day. So, I had more than an hour less of work and didn’t have to answer a single question or do a single thing. It became something I looked forward to.

  5. Not only is that guy’s jerk but he must be stupid. He had to lift his feet a lot higher to wash him off in a water fountain then he would have the foot shower. People measure some days don’t they?

    My ….the two cars are hideous.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      He had a smug look as if to say “look what I can do.” I love the idea of the backward car. Can you imagine being on the road with that? People would be having apoplexy!

  6. Poor SG! Some people just don’t do well with dental care. Some don’t do well with doctors. I once had a patient waiting to see the doctor who shook so hard that the bed on which he sat rattled loudly. The foot washer is an asshat. That car––and I use the word car loosely––is weird.


    1. janiejunebug:
      SG has gotten much better with other procedures. But we were talking last night about how many of our friends loathe dentists and don’t go until something is seriously wrong. I agree about the foot washer. And, yes, the cars are weird.

  7. I’m like you with dentists – it may be bothersome, but it’s necessary, and I’d rather not have all that faff that comes with having a general anaesthetic, thanks.

    Those cars are really hideous. And that man washing his feet in a drinking fountain is just a twat! Jx

    1. Jon:
      SG gets local anaesthetic… for a cleaning. But I think his teeth are especially sensitive. The cold water spray sends him through the roof. The cars are at least entertaining. The foot washer IS a twat.

    1. Kirk:
      You can see in the photo that the water fountain wasn’t at all low to the ground. I don’t know what he was thinking. Maybe he wanted to show off that he could get his leg that high.

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