Well, Did You Ever / ¿Alguna Vez Has?

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IT’S BEEN SEVERAL days of confusion and petty annoyances around here. First is the health center that scheduled — without asking — a medical appointment that San Geraldo can’t make (because we won’t be in the country) and then doesn’t answer the phone number they provided for changes. When I finally found another number and got an actual human being (that was after more than a dozen attempts on the first number and conversations with three different people on three different numbers), I was told. “Well, if no one answers, you’ll just have to come to the center and take a number to change the appointment.” I won’t tell you what I said to that (but at least I waited until I was off the phone).

LAST NIGHT I was back at the orthodontist to pick up, or so I thought, my retainers. I have no idea what I have but, after waiting the usual half-hour-plus for the behind-schedule orthodontist, more attachments were cemented to my teeth and I have another 34 sets of braces (retainers?). Set number 1 is in my mouth. I’m back to wearing them up to 22 hours a day and I’ve apparently got another 8-1/2 months of this. The orthodontist was rushed and didn’t respond to my confusion and surprise, simply doing the work (messily) and running to the next patient. Based on the total cost of the Invisalign braces (including retainers), the monthly payments were amortized over 18 months. Next month is 18 months. I need to have a conversation with their business manager when we get back. No, I’m not paying any more than agreed.

But it’s all small stuff and I’m still smiling. Well, I’m smiling once again. This morning wasn’t pretty!


HAN PASADO VARIOS días de confusión y pequeñas molestias por aquí. Primero está el centro de salud que programó, sin preguntar, una cita médica que San Geraldo no puede asistir (porque no estaremos en el país) y luego no responde el número de teléfono que proporcionaron para los cambios. Cuando finalmente encontré otro número y obtuve un humano real (eso fue después de más de una docena de intentos en el primer número y conversaciones con tres personas diferentes en tres números diferentes), me dijeron. “Bueno, si nadie responde, solo tendrá que ir al centro y tomar un número para cambiar la cita”. No le diré lo que dije a eso (pero al menos esperé hasta que salí de la teléfono).

ANOCHE REGRESÉ AL ortodoncista para recoger, o eso creía, mis retenedores. No tengo idea de lo que tengo pero, después de esperar la media hora o más del ortodoncista atrasado, se me cimentaron más attaches a los dientes y tengo otros 34 juegos de brackets (¿retenedores?). Juego número 1 está en la boca. Volví a usarlos hasta 22 horas al día y aparentemente tengo otros 8-1/2 meses de esto. El ortodoncista fue apresurado y no respondió a mi confusión y sorpresa, simplemente hizo el trabajo (desordenado) y corrió al siguiente paciente. Los pagos mensuales por los brackets Invisalign (y los retenedores) se amortizaron durante 18 meses. El mes que viene es 18 meses. Tengo que tener una conversación con el gerente de negocios cuando regresemos de Las Vegas. No, no estoy pagando más de lo acordado.

Pero todas son cosas pequeñas y todavía estoy sonriendo. Bueno, estoy sonriendo una vez más. Esta mañana no fue bonita!

Moose… At least THEY’RE not giving me any shit. / Al menos ELLOS no me están dando ninguna mierda.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on “Well, Did You Ever / ¿Alguna Vez Has?”

  1. Developing your swearing in multiple languages, that what this level of customer no-service is all about. Play with the cats, pack for the trip.

      1. A pastor I worked for many years ago refused to have anything to do with microsoft so he built his own computer using a linux operating system. He was trying to teach me how to format a document I was writing on my IBM but couldn’t make it work. He finally said, well, there’s one language all computers understand… I’m thinking what? huh? ms dos?? No, he said, profanity. I’ve f’ing used it on all church computer ever since.

        I find that that language works very well in most other situations as well.

  2. I’ve been binge watching “Grace and Frankie” on Netflix, starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. Their stock answer to all of life’s annoyances is “F**k it.” And then they move on and do what they want. 🙂

  3. And what a beautiful smile it is! My dentist suggested implants , pay full amount upfront. I asked if it was a necessity or for appearance. She said it wasn’t a necessity and I said that I’ll just tell people I’m from West Virginia (no offense and I have been to West Virginia). My mouth would cost more than a used car 🙂 Enjoy your trip.

  4. Your choppers look pretty damn nice to me! Are they just trying to gouge you for another 18 months of moolah? I’d be confused and suspicious too.

    1. anne marie:
      We now have the most amazing house-sitters. SO lucky. A mother and daughter who consider it their holiday on the beach.. although they both go to work every day. They clean, do laundry, water plants, and love the cats.

  5. Well now just let a smile be your umbrella…. yeah I know go (insert phrase in language of your choice) yourself. And aren’t you just becoming the cunning little linguist?

    1. Kirk:
      That’s exactly what we’ve decided to do. However, they threaten you with being dropped from that doctor’s rolls if you don’t show up and don’t call. And the green grass grows all around all around…

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